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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, December 3, 2012 at 5:33 PM

The first outlaw line I saw on the BCS championship game was Alabama -8 ½ and then the game opened officially at -9. It is now the Crimson Tide -9, -9 ½, and even -10, depending on where one bets. A check with bookmakers in Las Vegas and offshore found that no big bettors have yet stepped in on this game, either laying or taking the points, and they may not if they think the number is too challenging.

However, bookmakers the world over say this is a dream match-up for fans and bettors and they expect it to be the most heavily bet national championship game in college history. The game is so popular it will be blessed with almost as many proposition bets as is the National Football League's Super Bowl.

While Alabama's 32-28 win over Georgia this past Saturday will go down in football history as one of the greatest ever played, the Crimson Tide-Fighting Irish match up may be boring by comparison as the two best defensive teams in the country meet. Neither Alabama nor Notre Dame gives away anything, a fact driven home by their NCAA ratings against the score. Notre Dame is the country's number-one ranked defense against score, giving up an average of just 10.33 points per game, while Alabama is ranked second, surrendering just 10.69.

It is of note that in going 12-0 this season, Notre Dame gave up but 10 touchdowns the entire year-a rather amazing figure.

When the regular season was over Alabama (12-1) had the number-one ranked team in total defense, giving up just 246.0 yards per game, while Notre Dame earned the sixth spot at 286.83 yards per game. There is no reason to think they will change their styles and try to win with offense. Powerful, physically-punishing defenses will likely rule the day.

The BCS championship game will be played Monday night, January 7, at Sun Life Stadium (home of the Miami Dolphins) in Miami Gardens Florida.

Phantom At Louisiana Tech (9-3) Cost School Bowl Bid?

The fine folks in Ruston are still trying to figure out what fool in the Louisiana Tech athletic department cost them a well-deserved bowl bid after going 9-3 this season. We know it was not head coach Sonny Dykes, or any member of the football team, which includes 31 seniors looking forward to the post season. The spotlight is on the suits who already deny they had anything to do with it. Guess they have been learning from the nation's lying, spinning politicians.

The truth is officials of the Independence Bowl in Shreveport invited Louisiana Tech to meet in-state rival LA-Monroe in that game, but stupidity ruled the day and Louisiana Tech asked for "more time" to consider the bid. My guess is the asses in Rustin figured they were going to play Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. In other words, a better bowl was in the cards.

Behind the stalling was an intense dislike for LA-Monroe, or any other school in Louisiana not named Louisiana Tech, and Tech officials had no intention of recognizing Monroe as even being in the same football world it inhabited, let alone lower themselves to take the field against such a low-life rag-tag football team such was the Warhawks.

The Stone-Age mentality is still practiced in Rustin and it says you never recognize any instate school against which you have to compete in the world of recruiting. You stake out the position you are better than they are and that to even consider them a worthy and equal opponent is akin to original sin.

You reinforce this ignorant stance by never playing them.

And that is why we have 9-3 Louisiana Tech at home for the holidays while Georgia Tech (6-7) and several other schools with 6-6 records are going bowling.

Look for Dykes to bail out for modern pastures.

Time Does Count, Even If You're Not In Jail

The guy who said time only counts for one who is in jail never bet NFL football.

After a dazzling Saturday, a day on which I won 50-unit plays on Georgia, Georgia Tech and Wisconsin and has a perfect day in basketball, highlighted by a 100-unit win on Mississippi over Rutgers, I headed into the NFL on Sunday optimistic and in quite a good mood.

And, then, the clock started ticking.

I released five games, including my 200-unit NFL Game of the Year-the San Francisco 49ers (-7 ½) over the St. Louis Rams-and lost two of them in the closing minutes/seconds. Of course nothing was more painful that the 49ers going down.

In that game, San Francisco was up 10-2 with 3:04 to play and the 49ers had the ball. Then quarterback Colin Kaepernick fumbled and Janoris Jenkins picked up the ball and ran two yards into the end zone for a touchdown, followed by a 2-point conversion, and the end was quite predictable. The game went to overtime and St. Louis won, 16-13.

In my 15-unit play Sunday night on the Dallas Cowboys (-10 ½) over the Philadelphia Eagles I was coasting along with a an 11-point lead when, with just 31 seconds to play, the Eagles returned a punt 98 yards for a touchdown to steal the cover.

Nobody ever said this was an easy game but to get beat on a fumble and a 98-yard punt return was a bit stunning.

Time To Admit Grizzlies Are NBA's Best

The Memphis Grizzlies don't get much respect in the NBA, a fact illustrated by their 12-2 straight up (SU) record and their 12-3 record against the spread (ATS). When a team is winning and covering 80% of the time, it speaks worlds to the lack-of-respect issue.

Other NBA teams that have befriended bettors are the Brooklyn Nets (11-5 SU, 10-5-1 ATS), the Golden State Warriors (10-6 SU, 10-5-1 ATS), the New York Knicks (12-4 SU, 11-5 ATS) and the Oklahoma City Thunder (14-4 SU, 12-5-1 ATS).

The two worst teams against the number are the Chicago Bulls and the Sacramento Kings who are both 4-11 ATS.

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