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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 3:55 PM

I take the heat when I lose and I reserve the right to brag a bit when I have a giant winner weekend, and I have had just that. Every service won and the highlight of it all was a special and unexpected 200-unt win that I felt so strong about I guaranteed it would win—and it did as Washington (-17 ½) buried forlorn and lost Colorado, 52-24.

That 200-unit win set the stage for this Saturday when I will release my 200-unit College Football Game of the Year, using a team that I believe will win even easier than did Washington. For the record, my 200-unit NFL Game of the Year is set to get the big bucks Sunday, Oct. 30. I won my College Game of the Year last season as Hawaii (-15) crushed Idaho, 45-10, and I won my NFL Game of the Year when the Seattle Seahawks (-7) beat the Arizona Cardinals 22-10 on October 24.

But I am getting ahead of myself. This week’s action begins Tuesday night in Jonesboro, Arkansas, when two of the best teams in the Sun Belt Conference—Florida International (4-2) takes on host Arkansas State (5-1)—meet in game that will be televised nationally on ESPN2. Kickoff is set for 8:05 and I am releasing this contest on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255 for just $15, charged to your major credit card.

Before the weekend arrives, please note there are two games Thursday night—Central Florida (3-3) at UAB (0-6) and UCLA (3-3) at Arizona (1-5)—and the latter I am releasing as my 50-unit PAC-10 Game of the Year.

On Friday night it will be a 25-unit 2-Team Big East TV Parlay on the Rutgers (5-1) at Louisville (2-4) and West Virginia (5-1) at Syracuse (4-2) games. The first will be televised on ESPN2, the second on ESPN. This bet will be made up of 10-unit plays on both winners and a 5-unit parlay of those winners. It is designed to build your bankroll for College Game of the Year Day the next day.

Again, all these games will be released on this site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255 and all major credit cards are accepted.
I am on a winning roll in both college and NFL football and I have listed my complete weekend record with the results broken down by service later in this column. Please take to time to look at it and see firsthand the kinds of games I am using, and with which I am winning.

Welcome To Bad Beat City

  It’s happened to me, it’s happened to you, it’s happened to all bettors—the bad beat. All have seen chip-shot field goals that determined the pointspread outcome of a game bounce off the goal post and fall short. All have had it 1st and goal on the 2 with a minute to go and with the winning touchdown right there to be had—and see your team lose the ball on a fumble.

That’s life in the world of bet and sweat.

This past weekend those who bet on South Carolina and gave the -3 or -3 ½ against Mississippi State had the win in the bag with just seconds to go, leading by the needed four points, 14-10, and then…and then…

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, facing a punting situation deep in Gamecocks’ territory, decided not the risk a blocked punt and had quarterback Conner Shaw run out of the end zone for a safety with no time left on the clock, giving Mississippi State two more points and reducing South Carolina’s margin of victory to two points, 14-12.

Nobody said this was a game for boys in short pants but just remember those who took the +3 or +3 ½ with the Bulldogs won.
While I did not release or bet the game, rest assured your day is coming—I think, maybe.

Wiseguys Sting Books With Eagles, Cowboys

The Las Vegas wiseguys have been struggling all season but finally made two big scores Sunday with the Philadelphia Eagles in their 20-13 win over the Washington Redskins and the Dallas Cowboys in their cover in a 20-16 loss at New England. The wiseguys first got done on Philadelphia +1 and then kept betting until the drove the number out to the Eagles -3. Dallas opened +7, dropped to +6 with the wiseguy money and closed at +6 ½.

*Steam plays went 11-5 last week.
*Early betting today produced three steam moves in the colleges and one in the NFL In the colleges:
*Hawaii went steam at -21 over New Mexico State, is now -22.
*UL-Monroe went steam at -4 over North Texas, is now -6.
*Central Michigan went steam at +2 ½ over Ball State, is now +1.

In the NFL:
*The Chicago Bears went steam at +1 over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and are now -1.

The beat goes on.

Football Record Last Weekend

Special Plays
Saturday, Oct. 15
Guaranteed College Blowout: 200 Units

Washington (-17 ½) 52, Colorado 24 (Win)

Personal Best Club
Saturday, Oct. 15
College Game Of The Week: 50 Units

Miami-Ohio (-3 ½) 9, Kent State 3 (Win)
Sunday, Oct. 16
NFL Game Of The Week:50 Units

Green Bay Packers (-14) 24, St. Louis Rams 3 (Win)
Syndicate Club

Saturday, November 15: 50 Units
UL-Lafayette (-8 ½) 30, North Texas 10 (Win)
Sunday, Nov. 16: 50 Units
Oakland Raiders (-6 ½) 25, Cleveland Browns 17 (Win)

Thursday, Oct. 13
100 Units

San Diego State (+7) 41, Air Force 27 (Win)
Friday, Oct. 14
10 Units

San Jose State (+5) 28, Hawaii 27 (Win)
Saturday, Oct. 15
College Game Of The Week: 50 Units

Miami-Ohio (-3 ½) 9, Kent State 3 (Win)
5 Units
Michigan (+3) 14, Michigan State 28 (Lose)
5 Units
Florida (-2) 6, Auburn 17 (Lose)
5 Units
Oregon (-14) 41, Arizona State 27 (Push)

Sunday, Oct. 16
NFL Game Of The Week: 50 Units

Green Bay Packers (-14) 24, St. Louis Rams 3 (Win)

Chairman’s Club
Saturday, Oct. 15: 25 Units
LSU (-16) 38, Tennessee 7 (Win)
Sunday, Oct. 16: 25 Units
Minnesota Vikings (+3) 10 Chicago Bears 39 (Lose)

Best Bets Club
Friday, Oct. 14: 10 Units
San Jose State (+5) 28, Hawaii 27 (Win)
Saturday, Oct. 15: 10 Units
Oklahoma State (-7) 38, Texas 26 (Win)
5 Units
Texas-El Paso (+1) 44, Tulane 7 (Win)
5 Units
Northwestern (+6) 31, Iowa 41 (Lose)

Sunday, Oct. 16
10 Units

Philadelphia Eagles (-3) 20, Washington Redskins 13 (Win)
5 Units
Buffalo Bills (+3) 24. New York Giants 27 (Push)
5 Units
Indianapolis Colts-Cincinnati Bengals Under 41 ½ (Lose)

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