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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, August 26, 2011 at 10:55 AM

The college football season is here and I intend to kick it off this Thursday night with another winning 100-unit Kickoff Blowout Game of the Year—a game I won last year with Michigan State's 38-14 win over Western Michigan and a victory that pushed my record in my traditional opening play to 8-2.

There are six playable games Thursday night and the team I am releasing should win by 45-50 points—and I mean just that. Here are the six games on the schedule, with the betting lines and with the home team in CAPS.

Mississippi State -27 ½ over MEMPHIS
SYRACUSE -7 over Wake Forest
IDAHO -7 ½ over Bowling Green
FIU -14 ½ over North Texas
Kentucky -19 ½ over WESTERN KENTUCKY

One of these games is the big one and the team I am releasing as a 100% chance of winning and a 90% chance of covering the number. It simply does not get better than this and you can take a stand with confidence. The game will be released toll free at 1-800-755-2255 and here online for a $50 fee next Thursday, or free as part of your Early Bird Football package ($199)

There are 73 games on the college betting board and it includes a host of extra games to challenge bettors—matchups such as NCAA I-AA powerhouse Appalachian State at Virginia Tech, Delaware at Navy, Northern Iowa at Iowa State and even Stony Brook at Texas-El Paso. Betting lines on the extra games—28 in all—appear to be to be quite soft in several spots and I suggest you take a look at them.

A winner can come from any game on the planet, so an extra look at the extra games just might prove to be reward to you. There is a good chance you know more about your local small college team than does the guy making the betting line. The 78 games are being played over a five-day period, running from Thursday to Monday and I will be releasing games each day—many of which will be on national television.

Soft Betting Lines Mean Early Winners

I have historically buried the bookmakers of the world in the first four weeks of the season, because I handicap based on what a team is right now while bookmakers who count on the stupidity of the betting public are comfortable using most of last year's numbers to make betting lines early in the season.

It is unfortunate, and I do not like saying it, but the American public, in general, is just as lazy as are the bookmakers and begin the season off last year's figures. That is not my game. I start each season having analyzed all 123 college teams and all 32 National Football League teams, and come out firing into the weak numbers.

This is not to suggest all betting lines are soft but to point out that one who is armed with current numerical ratings can spot the numbers that are far afield and make a fortune betting into them. I do just that and I do not remember a September that did not produce a major profit for my three football clubs. For the record, my football clubs are designed to serve every level of bettors and they are:

            --My bread-and-butter Best Bets Club for bettors of all levels (199 for the entire season)
            --My Chairman's Club for mid-level players who want just 2-3 plays, rated from 15-25 units each week. ($399 for the season and it includes automatic membership in my Best Bets Club)
                --My Personal Best Club for those betting $5,000, $10,000, $50,000 a game. Highrollers betting just $100-per-unit on these games, all rated from 50-200 units, have won $400,000 over the past three seasons. ($999 for the season and for the most serious of players)

 And a reminder:

Membership in my Personal Best Club gets you my 50-Unit College Game of the Week each Saturday and my NFL Game of the Week every Sunday. Think about it, this club has won $400,000 over the past three seasons.

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