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Submitted by Kelso Sturgeon on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 10:59 AM

All hell broke loose and the self-important sanctimonious unctuous tweed bags who run the Bowl Championship Series-better known as the BCS-stood there, bare-ass before the football world with no place to hide, exposed by Iowa State's stunning 37-31 two-overtime upset win over previously undefeated Oklahoma State.

What a mess we have here, Ollie.

When Oklahoma State took the field last night before a sell-out crowd of more than 55,000 at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, it stood 10-0, was ranked second in the BCS standings, behind only LSU, was burying its opposition by an average score of 51.7-26.3 and was in the minds of the BCS folks destined to play for the national championship against the gentlemen from Baton Rouge in the title game January 9 in New Orleans in the Louisiana Superdome.

Iowa State Friday, Oklahoma in two weeks and it's a done deal. LSU would fill the other spot after winning as a 30 ½-point favorite at Mississippi today, knocking off Arkansas (9-1) six days hence in Baton Rouge and then burying Georgia in the Southeastern Conference championship game in Atlanta, December 3.

Cut-and-dried. Take it to the house.

When the Cowboys, a four-touchdown favorite (I confess I released them as a 10-unit play), got on the plane for the flight back to Stillwater, the BCS was drowning in chaos.

For the record, there are only three college teams with perfect records-LSU at 10-0, Houston at 10-0 and Florida Atlantic at 0-9. May I note Florida Atlantic has as much chance of playing in the national championship game as does Houston, a team that has played a schedule so soft it's embarrassing. The Cougars have played but one team with a winning record this season-Louisiana Tech at 6-4.

10-0 Houston Has Beaten Teams With Combined 39-64 Record

The 10-0 mark Houston enjoys going into its game today with SMU has come against teams with a combined won-lost record of 39-64 (38.0%). The Cougars lead the nation in total offense, averaging 628.80 yards per game, in scoring, averaging 54.7 points per outing, and have a quarterback, Case Keenum, who leads the country in individual total offense (398.6 yards per game) and have won their games by an average of 31.9 points per game.

Houston's two biggest wins of the season, both by 56 points, came against I-AA Georgia State (2-8), 56-0, which for the record host the Golden Camels of Campbell today, and Tulane (2-9), 73-17, which is a two-touchdown underdog at Rice (3-7) another team the Cougars crushed (73-34). No, they did not play Campbell.

I think you get the message. Houston can win at home today and at Tulsa next week, be 12-0, and will not even come up in the conversation as to who will be invited to play in the championship game, or any of the other four BCS bowls.

No one knows how good Houston is. The Cougars may be better than LSU and all the rest, but they can forget about playing for the title because of their schedule. If NCAA Division I-A had a football playoff, Houston would get a chance to prove itself. Under the BCS that will never happen.

The Impact On Today's Games

It is obvious the Oklahoma State loss has opened a lot of doors to 9-1 teams who are in action today. They know if they win, the BCS must give them a second look. We have already mentioned LSU, which is ranked number one in the BCS championship game ratings with a top figure of .9933.

Here is a look at all the rest and these teams will most certainly be incentive-driven today.

  • Alabama home to I-AA Georgia Southern. The Crimson Tide is 9-1 and ranked third in the current BCS standings with a rating of .9099. Their only loss was to LSU, 9-6, as a 5 ½-point favorite. They must win in impressive fashion today against Georgia Southern a long-time small college power, and next week at Auburn.

  • Oregon home to Southern California. The Ducks are 9-1, ranked fourth in the BCS standings (.8755) with only a 40-24 loss to LSU in the first game of the season, blemishing their record. They are 15 point favorites today over 8-2 USC today and an impressive win in this one, plus a win at home against Oregon State next week, would definitely put them in the running for the title game.

The rest of the BCS Top 10:

  • Oklahoma, Arkansas, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Stanford and Boise State also are in the running for the big game. Virginia Tech has already won this week and the other four are in action today.

This not to suggest any of these teams will win or cover but is merely to point out they all have an incentive to fire their best shots. In a world ruled by points and half-points, the incentive factor will play a major role with these teams today and it might be the single factor that gives them the win and the cover.

Giant Day In Football And Basketball Today

I intend to take right up today where I left off last Saturday when I went 6-1 in college football, taking down the money in every single big-game release.

Last Saturday I won a 200-unit college football special play with Rutgers (-9) in its 27-12 win over army. Today I am going for my third winning 200-unit college special play this season and am confident I will keep my record perfect and get the cash again. This game is available on this web site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255. The price is right and all major credit cards are accepted.

Today, I am releasing my 100-unit 3-team rivalry parlay and intend to bury the guys on the other side of the counter with three marquee TV games-Boston College at Notre Dame, Southern California at Oregon and California at Stanford. The parlay is available on this web site and toll free at 1-800-755-2255. The price is right and all major credit cards are accepted.

These games, plus another winning 50-unit play on college basketball and all my football and basketball services, are available right now on this website and at the toll free number listed above. Again, the price is always right and I do take all major credit cards.

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