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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 9:43 AM

I would be the last person in the world to recommend to anyone they should walk away from a monotonous 9-to-5 world to begin a career as a professional football bettor and I say this as I continue to prove you can beat this game. Frankly, most do not have the mental make-up for it and more are compromised and then doomed by an overwhelming fear of losing. Bet scared-you lose.

And, by the way, there is no such thing as an eight-hour day for a successful handicapper. Their world is of 10-12 hour days seven days a week.

The subject of being a professional sports handicapper and bettor is very much on my mind these days-for many reasons, but really because I have beaten two bookmakers so badly this season both game me the gate within the last two weeks. Not to worry, however, there is a sports book on every corner in this town. Just hate to go public with my personal betting.

I have lived in Las Vegas (the suburb of Henderson, actually) for 17 years and it did not take me long to figure out this town hates a winner, especially a sports bettor, and watches those they think can be successful like a hawk, a chicken hawk.

Then, if you were not part of the "good ole days", in the Paris of the Desert, you must be absolutely respectful-no, make that ring-kissing worshipful-of the "legendary" old-timers who self-promoted themselves in fame with the big bets they made. Lost on the world is the fact few of the "legendary" guys were big bettors laying down their own money. They were " scalpers" who under the guise of friendship were making bets for unknowing suckers far away who they made take at least a point or half-point the worst of it in their bets.

For instance, the scalper/bettor/friend profile was that of a guy who told the suckers the game was -3 ½ when it actually was -2 ½ or -3. They then bet their friends money at the real price, never taking a risk themselves while making millions in the process in a world ruled by points and half-points

"Friends", my ass.

But The Biggest Sin Of All

As bad as being a winner is, and as demanding as are the "legends" who must be honored and respected, the greatest sin of all telling the world that you are a winner. It is just something the local hacks, many of which couldn't pick their noses, reserve for themselves. Only they can say they are the true winners.

Well, screw all of you doubters. I am a winner and I want everyone to know it. If you want to dance, give me a call and put up your money. I''llhave you for breakfast.

Five years ago, I was blasted by the locals in Las Vegas and on the social networks for saying I had just completed the 2008 season going 50-14-3 (78%) with 67 games rated from 50 units to 200 units and that the highrollers who were members of my Personal Best Football Investment Club and who had bet $100-per-unit on each play won $218,475.

The attacks were vicious and seldom did I visit a Las Vegas sports book that some mental midget (AKA lifetime loser) did not point me out to someone, and then started laughing. "Liar, fraud, con man" were the nicest things I was called.

But I did hit 78% winners for my highrollers and those betting $100-per-unit did win $218,475

I am back here to tell you today the winning continues because of football handicapping formula that came after five years of study and the analysis of 9,160 college and National Football League games. It works for my Best Bets Football Investment Club. It works for my Chairman's Football Investment Club and it is absolutely destroying the world for my highrollers.

My Personal Best Investment Club for highrollers has gone 15-3 since October 1 with games rated from 50 units to 200 units. That's 83% winners and those betting at the $100-per-unit level have won $138,000 in the last 36 days.

I have listed the entire list of winners since October 1 below and you can see it is a mixture of college and NFL games, of favorites and underdogs.

Highrollers On 15-3 Run...83% Winners - Profit Of $138,000
Personal Best Investment Club Releases Since October 1

11/4...100 Units...Lions (-5 ½) 31, Jaguars 14 (W)
11/3...200 Units...San Jose State (-20 ½) 42, Idaho 13 (W)
11/2...50 Units...Washington (+4) 21, California 13 (W)
10/29...50 Units...49ers (-7) 24, Cardinals 3 (W)
10/28...50 Units...Titans (-3 ½) 13, Colts 19 (L)
10/27...200 Units...SMU (-21 ½) 44, Memphis 13 (W)
10/26...50 Units...Cincinnati (+3 ½) 31, Louisville 34 (W)
10/22...50 Units...Lions (+6 ½) 7, Bears 13 (W)
10/21...100 Units...Raiders (-6) 26, Jaguars 23 (OT) (L)
10/20...200 Units...Utah State (-30) 41, New Mexico State 7 (W)
10/18...50 Units...Oregon (-9) 43, Arizona State 21 (W)
10/14...100 Units...Rams (+4 ½) 14, Dolphins (17 (W)
10/13...200 Units...California (-7) 31, Washington State 17 (W)
10/11...50 Units...Arizona State (-22 ½) 51, Colorado 17 (W)
10/8...50 Units...Texans (-8) 23, Jets 17 (L)
10/7...50 Units...Falcons (-3) 24, Redskins 17 (W)
10/6...200 Units...Fresno State (-17 ½) 28, Colorado State 7 (W)
10/1...50 Units...Bears (+3), 34, Cowboys 18 (W)

It's absolutely wonderful my $100-unit players have a profit of $138,000 since October 1, but it also is important to note those betting just $10-per-unit on these games won $13,800.

My Personal Best Football investment club remains open for membership and you can get the rest of the college and NFL seasons for just $699, charged to your major credit card. That is a bargain price, my friend, since if you had purchased each of the above 18 plays on an individual basis, you paid a total of $900.

Membership in this club is an absolute bargain and I invite you to sign up today.

Every Service Is Winning

I am using my formula, which is literally revolutionary, for all my services and have fine-tuned it, to find those standout bets that are rated from 5 units to 25 units.

Membership in my Best Bets Football Investment Club is just $199 for the remainder of the season, while you can join my Chairman's Football Investment Club for just $399 and that fee also includes all Best Bet Club plays. Sign up on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 and start winning today. All major credit cards accepted.

The Betting Menu Through Saturday

Thursday, Nov. 8

50-Unit ACC Game Of Week Wins Thursday Night - FSU at Virginia Tech
Florida State (8-1) is very much in the running for a BCS bowl bid and even a shot at the national championship and tonight faces the challenge of an underachieving Virginia Tech (4-5) against which it is 2-2 in the last four meetings. The Seminoles are heavy favorites in a game that will most certainly be treated by Virginia Tech as if it is the Super Bowl as it tries to gain a bit of redemption for a forgettable season. The biggest factor facing bettors is the home field bias in Blacksburg. Virginia Tech is 4-0 at home this season on a field on which it is 55-8 over the past 10 seasons. Two factors figure to decide the pointspread winner in this one and I am wired in to both and I feel so strongly about the outcome I am releasing this game as my 50-unit ACC Game of the Week. Win this one for just $50, charged to your major credit card. The game will be televised nationally on ESPN. Game Available On This Website and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

25-Unit NFL Total Of The Week On Colts at Jaguars Thursday Night
The Indianapolis Colts (5-3) are at the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-7) tonight for a Thursday NFL game that is tailor-made for a big-time winning bet on a total and I am releasing the game as just that-my 25-unit NFL Total of the Week. I have crunched the numbers on this game a dozen times and have come up with the same totals prediction each time. Take down all the cash tonight with my 25-unity NFL Total of the Week-just $15, charged to your major credit card. This game is being televised nationally on the NFL Network..

Saturday, November 10

200-Unit College Blowout Wins For 7th Straight Saturday
I have released a 200-unit college football play on each of the last six Saturdays, have won all six and am going for a perfect 7-0 season today with a team that should win by no less than 35-40 points. You read that right-a 35-40-point winner. This 200-unit winner has the edge in 46 of the 47 categories I use to handicap college football games-an extremely rare occurrence-and, as have the six previous 200-unit winners, has a 100% chance to win straight up and a 90% chance to cover the number. It does not get any better than this. For the record, here are the 200-unit games I have released this season. You can get this knockout winner on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $100, charged to your major credit card. For the record, listed below are the first six 200-unit winners.

Saturday, Sept. 29
200-Unit Winner #1 LA-Monroe (20) 63, Tulane 10

Saturday, Oct. 6
200-Unit Winner #2 Fresno State (-17 ½) 28, Colorado State 7

Saturday, Oct. 13
200-Unit Winner #3 California (-7) 31, Washington State 17

Saturday, Oct. 20
200-Unit Winner #4 Utah State (-30) 41, New Mexico State 7

Saturday, Oct. 27
200-Unit Winner #5 SMU (-21) 44, Memphis 14

Saturday, Nov. 3
200-Unit Winner #6 San Jose State (-20 ½) 42, Idaho 13

50-Unit College Game Of Week Set To Win For 5th Straight Time Saturday
I have been on quite a run with my 50-unit College Football Games of the Week and for my 5th straight today with a modest favorite that that is ready to explode and play its best game of the season against an opponent that is on the downside of its form and struggling. Win this 50-unit play for just $50, charged to your major credit card. Listed below are my last four games of the week winners.

4-0 And Just Getting Started

11/3...50 Units...Ohio State (-27 ½) 52, Illinois 22
10/27...50 Units...Utah State (-23 ½) 48, Texas-S.A. 17
10/20...50 Units...Louisiana Tech (-30 ½) 70, Idaho 28
10/13...50 Units...Utah State (+3 ½) 49, San Jose State 27

Nationally Televised Texas A&M at Alabama Tops 3-0 Saturday
My Best Bets Football Investment Club is off to a 5-1 start in college football in November and intends to add three more winners to that total today-with a three-game package highlighted by the nationally televised (CBS) Southeastern Conference game that finds surprisingly good Texas A&M (7-2) at number-one Alabama (9-0). The line is a great equalizer in this game but two foundation elements of handicapping will be working for one of these teams today and they should produce the pointspread winner. Win this 15-unit play, plus two additional 10-unit best bets, for just $25, charged to your major credit card. For the record, here are the college games I have released this month..

4-1 Says November Is For Winning

11/6...15 Units...Ball State (+6 ½) 34, Toledo 27 (W)
11/3...15 Units...Georgia Tech (-7 ½) 33, Maryland 13 (W)
11/3...10 Units...Wake Forest (-3) 28, Boston College 14 (W)
11/3...10 Units...Texas Tech (-6 ½) 22, Texas 31 (L)
11/1...Ohio University (-16) 45, Eastern Michigan 14 (W)

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