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Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso Sturgeon 2014 NBA Playoff Package

It's a 3-0 NBA Playoff Sunday for Kelso Sturgeon! The Wizards (+4½) get the outright stunner on the road against the Bulls, 102-93 for a 50-Unit winner! Mavericks (+9½) hung tough against the Spurs and got the cover in their 90-85 loss, while the Blazers/Rockets shootout went way over 214½ (242)!


There Are Reasons I Have Crushed The NBA Playoffs For 10 Of The Last 12 Years:

I Know What I Am Doing!
I Have The Most Powerful Handicapping Formula Ever!
I Have The Best Information Sources In The Business!
I Know When One Needs To Make A Modest Bet...
I Know When The Moment Arrives To Go All In!

And I Am Confident I Will Bury The NBA Playoffs Again in 2014!

  1. Kelso Sturgeon 2014 NBA Playoff Package $150.00
  2. Kelso Sturgeon 2014 NBA Playoff Package - 1 Day $50.00

Kelso Tuesday NBA Going For Another 50-Unit Winner

Going For Another 50-Unit
NBA Playoff Winner Tuesday Night

There are three games on the Tuesday night NBA schedule… …and in one of these contests is a team that grades out as a 50-unit release and I will again be going for the money. JUST $50

  1. Kelso Tuesday NBA Going For Another 50-Unit Winner $50.00

Kelso Tuesday Baseball Going For 5th Straight 50-Unit Winner

Going for 5th Straight
50-Unit Baseball Winner Tonight

My Personal Best Baseball Investment Club for highrollers won again Monday with the Texas Rangers (-125) who knocked off the Oakland Athletics, 4-3, for its fourth straight 50-unit win and I am coming right back tonight with another one. I am releasing a 50-unit play on a team that has all the edges and figures to be a dominating winner. Get this 50-unit baseball play for just $25, charged to your major credit card.

  1. Kelso Tuesday Baseball Going For 5th Straight 50-U $25.00

Kelso Tuesday Best Bets Baseball Goes 2-0

Best Bets Baseball
10-3 With Last 13 Games
Goes 2-0 Again Tonight

My Best Bets Baseball Investment Club has gone 10-3 over the past six days—including four 2-0 days—and I am going for the money again tonight with two standout plays that both have an 85% chance to get the money. The two teams I am releasing have excellent starting pitchers and are being offered at an extremely soft betting line. Go 2-0 with me again tonight for just $15.

  1. Kelso Tuesday Best Bets Baseball Goes 2-0 $15.00

Kelso Best Bets Baseball 2014


Betting baseball is better than Wall Street!

Baseball season is underway! We've started the season red hot, cashing huge dogs on the moneyline and crushing Vegas every night! And we expect the winning continues thru The World Series In October!

  1. Kelso Best Bets Baseball 2014-SEASON $199.00
  2. Kelso Best Bets Baseball 2014-DAY $15.00

Kelso Personal Best Baseball 2014


The one best game going every day!

I am assuming there are some of you who do not bet baseball because they don't quite understand the process or the dynamics. They understand laying and taking points but do not understand money line betting where won lays or takes odds instead of points.

Let me show you the value of the moneyline and why baseball is the most profitable sport to bet!

BONUS: Sign up Today and Get the NBA Playoffs ABSOLUTELY FREE! (a $179 value)!

  1. Kelso Personal Best Baseball 2014-SEASON $699.00
  2. Kelso Personal Best Baseball 2014-MONTH $150.00

Kelso 2014 Chairman's Club Baseball

Join Chairman's Club Baseball
And Get My Best Bets Service
+ the NBA Playoffs FREE

I'm On A "First Name" Friendship Basis With Many Las Vegas Linemakers And What Scares Them the Most is Not Football Plungers or March Madness...

It's A Savvy Baseball Bettor With Discipline And A Plan...

Why? Because Baseball's the Easiest Sport To Beat... Let Me Show You How!

  1. Kelso 2014 Chairman's Club Baseball $249.00

Wayne Root

Root Tuesday Baseball Big Dog

Big Dog = Big Pay Off On the Diamond Tuesday!

My No-Limit plays have started the baseball season scorching hot, winning at a near 70% clip. On Tuesday, my top play is a 'dog that will make a mockery of the moneyline and bring in even more early season profit! Crush the moneyline with me, Wayne Allyn Root! JUST $25!

  1. Root Tuesday Baseball Big Dog $25.00

Root Tuesday NBA Playoffs Billionaire Blowout

Wayne's NBA Playoffs Billionaire Blowout!
Three Games on Tuesday... and One is a Rout!

You would think that oddsmakers would be laser-focused on putting up tough numbers for the NBA Playoffs, but I'm heere to tell you that's not the case. If you've been with me so far during the playoffs, you already know that Vegas is obviously still confused! Tonight, I've got a game that will beat the spread by double-digits. This one'll be in the bag by half-time. JUST $25!

  1. Root Tuesday NBA Playoffs Billionaire Blowout $25.00

Root Moneyline Baseball 2014

Wayne Allyn Root's Moneyline Baseball 2014!

What's my favorite sport to bet?

That's a question I'm often asked when I'm in the sports books at Vegas, or walking along outside New York New York hotel, where I was honored with a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame. And the answer always surprises people. They expect me to say football, with basketball coming in a close second. And I love those sports to be sure. But there's no sport I've made more money on over the years than baseball because of its nightly value!

Get with the "King of Vegas", Wayne Allyn Root, as I take advantage of baseball's moneyline every night! Plus, act now and get the entire NBA Playoffs FREE!

  1. Root Moneyline Baseball 2014 SEASON $249.00
  2. Root Moneyline Baseball 2014 MONTH $99.00
  3. Moneyline Baseball 2014 WEEK $69.00

W.A.R. NBA Playoff Package

Over 65% Winners on the Season!

I didn't become the only handicapper with his personal STAR on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame because I scattered my efforts or tried to force winners. But by patiently waiting for easy, step in situations where I know I have the edge over the line and then betting that edge accordingly. Because the NBA PLAYOFFS are a built-in two-month profit plan that I know I can count on every year from April to mid-June.

  1. W.A.R. NBA Playoff Package $175.00

Jim Hurley

Network 2014 NBA Playoffs Money Time


The easiest money time of the entire sports year is underway.

I'm talking about the NBA playoffs, a two-month "second season" my Network has owned since our founding in 1985.


This is the time of year that my colleagues, clients, and I make our BIGGEST MONEY in the SHORTEST PERIOD OF TIME. In fact, in 28 years of beating the NBA postseason, the Jim Hurley Network® HAS NEVER DONE WORSE THAN WIN $2,500 for clients based on $100 per unit plays and usually we cash in for $4,000 to $6,500.

Obviously, those who play more, win more! Does that oil up your money glands? Are you ready to score with me again this year and grab a lot of cash?

  1. Network 2014 NBA Playoffs Money Time $150.00

Network Tuesday National League Upset of April

National League Upset of April Keys Standout Day

We're nearing the end of the first month of the baseball season, and Jim Hurley's Network® has stayed hot since Opening Day, winning just under 65% of our games in the early going! Tonight we're going to cash a pricey dog on the moneyline. This team hasn't set the world on fire to start the season, but all signs point to a breakout win tonight! Take advantage of tonight's monster play, plus other top plays as a bonus. JUST $15!

  1. Network Tuesday National League Upset of April $15.00

Network Tuesday NBA TNT Doubleheader

TNT Doubleheader
Sweeps Tuesday!

Hawks at Pacers (-7) 7:00 est, TNT
Wizards at Bulls (-5) 9:30 est, TNT
Also looking at Nets at Raptors 7:30 est, NBATV

Headed by our crew of stat geeks, our sophisticated number-crunching software has helped us capture fistfuls of dollars this NBA season and already into the playoffs. Tonight it's an explosiveTNT Dynamite Doubleheader! Can the Pacers rebound from their embarrassing Game 1 loss against the lowly Hawks, or are we in store for another shocker? Will the Wizards prove that their Game 1 road victory was no fluke, or will the Bulls even things up?

You can wait until tonight to find out the answers, or get the info RIGHT NOW!

JUST $20 for the sweep!

  1. Network Tuesday NBA TNT Doubleheader $20.00

Network Hit and Run Baseball 2014

Hit & Run Baseball Club 2014
The Hottest Team In Baseball Isn't the Red Sox or Cardinals... IT'S JIM HURLEY'S HIT & RUN BASEBALL CLUB!
BONUS: act now and get the ENTIRE NBA Playoffs!

In 2014 we have more scouts, more handicappers, and more information to make you MORE MONEY!

And we've ALWAYS made more money to start the season! We take advantage of those weaker Vegas lines, just as a great hitter punishes an inferior pitcher.

Our scouts, stat-men, and dugout insiders are second to none on the Diamonds, and make NETWORK'S HIT & RUN BASEBALL the shining gem of baseball handicapping and an annual profit-maker for you.

  1. Network Hit and Run Baseball 2014-Season $199.00
  2. Network Hit and Run Baseball 2014-Day $10.00

Richie Baccellieri

Richie Tuesday NBA Playoff Turnaround Team + Baseball

Richie B's NBA Turnaround Team!
Three Home Faves Lost Game 1
One Bounces Back Tonight!

Tuesday night's NBA schedule features three home favorites that dropped Game 1. And I've got my eye on one of them to bounceback BIG-TIME tonight!

Will it be the Pacers who come out angry and sharper on both ends of the court? Do the Raptors have the playoff jitters out of their system? Can the Bulls find their offense and even things up?

It's bounceback time for one of these teams! GET TONIGHT'S NBA BOUNCE-BACK GAME+ A MY TOP BASEBALL PLAYS (on a 6-3 run)... JUST $15!

  1. Richie Tuesday NBA Playoff Turnaround Team + Baseb $15.00

Richie Ball Baseball Service

Learn how baseball can be the most profitable sport of all with the most advanced computer-handicapping program to date!
Bonus: sign up today and get the rest of the NBA regular season and playoffs included!

  1. Richie Ball Baseball Service- SEASON $199.00
  2. Richie Ball Baseball Service-MONTH $99.00

Richie B. NBA Playoff Package

An Invitation From Las Vegas Linesmaker Richie Baccellieri To Turn The NBA Playoffs Into Non-Stop Cash Profits:


Learn why and how the Vegas sharps make more money Betting the NBA PLAYOFFS than Football!
How YOU can cash in on their secrets and make record profits in the coming weeks!

  1. Richie B. NBA Playoff Package $195.00

Fred Wallin

Wallin Tuesday Baseball Easy Winner

Fred Wallin did it again on Monday!
and now another easy winner!

Arizona at Cubs for only $15

  1. Wallin Tuesday Baseball Easy Winner $15.00

Tony Salinas

Tony's Tuesday Two-Sport Total Ambush

Win Like a Contest Champion Tuesday Night!
Tony's Two-Sport Total Ambush Gets the Money Tuesday!

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing, and MLB action is heating up! Vegas Highroller Tony Salinas is on fire in both!

Tony sees value in two totals tonight—one on the hardwood and one on the diamond! Cash them both and double up tonight!

Just $20

  1. Tony's Tuesday Total Ambush $20.00

Salinas 2013-14 Fast Break Playoff Basketball

The NBA Playoffs start Sat. April 19, and you can count on one thing from me, Tony Salinas: I will be taking advantage of soft lines on a nightly basis! As a two-time champion of a major handicapping contest(Stardust Invitational & Hilton Superbook), I don't leave money on the table! Finding the soft spots on the board is like picking a guard's pocket in the back-court and taking it in for the easy deuce!

  1. Salinas 2013-14 Fast Break Playoff Basketball $99.00

Tony Salinas Big Game Baseball

Maybe they haven't followed it closely enough. Maybe they don't quite get how to measure value when it comes to the moneyline. Whatever the reason, I provide the answer—
I've been studying, betting and WINNING at baseball for over 30 years. And since underdogs are my bread and butter, the moneyline is a perfect way to build a bankroll during the spring and summer months.

  1. Tony Salinas Big Game Baseball-SEASON $149.00

SportsMasters Consensus

VSM's Super 6 Consensus

Imagine having a one-stop location where you could draw on the cumulative knowledge of the best minds in the handicapping world. With the Vegas Sportmasters Consensus Service, you don't have to imagine--it's a reality! Every day you can get the plays that our six handicappers have at least a solid majority consensus on and sometimes even a unanimous vote.

  1. VSM's Super 6 Consensus: 1 Day $39.00
  2. VSM's Super 6 Consensus: 1 Week $149.00
  3. VSM's Super 6 Consensus: 1 Month $499.00