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Richie Baccellieri

In case you don't know me, for years people in Vegas knew Richie B as a kind of linesmaker's linesmaker - a kind of numerical purist who, when every other sports book in Vegas was posting Ohio State (-7) over Texas, I was saying... "NO! It ought to be Ohio State (-8)!"

I took a position. I didn't just put up a "betting middle" where I could draw even betting action from both sides. Instead - if I really felt the Buckeyes were stronger than generally thought - I'd put up (-8) or even (-9) and dare the bettors, "Come and get me! Prove me wrong!"

And they couldn't do it! My house would clean up when heavy hitters like Roger King and Kerry Packer would take up my dare and lay $250,000 on Texas and get killed.

Last year - my maiden season as a public handicapper - with a group of private players to join me -

  • We went 79-47 for 62.7%.
  • In weeks, we went 12-5 (two weeks we lost only on the vig).
  • If you bet flat $100 units, you cleared $2,730.
  • If you took my recommended units, you made over $10,000.
  • And of course, if you rolled your profits over as you went along, you made much, much more.

Chad Millman, described me as Vegas' Oddsmaker, in his book: "The Odds: One Season, Three Gamblers and the Death of Las Vegas". He went on to say that "Richie Baccellieri is a throwback. His renegade attitude is more Wiseguy than Bookmaker".

I've always said that there's absolutely no mystery to beating the Las Vegas Spread. It's only a number. There are those in this business, salesmen mostly, who will tell you it's tricky and hard to figure... That only a handful of people are really "in the know" They know stuff you don't know. Get "inside" word you never hear about and win money you lose.

It doesn't work that way at all. Beating the spread is a very straight forward proposition. The information is available to anyone who has the time and patience to dig for it and the expertise to know what's important and what isn't. If you do your due diligence, look behind the numbers, get a general idea of who can beat who, compare the style of play, visualize the matchups (man on man, style vs style). Sure it's work. But hard work is what it takes to succeed at anything.

I spend 80 hours a week at this job. I track games all day long.

That is the real difference between the part time handicapper who's got a pretty good opinion, which maybe describes you and...

The dedicated full-time obsessed, football-obsessed goggle-eyed-from-watching-too-many-games professional handicapper... Which is Me.

That's why you should be with me this season. I am on the case all day, every day. So that by the time you get your selections, I have been tracking your games all week-long - from Sunday Night to the moment you log into the web site.

Handicapper Services
Richie B. Sunday Insider Syndicate Parlay

The last time Richie B. released one of his INSIDER SYNDICATE PARLAYS was 9/21 and the Bengals (-5.5) crushed the Titans 33-7 while the Steelers (+3) upset the Panthers 37-19.Now it is time to do it again as Richie is on record that this SUNDAY SIZZLER features two games that will EACH BEAT THE NUMBER BY TWO TD’S.

Richie B Wise Guy NFL Game of the Year

Are you aware that there is MAJOR MONEY MOVING OFFSHORE on one of Sunday’s NFL matchups? How could you be? That is why it is a good thing that Ex-Line-maker Richie Baccellieri is on the case and issuing one of his OFFSHORE ALERTS.

Richie B Number 1 Wants You

If You Play With #1, You’ll Win Like #1Let Richie B grow your bankroll with 13 weeks of the strongest winners you ever played. Richie will not let you lose. Get a total of 85-90 Top-rated Richie B selections all yours for only $225

Richie Ball Playoff Baseball Service

It''s Been a Very Profitable 2014 Baseball Season, And The Postseason Means Making MORE MONEY in a Shorter Time

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