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Submitted by SportsMasters Consensus on Friday, December 21, 2012 at 10:20 PM

Both of Saturday’s bowl games are scheduled for early kickoffs local time. Sports bettors must always stay on top of the schedule! Let’s take a look at what sharps have been betting in the lead-up to the New Orleans Bowl and the Las Vegas Bowl.



Opening Line: Louisiana Lafayette by 4.5, total of 63

Current Line: Louisiana Lafayette by 6.5, total of 67

Very strong support on the favorite and the Over from sharps. Those are BIG moves in a bowl game, particularly that four-point move on the total. Sharps have told us they think East Carolina’s defense is very poor, which is the key behind both of those moves. We have heard that sharps would consider the dog at +7 if the public hits the favorite Saturday morning before kickoff (just remember that there’s not much “morning” before this kickoff in Las Vegas!).

Obviously sharps are looking for a high scoring shootout, which is typical for East Carolina’s games against good teams under this coaching regime. Money kept coming in at 65, and 66, before finally running dry at 67.

Sharps are happy with both positions, and aren’t likely to buy off them for middles based on what we’ve been hearing from our sources. You can see why it’s important to bet bowl games early if you have a strong preference.



Opening Line: Boise State by 5.5, total of 46.5

Current Line: Boise State by 5.5, total of 43.5

Another big total move, as this game moved three points toward the Under. Sharps liked the Under in the Poinsettia Bowl matching BYU and San Diego State. Boise State hosted both of those teams, and played low scoring games against both. Washington is known as having a strong defense but a poor offense this year. So, that plays right into the Under theme. Even though this opener was about four points below the Poinsettia opener…we still saw a significant move to the Under.

No interest on the team side. Sharps don’t trust this Boise State team as a favorite vs. quality. We understand that Washington money would come in at +6…though sharps will give the public every opportunity to bet the favorite before kickoff…hoping for +6.5 or better. You saw how the line moved on the favorite in New Orleans. That DIDN’T happen here…so the sharps don’t want any part of the favorite at this price.

The handicapping legends here at VegasSportsMasters are limited to game day lines. But, they’ve become legends because of their ability to BEAT game day lines for their clients. If you’d like some additional help finalizing your Saturday selections (don’t forget about Atlanta-Detroit in the NFL too!), visit our “buy picks” page. Hot handicappers are waiting to hear from you!

We will have one more “sharp” report before Christmas. That will come on Monday, Christmas Eve, when we take a look at what sharps have been betting in the Hawaii Bowl matching Fresno State and SMU. We’ll then have daily reports through the busy bowl schedule to help you navigate the road to the BCS. Just one more reason to make the VSM blog your DAILY home for sports betting analysis!

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