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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Friday, October 14, 2011 at 9:40 AM

My life has been ruled by a basic philosophy of waking up every morning in a mindset that demands I make the day successful-no excuses, no obstacle too big to get around. "Just win, baby", a statement that was far more than just a cute saying by the late Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis He meant it. This is not yesterday, or tomorrow, it is today. Get it done.

On most occasions Davis meant the "just win, baby" for the ears of his coaches. He liked the players and expected his coaches to win with them. When it did not happen, it a was a quick, "see you later, baby".

It is not my purpose to wax philosophically but to make a point. There are two kinds of people-those who hit the firing line every day and do everything they can to make it successful, and those who approach each day just hoping for something to happen that gives them an excuse for failure.

The excuse for failure comes in many forms-almost all of them simple and easy to find. One's car can breakdown, a flat tire can be a major setback, a stop in the emergency room to find out why your eye won't stop itching-anything that takes one off the hook and gives failure the imprimatur of respectability

Football coaches are no different and many reveal they are in the looking-to-fail mode, even though they will never admit it. Handicappers out them by listening carefully to what they have to say, what they don't say, and await the certain-to-come announcement, "we like the players we have and we're getting ready for next year".

Wait 'til next year coaches-a dime a dozen and seldom, if ever successful.

No coaches have spoken of late louder to the failure syndrome that have Indiana's first-year mentor Mark Hagen, Colorado's first-year coach Jon Embree and Boston College's Frank Spaziani. Hagen, the former offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, is coaching a team that is 1-5, while Embree's Buffaloes are 1-5 and Spaziani is 1-5.

Embree, the former offensive coordinator at Oklahoma, said this week he is playing his younger players, including several freshmen, to get ready for next year. Embree is singing the same song and Spaziana revealed his intentions with the announcement he would not play all-conference running back Montel Harris any more this season or starting defensive tackle Kaleb Ramsey. He said he will save both players for next season.

These actions are of the throw-in-the-towel world and bettors need to approach every game these three teams play with caution.

200-Unit Guaranteed Blowout Winner Saturday

I kicked off this week's college betting menu Thursday with a 100-unit WIN on San Diego State (+7) over Air Force 41-27.

On Saturday I am coming right back with my first 200-unit college bet of the season with a team the figures say has a 100% chance to win and a 95% chance to cover the number-and it does not get better than that.

For a little background, the first thing I do late each Sunday afternoon is to study the opening lines on all college football games, looking for any big line weakness, or soft numbers. Sometimes there are some, sometimes not, but I truly could not believe what I saw on one of Saturday's games.

A standout team was being offered as a modest favorite when my figures said it would win in blowout fashion by more than 40 points. I called a few people to confirm the number, without tipping my hand.

The countdown is underway and the big score is set for Saturday. For the record the number on this game has moved 1 ½ points from the open and is still a standout play. For the record the money that pushed the game up that point and one-half came from two major betting cartels. While most of the world sleeps on this one, I am getting ready to make the biggest single-game score of the season.

Get ready and join me this Saturday for my first 200-unit college blowout game of the season. The price is right-and I do accept all major credit cards.

The Week's Special Game Schedule

Friday, Oct. 14
10 Units: Hawaii (3-2) at San Jose State (2-4) ESPN
Two Teams With Prime Time Quarterbacks

Saturday, Oct. 15
200 Unit Special College Blowout
100% Chance To Win SU, 95% Chance To Cover

50 Unit College Game Of The Week
Plus TV Bonus Plays
Arizona State at Oregon
Michigan at Michigan State
Florida at Auburn

Sunday, Oct. 16
50 Unit NFL Game Of The Week
4-1-1 With Last Six 50-Unit NFL Games

All these games, along with all regular service plays, will be available on the Internet and toll free at 1-800-755-2255. The price is right and all major credit cards accepted.

College Of Advanced Sports Handicapping

You have the opportunity to attend my College Of Advanced Sports Handicapping, and I suggest that will find valuable information there almost every day. I do four videos a week and to just show you its value, I handicap a Saturday football game each Friday and give out the winner of that contest.

Last Friday I analyzed the Oklahoma-Texas game, gave the reasons I thought Texas would win in blowout fashion and then, along with viewers, watched as the Sooners did just that, winning 55-17.

I will analyze another game Friday and hopefully give out another winner on the video.

For the record, every video has handicapping information that is current and helpful for handicapping the week's games. New videos are posted on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Make this a must view each week. It will certainly help you to win.

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