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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, September 12, 2011 at 10:44 AM

There are two games on the Monday Night schedule—both to be televised on ESPN—and one of them will be released to Personal Best Club clients at the 50-unit level and the other at the 10-unit level to Best Bets Club players. Both will be available on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255.

One had to know this was going to be an interest weekend when several bookmakers checked in early complaining about what they believed were terrible National Football League betting lines. They were burned all last season with soft numbers in the NFL and their most common complaint Sunday was the low number on the Houston Texans (-8 ½) against the Indianapolis Colts who had no legitimate quarterback with Peyton Manning out.

How, they ask, could anyone make a number like this, considering the circumstances? When asked why they did not just jack up the number to whatever they thought it should be, to the man they did their usual double talk and stuttering. Although they won’t admit it, they don’t have the balls to make a major line move up or down—just in case the lines-maker might be right

Houston opened up a 34-0 half-time lead, called off the dogs and coasted home with a comfortable 34-7 win. It is of note the Colts are a 3-point underdog at home this week and they are in the same shape they were against the Texans, i.e. no quarterback.

Bookmakers still have had a nice opening week since underdogs have prevailed by an 8-5 margin.

PAC-10 Officials Need Visit From FBI

When the Utah at Southern California game ended Saturday with the Trojans (-8 ½) winning by three, 17-14, I switched my TV set to Boston College at Central Florida game to cheer for the latter whom I had released as a 5-unit play while at the same time periodically checking out Notre-Dame Michigan.

Some two hours later I saw the ticker showing Southern California as a 23-14 winner. It seems that for reasons absolutely unknown, two hours after the game was over, with USC the 17-14 winner, PAC-10 official officials announced they had overruled game officials who had not allowed a late touchdown the Trojans scored on a blocked field goal and ruled USC the official 23-14 winner.

Why? What is this all about? Who cared what the score was?

The game was over and USC was the winner. But maybe not by enough. Rumors are flying in Las Vegas sports books that big USC/PAC 10 supporters/bettors pressured PAC-10 big wigs to allow the touchdown to change the score to give those who bet the Trojans the 9-point win they needed to cover the -8 ½. This one smells to the high heavens and the NCAA and the FBI need to start an immediate investigation into why the score was changed two hours after the game was over. The fact that impacted no one but gamblers is obvious. It is safe to say nothing this suspicious has hit Vegas in many years—and that is saying something for a town that thrives on larceny.

How Your Bookmakers Deal With Game

In a situation such as the changing of the final score on a game after it was over, house rules rule the day. All bookmakers have their own rules to deal with things such as this and here is a list of how some Las Vegas books are handling the game.

--At the Las Vegas Hilton, the sports book began paying out on Utah as soon as the game was over. When the score was changed, they stopped paying out on Utah and began paying out on USC. House rules at the Hilton say as long as the change came on the same day the game was played, they had to do just that.

--The MGM and all its affiliated sports books paid out only on the final score of 17-14. Its house rules say it pays out only on an original decision and does not recognize actions that overturn an original decision.

--Station Casinos said it was paying out on both sides, which seemed to be a strange move for a company holds prayer meetings hoping everyone loses.

In truth, if you have never asked your bookmaker for his house rules, you may be up against it because he can tell you anything he wishes. May I suggest it is time to get all the rules from him before you make another bet?

Another Free Blowout Winner This Week

The first week of NFL play and the second week of college football sent us many messages one can use to win bets in the future and I will be right back here tomorrow to discuss them. For the record, those of you who viewed my Friday video, that 50-unit free winner I gave out won in blowout fashion as Temple (-16 ½) crushed Akron, 41-3. Be sure and tune into the videos on this site for up-to-date information, and later in the week I will have another free winner for viewers.


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