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Jim Feist - Jim Feist Sunday Wild Cards

Bash The Bowl & Win The Sunday Wild Cards!
7-4-1 Last 12 Bowls - 9-3 Wild Card last 3 Years
Now Watch Jim Feist's Inner Circle Wild Card Shocker Win Sunday!

Jim Feist is off a 7-2 NFL Week 17 Sunday! The winning continues as one Sunday NFL Wild Card team is going to flatten the opposition -- and the books -- from the first quarter on. There are mismatches on the field, at the key skill positions and with the coaching staff on the sideline. Find out WHO is focused and READY to DOMINATE! You can team with a Vegas pro to dominate the books with Jim Feist's Inner Circle Wild Card Shocker to start your week W-I-N-N-I-N-G!
Plus BOTH Wild Card Totals are Off-the-charts Top Plays 

Get all of Sunday's football action for just $25. 



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