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Submitted by Jim Hurley on Sunday, August 21, 2011 at 12:19 AM

Wow! The undisputed KING OF LAS VEGAS absolutely crushed the sportsbooks with a 3-0 board sweep in the NFL…and another PINNACLE play winner in Major League Baseball.

The football winners from Wayne Allyn Root:

*Wayne’s top play was a NO LIMIT knockout on Houston (+2) over New Orleans 27-14. The Texans won a first half shootout and coasted to a double digit cover.

*Saturday’s BILLIONAIRE play was San Francisco (-3) over Oakland 17-3. You’ll see the dominant stat edge for the 49ers in a moment. An easy winner.

*Saturday’s MILLIONAIRE release was Denver (-4) over Buffalo 24-10. You can tell W.A.R. was focused on home teams this evening. Another host, another game you didn’t even have to sweat. Wayne’s teams won by 13, 14, and 14 points!

The fun started early in the day in the bases, where Milwaukee (-130) beat the New York Mets 11-9 in a slugfest you may have watched on FOX. The Brewers blew a 7-1 lead, then rallied back to beat the outmanned Mets. Milwaukee is now 21-3 its last 24 games.

A day that truly represented THE PINNACLE OF HANDICAPPING PERFORMANCE.Congrats to Wayne, and all of you who signed up with THE KING!

Let’s run some numbers from the Saturday Night football. Games are presented in rotation order. Minnesota/Seattle ended after publication deadlines so we’ll try to sneak that into tomorrow night’s report.



Total Yards: Tennessee 354, St. Louis 300

Yards-Per-Play: Tennessee 5.5, St. Louis 5.5

Third Downs: Tennessee 47%, St. Louis 46%

Turnovers: Tennessee 1, St. Louis 1

The Rams kicked a field goal with a few seconds left to finish on top. Kind of disappointing night for Sam Bradford. He was 8-15-1-136 with a passer rating of 79.3. That includes an 83-yard touchdown pass that that happened to bust loose early in the game. If you take out that one play, you’re looking at 7-14-1-53…which is ugly for a starting QB in the Preseason. You can’t count on busting those big ones on command. Rookie Jake Locker fell back to earth a bit this week. He was 8-18-1-82 for a passer rating of 35.0. Both teams may be grinders again this year based on what we’ve seen to this point.



Total Yards: New Orleans 331, Houston 436

Yards-Per-Play: New Orleans 4.9, Houston 6.3

Third Downs: New Orleans 42%, Houston 42%

Turnovers: New Orleans 3, Houston 0

Both starting offenses moved the ball well. But, New Orleans was ending drives with giveaways, while Houston was hitting paydirt. It was 24-14 at the half. One reason the second half was so quiet was that Matt Leinart struggled again at QB for the Texans. He was 8-18-0-69 for a passer rating of 55.1. That’s pretty bad when facing backups in a Preseason game. Over two games, Leinart is 16-32-1-147 for a passer rating in the low 60’s. Very poor yardage for that many attempts, particularly with this offense. Everyone’s saying the right things about his attitude and smarts. He’s slow and inaccurate, which matters more.



Total Yards: Oakland 214, San Francisco 402

Yards-Per-Play: Oakland 4.4, San Francisco 6.2

Third Downs: Oakland 22%, San Francisco 62%

Turnovers: Oakland 2, San Francisco 2

You can see the one-sided numbers for the hosts. Alex Smith wasn’t as sharp as those numbers would have suggested. He was 8-13-1-126 for a passer rating of 61.7. Colin Kaepernick out of Nevada-Reno moved the team well, and posted a passing line of 6-7-0-52 for a 91.7 passer rating. Oakland’s backups struggled again. They’ve been outscored 31-15 in their second halves so far. That’s important to remember for next week’s dress rehearsal…and the start of the regular season. Starting quarterback Jason Campbell is 11-16-0-139 through two games…which would double up to 22-32-0-278 to give you a sense of a full game at the same pace. Things aren’t as bleak for Oakland as they might seem. But, there is a chance that all the offseason changes have diminished enthusiasm across the roster.



Total Yards: Buffalo 314, Denver 365

Yards-Per-Play: Buffalo 4.8, Denver 5.6

Third Downs: Buffalo 46%, Denver 50%

Turnovers: Buffalo 1, Denver 1

Kyle Orton had a great night, solidifying his stranglehold on the Denver quarterback position. He was 10-13-0-135 for a passer rating of 135.1. One of the best performances in the league through two weeks. Brady Quinn rallied for a TD drive that finished him off at 10-16-1-130 for a passer rating of 82.8. He looks like a much more realistic #2 man than Tim Tebow…who only threw two passes in limited fourth quarter action. Tebow suffered a sack too.

Ryan Fitzpatrick was abysmal for a first teamer. The projected Buffalo starter was 6-16-1-44 for a passer rating of 19.8. It was a second straight road game for a team that may be waiting for their home opening dress rehearsal vs. Jacksonville to get serious about the starting offense. No signs yet that life is going to get any better for Buffalo fans this year.

In pennant race news…

*Both the Yankees and Red Sox lost, and lost BADLY on the road against AL Central also-rans. That keeps the Yankees up by half a game in the AL East.

*Both the Diamondbacks and Giants lost in the NL West. That keeps Arizona up by 2.5 games. Neither team is playing well of late. Arizona is flunking it’s Eastern test very badly at the moment. They’re 1-4 on the trip, and trail 27-9 on the scoreboard. The only win came in the ninth inning off Roy Halladay, so they’re lucky not to be 0-5. San Francisco has been in a sustained slump for three weeks. The Giants are 6-16 their last 22 games. Vegas keeps pricing them like a playoff team…but they’ve actually had one of the worst records in baseball the last three weeks.

*Detroit dominated Cleveland 10-1 in their crucial AL Central series. The Tigers now lead the Tribe by 2.5 games. Doug Fister matched Max Scherzer's Friday effort with seven strong innings. Now that guys besides Justin Verlander are getting people out, the Tigers are starting to look like a playoff team. They’re up 14-2 on the scoreboard so far in this series.

*Milwaukee added another game to its NL Central lead with that win in New York we mentioned above. They now lead St. Louis by 8.5 games. The Cards were shutout by the Cubs 3-0. Let's mention again that Milwaukee is 21-3 their last 24 games! Are the Vegas prices reflecting that? Baseball clients of Tony Salinas won with the Brewers and Twins Saturday by the way.

Back Sunday morning with part two of the Network Notebook's weekend look at the Mid American conference in college football. Veteran high roller Tony Salinas will also check in to talk about the Dallas Cowboys heading into their Sunday Night TV appearance against the San Diego Chargers on NBC. Don't forget that Tony's NFL PRESEASON GAME OF THE YEAR goes Sunday. It will either be in San Diego/Dallas or Cincinnati/NY Jets.

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