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NOT IN SERVICE RICHIE B - Richie B. NFL Sunday Wild Card

If you want the Right Number in Sunday's NFL Playoffs...You need the Right Man!

Meet "Richie B" - Richard Baccellieri
Master Linesmaker with a twenty year win streak, a ton of confidence, a fixation on
the Right Number and a determination to make you money.

Slam the Top Sunday Wild Card!
Colts at Ravens (-7) 
Seahawks (-3) at Redskins
Plus College Hoops

No one ESTABLISHES HIS OWN NUMBER and then FINDS the OFF LINE FAULTS like Ex-Bookmaker Richie Baccellieri. When he was in charge of "insulating the house" as line-maker for Caesar's Palace and other high volume sports books Richie knew that in order to MAXIMIZE THE VALUE of the people he worked for he had to know how the public was going to wager and APPLY HIS TRUE LINE so the Books Could Beat That Public when "the amateurs" were heavily on the wrong side.

On Sunday that SAME UNIQUE ABILITY has DISCOVERED OFF-LINES  on the Wild Cards and basketball that means you have the OPPORTUNITY TO CRUSH THE BOOKS along with "Richie B." ...JUST $25



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