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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 10:55 AM

Great week in college football, bad weekend in the National Football League, and it is right back to winning again this week-and winning even more as the National Basketball Association launched its season Tuesday night with the first of 41 schedule during its opening week. College basketball begins a week from Friday with a 43-game schedule.

My November To Remember Big Play Package Starts Thursday With NFL / ACC Double Play.

You can get the entire NBA and college seasons for the early-bird price of $199 and get an average of 2-3 Best Bets Basketball Club plays each day. Sign up on this website or toll free at 1-800-755-2255 and start winning from Day One. Again, all major credit cards accepted.

The college basketball season is opening in high gear, with five nationally televised marquee matchups-Michigan State at Connecticut, Syracuse at San Diego State, Ohio State at Marquette, Georgetown at Florida and Maryland at Kentucky.

For the record, Indiana is the 7-1 favorite to win the NCAA basketball championship while Louisville is the second choice at 8-1. Also, for the record, I have analyzed more than 300 NCAA I-A teams and am ready for my greatest college season ever.

The Amazing Win Streak In 200-Unit College Football Games Looks To Go To 6-0 Saturday

This past Saturday I won my 5th straight 200-unit college football blowout play to remain undefeated this season in these games and am going for another one this Saturday-and it will be just as strong a play as the first five, all won over the past five Saturdays. Keep in mind all 200-unit college football games must grade out with a 100% chance to win straight up and better than a 90% chance to cover the number and SMU (-21) had all that going for it when it knocked off Memphis, 44-13.

The First Five 200-Unit Winners

Saturday, Sept. 29: 200-Unit Winner #1 - LA-Monroe (20) 63, Tulane 10
Saturday, Oct. 6: 200-Unit Winner #2 - Fresno State (-17 .5) 28, Colorado State 7
Saturday, Oct. 13: 200-Unit Winner #3 - California (-7) 31, Washington State 17
Saturday, Oct. 20: 200-Unit Winner #4 - Utah State (-30) 41, New Mexico State 7
Saturday, Oct. 27: 200-Unit Winner #5 - SMU (-21) 44, Memphis 13

I have the formula to find these games and win them and you can win bit with #6 this Saturday for $100, charged to your major credit card. The game will be released on this website and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

Oregon Can Show The World At USC

For reasons unknown to anybody who understands college football the 8-0 Oregon Ducks remain behind both 2nd-ranked Kansas State (8-0) and 3rd-ranked Notre Dame (8-0) in BCS ratings that will decide which two teams will play for the national championship. The Ducks are ranked second in both human polls but gain but the fourth spot because of computer ratings done by people who may/may not ever see a football game.

My personal figures say not only is Oregon the second best team in the country but that it is the only team that could beat top-ranked Alabama. This is no knock on either Kansas State or Notre Dame which most certainly field outstanding championship caliber teams.

Nobody has yet seen the real and overwhelming power of Oregon football this season, because the Ducks usually open up a 40-50 half-time lead and then park their starting lineups for the second half. They have done just that in six of the eight games they have won this season.

Last week, Oregon was a 47-point favorite over a helpless Colorado team and won 70-14, even as they lightened up in the second half after opening up a 56-0 halftime lead. As I have said before, watching Oregon play is like watching a landslide come of a mountain. You are simply helpless to stop it.

This Saturday, the world will get to see the real Oregon when the Ducks play on national television (FOX) Saturday night at 17th-ranked Southern California (6-2), everybody's pre-season favorite to win the national championship. Oregon is a 7.5-point favorite in this game and may be challenged for the first time this season.

Kelso's College Football Top 10

Here is my college football Top Ten, with their records and who they play this week, including pointspreads.

1.  Alabama (8-0) -9.5 at LSU (7-1)
2.  Oregon (8-0) -7.5 at Southern California (6-2)
3.  Kansas State (8-0) -9 vs. Oklahoma State (5-2)
4.  Notre Dame (8-0) -16.5 vs. Pittsburgh (4-4)
5.  Ohio State (9-0) -25 vs. Illinois (2-6)
6.  Georgia (7-1) vs. Mississippi (5-3)
7.  LSU (7-1) +9.5 vs. Alabama
8.  Florida State (8-1) off this week
9.  Florida (7-1) vs. Missouri (4-45)
10. Clemson (7-1) at Duke (6-3)

Chiefs, Bengals, Ravens Eagles Burying Bettors

The NFL has been a bit confusing to bettors this season and hopefully this tidbit of information will make the winning come a little easier. Sometimes, it is right in front of us-all in the numbers.

For instance, the Kansas City Chiefs, Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles are burying bettors. They are a combined 7-19-2 against the spread (ATS) and that means they are losing for bettors 63% of the time, with the Eagles being the worst at 1-5-1.

At the other end of the spectrum are the Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons who are a combined 19-8-1 ATS, which means they are collectively covering 70% of the time. Houston, Tampa Bay and Atlanta are 5-2 against the number while Miami is 4-2-1.

As noted, winning is sometimes as simple as just looking at the numbers.

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