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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 at 8:00 AM

The Kentucky Wildcats take the hardwood tonight for the first time in ages as an UNRANKED team. Sports bettors must determine of they’ll come out with a chip on their shoulder against underdog Samford. Or, if oddsmakers will continue to overprice this John Calipari squad that has been overrated all season long.

Heading into Tuesday Night, Kentucky has played five board games, and failed to cover all five!

*Kentucky (-11) beat Maryland 72-69

You may have watched this game played at the new Brooklyn Nets’ arena. Maryland stunned the Wildcats on the offensive board, and almost pulled the outright upset as a double digit underdog.

*Kentucky (+4.5) lost to Duke 75-68

All serious basketball fans watched this game. It was actually a highlight for Kentucky in terms of getting close to a Vegas line. It’s their only near-cover of the young season. It also may have tricked oddsmakers into thinking this year’s drop-off wasn’t going to be too bad.

*Kentucky (-23) beat Morehead State 81-70

This game made headlines because of the opponent. This is where the Morehead State head coach was suspended for a game because he was too vocal when blasting his players during the game. Hey, he knew this Kentucky team could be had and he wanted to score the shocker!

*Kentucky (+2) lost to Notre Dame 64-50

This was a national TV game last week, and Kentucky was badly outclassed on the road. They played young on both sides of the floor. Distressingly, they seemed to move backwards in terms of mistakes. This isn’t a young team that’s gradually learning how to win. This is a collection of young starts who are quickly finding out they’re not as good as they thought they were.

*Kentucky (-6) lost to Baylor 64-55

And all of that was a prelude to this disaster. The first home loss in more than 50 contests. A 15-point miss against expectations that represented the worst mistake in a Kentucky game from oddsmakers this year; and a loss that knocked Kentucky from #8 in the polls to all the way out of the top 25. No team had ever fallen that far since the AP went to 25 teams back in1990!

Samford presents an interesting challenge because this unheralded team does have some experience vs. big name opposition.

Samford (+29) lost to Louisville 80-54 (covered by 3 points)

Samford (+25) lost to Memphis 65-54 (covered by 14 points)

They also won their Southern Conference opener this past Saturday Night, taking out Georgia Southern 57-48 as a two-point underdog.

We’re not suggesting that Samford is going to match what Baylor did in terms of an outright shocker. But, they might be able to make things interested if the Kentucky players are reeling from shattered confidence. And, with a very high early spread…Kentucky can get back in gear and still fail to reach high Vegas expectations.

We strongly urge you to monitor this Kentucky situation to see how the youngsters react to adversity…and to see how oddsmakers react to a developing story they hadn’t anticipated

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