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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, August 15, 2011 at 3:06 PM

I hate losing more than any sports bettor—and I mean “any”—but it happens and this past weekend was just one of getting my butt kicked. My lack of success came in losing all three big-game plays I released in football and baseball—a 25-unit play in the National Football pre-season and two 50-unit plays in Major League Baseball.

Did this setback leave me talking to myself? No, it left me speechless.

On Saturday I released the Atlanta Braves (-170) as a 50-unit play (my Baseball Game of the Week) over the Chicago Cubs and lost, 8-4.

On Saturday I released the Minnesota Vikings (+3) over the Tennessee Titans as my 25-unit NFL Pre-Season Game of the Week and lost 14-3.

On Sunday I put the finishing touches to a perfect 0-3 big-game weekend when the Los Angeles Angels lost 5-4 in 10 innings to the Toronto Blue Jays, also as a 50-unit play.

This marked the first time since baseball began in April that I lost two 50-unit plays on back-to-back days but the truth is I would come right back and again take the Braves and the Angels in the same situation. I know with each of these teams I had the edges it takes to win, but it just did not happen. As for the NFL loss, it was just a matter of being dead wrong.

I am writing about this personally unflattering weekend to make an important point and to repeat for at least the 10,000th time my two universal rules to handicapping.

  1. You can do everything right and still be wrong.
  2. There is an exception to every rule.

Those two rules are far reaching and help me keep my sanity in a world in which I have been successful for four decades.
Handicapping and betting sports for a living is a tough game—more so mentally than in any other way—and that is why so few can actually do it. The average handicapper ends up a loser because he can't stand the reality that losing is part of the game. Success is there only for those who have the insight and knowledge to win money over time while accepting the fact that along the way there will be losers.

The most accurate statement in the world of sports betting is, “if you're afraid to lose you cannot win.” A fear of losing puts your mind in a negative mode that undermines everything you know about picking winners. You become a doubter—a conflicted individual with a confidence level in free fall.

As distasteful as is losing, it does not take a genius to figure out it is one of the elements of the handicapping equation. The secret is simply to win more than you lose.

So, Where Did I Go From There

Less than 24 hours after becoming speechless, I was back in action—Handicapping the 11 Major League Baseball games on the Monday schedule and digging deep to come up with a  10-unit winner in the NFL pre-season game, the New York Jets at the Houston Texans.

The weekend was just a memory and not worthy of second thoughts. Monday was a new day of opportunities and because I (1) know and believe in what I am doing and (2) long ago learned to put losing a game/games in the long-forgotten department, it was full-speed ahead.

When it was all over, I had the right side in the Jets-Texans games and released it as a 10-unit play. For the record I am 2-2 in the pre-season, down 3 units and have won both 10-unit games I have released in blowouts—New England in its 47-12 win over Jacksonville and Tampa Bay in its 25-0 victory at Kansas City.

In baseball, there was another 25-unit big-game play tonight, two releases to Best Bet Club players—one a 10-unit play—and another 15-unit power play to my Chairman's Club members, going my third straight winner with these clients.

These games were all released with the confidence I will win them all—and I believe I will do just that. They are all available on this site and I invite you to join me in winning tonight.

Sanchez—The Laugh Of The Day

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is outstanding at his position but a real failure as a comedian. He said in a magazine article he got so mad at head coach Rex Ryan last season that he wanted to take him on in a free-for-all fist fight and brawl. These feelings came after Ryan threatened to bench the third-year signal caller out of Southern California if he did not stop making critical mistakes.
Sanchez, who was not benched and who led the Jets to the American Football Conference championship game, must be blind.

There are many NFL coaches, past and present, no lightweight quarterback would want to try to slug it out with—gentlemen such as Mike Ditka formerly of the Chicago Bears, Jack Del Rio of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mike Singletary, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers and Rex Ryan of the New York Jets.

I would imagine if Sanchez had gone after Ryan, the battle would have been short-lived with Ryan having the former in a choke hold while trying to hang on as he laughed himself half to death.

My experience, beginning in high school, is that 75% of all quarterbacks are not all that intelligent. I have just placed Sanchez in that category. In time it will be confirmed when he throws a round-house punch at Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis or the Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison.

Get Entire Pre-Season Free

I have again put together a tremendous Early Bird Football Package that is priced at just $199, and here is what it includes:

  1. The entire NFL pre-season free, including three 50-unit games of the year plays.
  2. The entire college football season that includes an average of 3 games each Saturday and many of the mid-week games.

       3. The entire NFL season that includes an average of 3 games every Sunday and most of the 
                      Monday night and mid-week games

The rest of the baseball season right through the World Series in October. For the record those getting free baseball with their Early-Bird Package are 15-4 with my last 19 best bets.

Plus These Bonus Big Game Plays

--My 100-unit College Kick-Off Blowout Game of the Year Sept. 1—just three weeks away.
--At least two more 100-unit college winners
--My 200-unit College Game of the Year
--My 200-unit NFL Game of the Year
--At least two 50-unit bonus plays

And just remember, all of this is yours for just $199, charged to your major credit card. Sign up and win immediately in both the NFL pre-season and Major League Baseball.

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