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Kelso Sturgeon

It is score-time again today for my Personal Best Baseball Club highrollers with my 50-unit Baseball Blowout Game of the Week. The schedule is filled with attractive games and in one of those contests is a team that starts a pitcher who is in dominating form and who is facing a hurler who is on the downside of his form, although few are aware of it. This is the perfect opportunity to make a major score and I’m going for it. Win this 50-unit blowout play for just $25

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Blog Headlines

Network Notebook: Clouds Darken Over Big Ten

Things were already looking bad for the Big 10 after that well-publicized debacle two weeks ago when the conference went 2-11 against the Las Vegas pointspread and was embarrassed in all of its high profile games. You wouldn’t think that things could get worse. Maybe they did!

Among the only good news the prior week was that Illinois had won and covered against Western Kentucky. Yeah, that’s not exactly earth-shaking. But, hey…A WIN IS A WIN! This past Saturday, Illinois was routed in a national TV game by Washington of the Pac 12. The Illini trailed 38-12 at the half and…

Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: College Kids and Media Hype

This past weekend saw many examples of college athletes falling prey to media hype. Teams who suddenly had the “it” factor according to ESPN and all the national publications quickly found out they DIDN’T have “it” after all.

Some quick examples…

*USC was humbled and humiliated as a big favorite on the road against Boston College. A prior win over Stanford had vaulted the Trojans into national championship talk…where they very clearly didn’t belong. You could see by the second quarter that all the hype had gone to the players’ heads. They weren’t prepared at all for the running game of the…

Wayne Root: Reaching the Pinnacle with S. Carolina and San Diego!

Well, THE KING OF UPSETS and THE KING OF LAS VEGAS certainly made headlines this past weekend when I called for upsets in two of the biggest college and pro games of the entire weekend. Congratulations to all of you who signed up and won with me. Condolences to those who missed out on one of the biggest profit September weekends ever!

My PINNACLE upset calls were:



South Carolina (+) over Georgia

Won OUTRIGHT 38-35



San Diego (+) over Seattle

Won OUTRIGHT 30-21


You probably watched both games on TV. And, you know those were the…

Weekend Recap & MNF Preview




Maybe you happened to hear that stat they were spitting out on TV yesterday/last night that claimed 59 of the last 60 NFL teams to make the playoffs started off their seasons either 2-0 or 1-1 SU (straight-up) …

In other words, only one playoff team out of the last 60 post-season squads have gotten to the “promised land” after an 0-2…

Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Eagles/Colts

Two playoff teams from last season…with their eyes on going deeper in the brackets this year…will square off Monday Night when the defending NFC East champion Philadelphia Eagles visit the defending AFC South champion Indianapolis Colts.

The Eagles earned a home game last year in the brackets, but couldn’t get past Wildcard New Orleans in the first round. The Colts earned a home game too, needing it for a miraculous come-from-behind victory over Kansas City before losing on the road at New England.

Both teams are obviously looking forward. But, they’d better keep an eye on the teams behind them too! Philadelphia…

Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Bears/49ers

This was supposed to be the year the Chicago Bears returned to the NFL Playoffs. They took a big step forward last season under new head coach Marc Trestman. Jay Cutler was maturing into a quarterback that was FINALLY figuring out what it took to win consistently (if he could stay healthy!). The defense couldn’t possibly be any worse than it was last year. Pencil in slight improvement here and there…and this is a playoff team.

That’s why Chicago was -7 last week against Buffalo. But…Chicago couldn’t even beat Buffalo! Jay Cutler returned to his past “horrible-decision-making” form, and the defense…

Wayne Root: Jets Can Prove They’re For Real With Upset of Packers

You regulars know that I follow the New York teams very closely in all sports. I was born in Mt. Vernon, NY as a true S.O.B. (son of a butcher!). And, I still have connections in the Big Apple and surrounding area that help me pick winners for my clients in the NFL and college football, in Major League Baseball, and in both college and pro basketball.

A few days ago we talked about the New York Giants, who badly flunked their first test of 2014 by getting blown out in Detroit. The offense looked so awful that it may be…

Scott Spreitzer: Will New England’s Road Woes Continue at Shorthanded Minnesota?

Nobody should have been surprised last weekend when the New England Patriots opened the season by struggling on the road against the Miami Dolphins. We saw that time and time again in 2013…from a season-opening nailbiter at Buffalo (a 23-21 win as a 10-point favorite) to the season-ender in the playoffs at Denver (a 26-16 loss as a 5-point underdog).

Only TWICE in nine road games last year did New England cover the spread. They won an early season shootout in Atlanta against a team destined to be one of the biggest disappointments of 2013. They won a late season blowout…

Network Notebook: College Preview…Tennessee/OU

It’s become comically inevitable…the mainstream media LOVES the Oklahoma Sooners at the start of a new season…insists that the team is on the short list of national championship hopefuls…only to see stunning mediocrity at the worst possible time when OU has to step up and play a real team.

The fact that Oklahoma crushed disinterested Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last season has given that contingent the confidence to do it again! And, now we have the Sooners riding high in “Final Four” discussions as they prepare for a national TV appearance Saturday Night against Tennessee.

The Volunteers are 21-point underdogs…which might…

Network Notebook: College Preview…Georgia/SC

Based on media coverage, and Las Vegas chatter, you’d think that the Georgia Bulldogs had opened the season with a blowout win over Florida State, Alabama, or Oregon. Suddenly EVERYBODY is talking about Georgia as a serious SEC championship threat, and a team with a real shot to reach the Final Four.

This week’s pointspread backs that up. At last report, Georgia was -6 on the road against South Carolina. That means they’d be about -9 on a neutral field. And, if you’re nine points better than SC on a neutral field…that puts you on a short list of national powers.…

How Sharps are Betting This Weekend’s NFL

One game down and 15 to go here in Week Two of the NFL season. Let’s take a look at how the Wise guys have been betting the Sunday and Monday Night pro football matchups so far. As always, games are presented in rotation order so you can make notes conveniently in your schedules.

DETROIT AT CAROLINA: Sharps are once again lining up against Carolina. Many lost BIG money last week because they thought the loss of Cam Newton would be a major factor against Tampa Bay. Money has been coming in on the Lions in a way that suggests, once…

Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: NFL Offenses Still Shaking Off Rust

Earlier this week, I talked about the lack of true quality quarterbacks at the college level these days. In the NFL, we’re also seeing a lot of mediocre or worse performances out of the gate. But, I attribute a lot of that to early season rust or transitions to new personnel.

We KNOW that Tom Brady can pass. Yet, he threw 27 incomplete passes last week in New England’s loss to Miami. Not 27 total passes. That’s 27 incomplete passes on a passing line of 29-56-0-226. Joe Flacco of Baltimore won a Super Bowl two seasons ago. He also had 27…

How Sharps are Betting Thursday and Friday Football

CBS will debut its new Thursday Night NFL package this evening when the Pittsburgh Steelers visit the Baltimore Ravens. How’s that for timing! All the drama in Baltimore this week and THAT’S where the Thursday Night game is! Just what the embattled commissioner needed, three hours of prime time coverage about their gaffe.

Sharps don’t worry about the soap operas in the NFL, they’re focused on finding investment value. Let’s see how the Wise Buys have been betting that opening matchup of Week Two, as well as the FOUR college football games set for Thursday and Friday action. We’ll take the…

Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Steelers/Ravens

Most NFL teams got to work their way into the season a bit before worrying about critical divisional games. Head-to-head matchups within your own division are HUGE because a win for you is also a loss for the other guy. The Baltimore Ravens are stringing from a home loss to Cincinnati last week in the AFC North, and must now come right back and host the Pittsburgh Steelers Thursday Night in a game that will be nationally televised by CBS.

Guess what. The Ravens play a third straight divisional game next week in Cleveland! Falling to 0-2 Thursday would be a…

Network Notebook: Biggest Surprise in NFL Week One

Even though it was a dog-heavy week in the NFL, as 2014 launched in exciting fashion. You can’t say that there were a lot of really big surprises. Sure, Jacksonville jumped ahead of Philadelphia 17-0. If they could have held that lead, we would have had a true shocker. The Jags couldn’t even cover +10 and had their normal lousy stats. There just weren’t any “Oh my GOD!” kind of upsets.

Here’s a full listing of upsets in schedule order…

*Atlanta (+3) beat New Orleans, but in a nailbiter at +3

*Minnesota (+3) crushed St. Louis, but they faced the Rams #2 and…

Wayne Root: This May Be Best Football Betting Weekend in YEARS!

Out here in Las Vegas, the big story is that sportsbooks absolutely cleaned up from the general public this past weekend. You probably know that very few NFL favorites cashed their tickets…and that squares love betting favorites! Fat, happy and smoking cigars…that’s your typical oddsmaker or sportsbook manager this week.


That just sets up a perfect storm this Saturday where arrogant oddsmakers who think they know everything will make mistakes on a college football board that isn’t exactly chocker block full of marquee matchups. The guys behind the line already have trouble with “ugly” matchups involving mediocre (or worse) teams that…

Network Notebook: College Football Championship Chatter

After the Big 10 suffered a series of high profile losses this past Saturday (and survived a few other embarrassing near-misses), the common media theme was that the conference was already out of the championship picture because there was no way their champ would finish in “the Final Four” selection structure.

*The champ wouldn’t be that good anyway

*The champ would have a lousy strength of schedule

*The other conferences were likely to spit out extremely strong candidates

Of course, all of that was true before any games were played Saturday! Michigan State NEEDED to upset Oregon because they were already a longshot to…

Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: A Lot of College QB’s Can’t Pass!

I wanted to devote today’s coursework to college football because both of last week’s discussions were about the NFL. I think what struck me most this past Saturday in the colleges in terms of a factor that we haven’t had a chance to discuss yet was the following:


There are a few true standouts who are legitimate PLAYMAKERS and GAMEBREAKERS. I will continue to invest in them with confidence moving forward. And, there are many other “game managers” who can at least move the ball safely as favorites against outmanned opposition. But, even those…

MNF Previews



Okay, so don’t rip up your Super Bowl XLIX “win-it-all” tickets just yet even if you happen to be rooting for the New England Patriots or the New Orleans Saints or the Kansas City Chiefs or even the Chicago Bears.

We will inform you that eight of the last 10 Super Bowl-winning squads did taste sweet victory in their Week One games that title year – the funny…

Network Notebook: Chargers/Cards Monday Night Preview

Both the San Diego Chargers and Arizona Cardinals moved forward to the cusp of something special last season. San Diego fixed what Norv Turnver had messed up by replacing him with Mike McCoy, and made it to the second week of the playoffs before losing to eventual AFC Champion Denver. Arizona won 10 games! But, that wasn’t enough to even earn a playoff spot in the tough NFC.

The tendency for football fans is to see progression. If a team takes a step forward one year, they expect the improvement to continue. Handicappers and statheads tend to go the other way.…

Wayne Root: NY Giants Open 2014 Monday Night in Detroit

You longtime readers know that I grew up in New York as a true SOB (son of a butcher!). I follow all the New York betting teams very closely, particularly the Giants and the Jets in the NFL because pro football is KING here in Las Vegas.

Well, WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is THE KING OF LAS VEGAS because he knows when to bet on or against various teams. I can definitely that Giants fans in my old stomping grounds are VERY worried about how the G-men are going to start the season Monday Night against the Detroit Lions.

You’ve probably heard by…

Network Notebook: Colts/Broncos Sunday Night Preview

Last October, the Indianapolis Colts stunned the Denver Broncos 39-33 in a Sunday Night Shocker that went down as one of the biggest surprises of the year. Peyton Manning and company would only lose three games all through the regular season (four for the year counting the Super Bowl), and it was young Andrew Luck leading Manning’s former team to a statement-making victory.

It’s a special treat to see one of the elite teams in the NFL in a revenge spot. And, that motivation could certainly be helped by the very strong home field advantage enjoyed by the Broncos a mile…

Tony Salinas: America’s Team Has Lost Market Respect

The Dallas Cowboys may still be a TV draw, but that’s because America likes watching them LOSE! The Pokes are a 5-point home underdog to the San Francisco 49ers Sunday afternoon. A spread that high means that the composite of the legal betting markets see Dallas as being well off the pace in terms of the championship picture.

San Francisco would be about -8 on a neutral field

San Francisco would be about -11 at home

San Francisco isn’t the best team in football! That’s apparently still the Seattle Seahawks, who would probably be laying about a touchdown if they were visiting the…

Scott Spreitzer: Bengals/Ravens Battle Critical for Both Teams

I believe that the huge AFC North battle between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens Sunday (1 p.m. ET, 10 a.m. here in Las Vegas) could prove to be the single most important game of the NFL’s opening weekend. All of you should be watching that game VERY closely because the result will not only shape the divisional race…but could launch a surprising darkhorse into the AFC title picture.

Most everyone you talk to in Vegas is picking the Denver Broncos to win the AFC again this year. Those who aren’t picking Denver are lining up with the New England…

VSM Exclusive Preview: Michigan at Notre Dame (on NBC)

You longtime readers of the VSM BLOG know that we often provide BONUS big-game previews that are exclusive to this site during football and basketball season. Hopefully you’ve already read the previews of USC/Stanford and Michigan State/Oregon courtesy of JIM HURLEY’S NETWORK. Now, let’s move to the much-anticipated prime time rivalry showcase matching Michigan at Notre Dame.

We start in the markets…

Current Line: Notre Dame by 3.5, total of 56.5

Prior Market Activity: Sharps have been betting Michigan through the week. The Wolverines drew Wise Guy support at the opener of +5.5, at +5, at +4.5, and still even at +4. That’s…

Network Notebook: Michigan State/Oregon TV Preview

Over the past several years now, the Oregon Ducks have been one of the most unstoppable forces in college football. But, they haven’t been completely unstoppable. Some very clear Kryptonite has been shown to work against the Quack Attack. And, the Michigan State Wolverines represent one of the most talented examples of that specific antidote to Oregon’s onslaught.

The key elements:

*Strong defense

*Ball control offense

*Conservative approach that avoids turnovers

*Wearing down the Ducks instead of wearing out yourselves chasing them

You could also add “hope for some injury luck” into the mix, because Oregon turned mortal last year when quarterback Marcus Mariota tried to…

Network Notebook: USC/Stanford TV Preview

Even though the bulk of the college football schedule is still overrun by “paycheck” games that don’t make for appealing television unless you’re an alumnus of a bully, there are still a handful of truly important and potentially thrilling matchups on the card.

Today in the NOTEBOOK, we’ll focus on #14 Southern Cal at #13 Stanford in a huge Pac 12 showdown. It’s possible that this is actually a meeting of top 10 caliber teams given roster talent and USC’s stat performance vs. Fresno State last week. There are many teams in the top 10 right now with question marks because…

Jim Sez: Saturday’s Key College Previews


PLUS OUR NCAA FOOTBALL WEEKEND PREVIEWS INCLUDING #7 MICHIGAN STATE AT #3 OREGON AND THE “LAST DANCE” BETWEEN MICHIGAN AT #16 NOTRE DAME Repeat after me … it’s gonna be awfully tough to take down the 2014 Seattle Seahawks who these days are more than simply just the “Legion of Boom”.Heck, in last night’s rollicking 36-16 home win against the 4 ½-point underdog Green Bay Packers, the defending Super Bowl champions broke out the heavy artillery with 398 offensive yards (including 207 rushing yards and…

How Sharps are Betting This Weekend’s NFL

Back for our first full blown look at a regular season NFL weekend. As has been true in the past, we’ll devote a special expanded Friday afternoon report to a study of sharp action in the legal pro football betting markets.

Slightly different in Week One is the fact that the openers went up a long time ago! So, today’s line moves may have been triggered a few weeks ago rather than a few hours ago. But, you will still get a sense of who the Wise Guys have been backing and why.

There are 15 games left after Seattle’s Thursday Night…

Wayne Root: Nevada Wolfpack a Home Underdog Friday to Wazzou

Last week at this time I previewed what turned out to be a dismal performance for a “local” team here in Las Vegas sportsbooks. UNLV was crushed by Arizona, turning in one of the worst defensive efforts their fans had ever seen. This Friday, Nevada-Reno is on the TV schedule in Game Two of an ESPN doubleheader against another Pac 12 team. Let’s talk about how Washington State/Nevada might play out. I consider any game being played in Nevada as being in WAYNE ALLYN ROOT’S backyard!

I can tell you right off the bat that local bettors in Las Vegas and…

Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: More Tips for Handicapping NFL Week One

Earlier this week, I outlined a few quick tips for handicapping season openers in the NFL. I wanted to continue with that theme here in the late-week coursework because we could only scratch the surface the last time out.

First, a quick review of fundamentals for you first time readers. Regular readers here in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping will tell you that I ALWAYS EMPHASISIZE the concepts below:

*Look for PLAYMAKERS AND GAMEBREAKERS on both sides of the ball who are most likely to win your bet for you. My strongest plays for decades have come when there…

How Sharps are Betting Thursday and Friday Football

We have four games Thursday and Friday that will kick off the first FULL week of football action involving both pro and college regular season games. We’ve all been waiting for Green Bay at Seattle in the NFL season opener. But, some interesting challenges await in three college games that will serve as appetizers to a Saturday of marquee showdowns.

As always, we take the games in schedule rotation order…beginning in the NFL…

GREEN BAY AT SEATTLE (THURSDAY-NFL): As we go to press…we’re seeing Seattle -6 with a total of 47. The total has been the big story, as the opener was…

Jim Sez: NFL Overview & Friday College Previews




Hey, there’s a gazillion topics that can be tackled here as we get ready for the start of another National Football League season but let’s go ahead and settle on a handful of quick-hitter subjects/questions (many of which we asked at this very time last year!) before the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks kick things off tonight in Seattle … and…

Network Notebook: Green Bay at Seattle NFL Preview

After many long months of waiting for an NFL game that actually means something…the team that won the last game that mattered ushers in the new season when the World Champion Seattle Seahawks host the Green Bay Packers Thursday Night on NBC.

The age-old question will once again confront handicappers. Will Seattle suffer a “Super Bowl Letdown?” Many teams have stepped into this pothole (or fallen into this well never to climb back out!). Even teams who seemed immune to the possibility because of talent, depth, and attitude. Seattle is talking “repeat” rather than collapse. Let’s get you ready for this…

Tony Salinas: Texas-San Antonio Wants to Make Statement vs. Arizona

You may not know a lot about the UTSA Roadrunners, who play in Thursday Night’s only college football TV game against Arizona. Well, let me tell ya’, you need to start paying attention!

While you were either yelling at the TV last Friday Night during the BYU-Connecticut game, or out having dinner with your friends, Texas-San Antonio was bullying Houston 27-7 as an 8-point underdog. It was quite a sight to see if you love defense. UTSA held the respected Houston attack to just 208 yards while forcing six turnovers!

I’ll be the first to admit the final score was a bit…




By Jim Hurley:

Glory, glory hallelujah!

The National Football League is back and the $64,000 question is will we have our first repeat Super Bowl champions in 10 years?Yes, sir/ma’am, not since the 2003-04 New England Patriots has an NFL champion been able to tack together back-to-back titles and – better yet – the NFL hasn’t even seen a defending Super Bowl champ win a playoff game the following year since…

Network Notebook: Final Look at NFC Win Projections

As promised, we’re back today with a look at the final Regular Season Win Totals for the NFC to get you ready for Thursday Night’s Green Bay/Seattle game on NBC. If you missed yesterday’s look at the AFC, please check the archives and get caught up!

Defending champion Seattle has the best number in the conference. But, four different teams are projected to double digit victories. And, market estimates are always closer to .500 than reality usually sees because they have to price in the percentage potential for key injuries or other surprise developments. Conference champions usually win 12-13 games. It’s…

Wayne Root: How to Find Upsets in Week One of the NFL

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is the KING OF UPSETS, so it’s natural that I’ll be looking for some upset-minded underdogs in the first week of NFL action. I just missed nailing an outright winner with a Pinnacle upset on Hawaii (+) vs. Washington late this past Saturday Night (it covered the Vegas spread easily). California (+) did come through for me straight up against Northwestern earlier in the day as a Millionaire Play.

Who will my top NFL underdogs be this week? I can’t tell you any specifics here in my web article. That wouldn’t be fair to my paying clients. But,…

Network Notebook: Final Look at AFC Win Projections

With the 2014 NFL season officially kicking off Thursday Night when the Green Bay Packers visit the defending World Champion Seattle Seahawks, we’ll be devoting our Tuesday and Wednesday reports in the NOTEBOOK this week to final rundowns of “regular season win” propositions available in Las Vegas.

We’ll start with the AFC today. Then, we’ll look at the NFC Wednesday because that will lead you directly into that potential playoff preview involving NFC powers.

Who are the AFC powers going to be according to the marketplace? Same old suspects, with Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos…and Tom Brady and his New England…

Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping NFL Week One

One week of college football action is in the books. Now it’s time to focus on proper handicapping strategies for Week One of the NFL. The season starts this Thursday Night when the Green Bay Packers visit the Seattle Seahawks. There are several other important games this Sunday and Monday Night involving playoff hopefuls.

Last week we talked about handicapping Week One in college football. The main difference as we adjust to the pros is that you have witnessed a month of exhibition action that should help sharpen your perceptions. You’re not “flying blind” into a new season. You’ve seen first…

Jim Sez: College Weekend in Review + NFL Notebook




By Jim Hurley

Hey, if we heard it once then we heard it a gazillion times by week’s end… this is Year One of the brand-new College Football Playoff (CFP) system and yet it’s not as if many of the country’s highly-ranked teams did all that much to raise their respective profiles.

Okay, so 20-point favorite and top-ranked Florida State needed a key fumble recovery in the final quarter to…

Network Notebook: Miami/Louisville Preview

Even though Miami and Louisville happened to play EACH OTHER the last time they took the field, last season’s Russell Athletic Bowl should look nothing like Monday Night’s weekend finale when the two teams square off on ESPN.

Among the differences:

*Louisville is no longer coached by Charlie Strong. He began his new job as head man with the Texas Longhorns with a 38-7 victory over North Texas Saturday night. It’s BOBBY PETRINO who will be back on the sidelines for the Cardinals. This is where he first made a name for himself before getting into some trouble at Arkansas for off…

How Sharps are Betting Sunday and Monday Football

Three more games left in the Labor Day Weekend college football schedule. We’re going to take a look at how the Wise Guys have been betting those games in days leading up to kickoff. Then we’ll provide some extra notes about general sharp strategies early in the 2014 season.

Let’s start with Sunday’s night’s TV showdowns…

UTAH STATE AT TENNESSEE (SEC Network): An opener of Tennessee -6.5 has been bet down to just -4.5 as of publication time. Utah State is a relatively “local” team for Vegas Wise Guys because the Aggies play in the Mountain West Conference (home of UNLV and…

Network Notebook: SMU/Baylor Preview

A huge sign that Baylor is serious about joining the national elite in college football in 2014 is that they’re unveiling their brand new stadium Sunday Night in their nationally televised season opener against SMU. No longer is Waco a small Texas town that doesn’t matter…with facilities that seem quaint and outdated for the modern athlete. The growing metropolis on the Interstate between Austin and Dallas is ready for THE BIG TIME!

Last year’s team won the Big 12, and played in a BCS Bowl. Normally, that would be a pretty big announcement all by itself. But, last year wasn’t a…

Wayne Root: Inexperienced Utah State Could Still Win Mountain West

The Utah State Aggies open their 2014 season Sunday at Tennessee in a game that will be televised by the new SEC Network. I have to admit, the opening build-up to that Texas A&M/South Carolina game Thursday Night was something special. It’s going to be fun watching games on the SEC Network all season!

And, it may be just as fun for those of us out here in Mountain West country watching Utah State all season. It’s a shame star quarterback Chuckie Keeton got injured last year. I believe the Aggies were the best mid major in the country at the…

Jim Sez: Saturday and Sunday Football Previews



By Jim Hurley

So, what’s the damage gonna be at the conclusion of this Labor Day weekend when you look at all the nation’s Top 25 teams?

We’ve already seen #9 South Carolina get obliterated this past Thursday night 52-28 by 10-point dog Texas A&M— and didn’t you love the little sound bite of Carolina head ball coach Steve Spurrier saying that if the teams played again that A&M would be a “three-touchdown favorite”!

Most of the top 25 teams that are in action this…

Network Notebook: FSU/Oklahoma State Preview

Florida State has to battle one of the most serious cases of letdown potential we’ve ever seen here in the 2014 season. They open Saturday Night against respected Oklahoma State in a virtual season opening “bowl” at the Dallas Cowboys home cathedral. Amazingly…Florida State is a whopping 19-point favorite…and that’s one of the lowest spreads they’ll have all season!

How can you get fired up for a new season, when:

*You’re the defending National Champions

*You’re still being led by last year’s Heisman Trophy winner

*You return a lot of NFL caliber talent

*The media keeps saying you’re unbeatable

*Las Vegas keeps saying you’re unbeatable

*You may…

How Sharps are Betting Saturday’s Marquee TV Games

Generally speaking, we won’t do many “college” versions of our sharp reports during the regular season here in the Vegas-Sports-Masters blog. The focus has always been on the NFL during the regular season because pro football is KING in Las Vegas…and because sharp action often doesn’t hit the board hard until right before kickoff in college action.

But, this week…because the NFL hasn’t started yet, and because the lines for college openers have been up for weeks…we decided to put together a report emphasizing the main TV games you’ll be watching throughout the day and evening.

Here’s a look at a “great…

Tony Salinas: Charlie Strong Era Begins in Texas

The state of Texas is anxiously awaiting the Longhorn debut of new head coach Charlie Strong. The Horns open 2014 Saturday Night in Austin against North Texas. That’s an ideal starter for a new coach because it’s a game that’s supposed to be a relatively easy win (Texas is favored by 25)…but it’s coming against a bowl team from last year that’s going to just roll over and play dead.  

Strong proved he’s a big time coach at Louisville. Though, there’s a difference between winning at a relative mid-major like that, and living up to the very high expectations annually…

Jim Sez: College Previews for Friday and Saturday



We’re sure after watching all the late-night highlight sports last evening you didn’t need us—or anyone else for that matter—to spring a “Johnny Who?” on you right after the 21st-ranked Texas A&M Aggies battered the ninth-ranked (and 10-point favorite) South Carolina Gamecocks 52-28.

But it…

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Browns' Gordon pleads guilty to DWI

Raleigh, NC (SportsNetwork.com) - Suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while impaired stemming from an arrest in North Carolina in July.

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Jags place TE Lewis on short-term IR

Jacksonville, FL (SportsNetwork.com) - The Jacksonville Jaguars have placed tight end Marcedes Lewis on injured reserve with a designation to return.

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NFL names former White House official VP for public policy

New York, NY (SportsNetwork.com) - The NFL has named former White House official Cynthia C. Hogan to the position of senior vice president for public policy and government affairs.

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Parkey caps Eagles' rally in Indy with last-second FG

Indianapolis, IN (SportsNetwork.com) - Cody Parkey hit a 36-yard field goal as time expired as the Philadelphia Eagles rallied for a 30-27 win over the Indianapolis Colts on Monday.

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Goldrich, Edmonds headline FCS players of week

Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - It's a big step going from a time share to complete ownership, but it seems like New Hampshire quarterback Sean Goldrich has made the transition.

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In the FCS Huddle: Missouri Valley is FCS standard

Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - Be careful of the water flowing through the Missouri Valley Football Conference.

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Heisman Rankings: Week 3

Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - With early favorites and fresh faces making a splash in the third weekend of the season, let's take a look at the latest power rankings in the race for the Heisman Trophy.

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In the FCS Huddle: Moving out of the shadows

Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - Others receiving votes.

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Dorm Report: Loyd's new flock of Ducks

Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - Marcus Mariota dropped back and threw a 5-yard touchdown pass in the third quarter against Wyoming on Saturday.

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Mercury edge Sky to claim WNBA title

Chicago, IL (SportsNetwork.com) - Phoenix center Brittney Griner watched from the sidelines as her teammate Diana Taurasi came through in the clutch.

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Griner a game-time decision for Mercury

Chicago, IL (SportsNetwork.com) - Phoenix Mercury center Brittney Griner will be a game-time decision for Game 3 of the WNBA Finals on Friday against Chicago because of an eye problem.

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Illinois G Abrams out for season

Champaign, IL (SportsNetwork.com) - Illinois senior guard Tracy Abrams will miss the 2014-15 season after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee, the school announced on Thursday.

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Kings to retire Stojakovic's jersey

Sacramento, CA (SportsNetwork.com) - The Sacramento Kings announced Tuesday that the club will retire the No. 16 jersey of Peja Stojakovic this coming season.

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Hawks GM Ferry takes leave of absence

Atlanta, GA (SportsNetwork.com) - Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry is taking a leave of absence after making controversial remarks about NBA player Luol Deng.

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Report: Audio contains Ferry's remarks

Atlanta, GA (SportsNetwork.com) - A newspaper says it has obtained audio of Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry making racially charged comments about NBA player Luol Deng.

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US beats Lithuania to reach final

Barcelona, Spain (SportsNetwork.com) - James Harden scored all 16 of his points during a dominant third quarter that carried the United States to a 96-68 victory over Lithuania in the semifinals of the FIBA World Cup on Thursday.

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Cubs extend Triple-A agreement with Iowa

Chicago, IL (SportsNetwork.com) - The Chicago Cubs have extended their player development contract with Triple-A Iowa through the 2018 season.

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Braves unveil new stadium's name

Atlanta, GA (SportsNetwork.com) - The Atlanta Braves' new stadium will be named SunTrust Park.

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Yankees lose Prado for rest of season

St. Petersburg, FL (SportsNetwork.com) - The New York Yankees have placed infielder/outfielder Martin Prado on the 60-day disabled list after he underwent an emergency appendectomy.

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O's try to secure first division title since 1997

(SportsNetwork.com) - The Baltimore Orioles try to lock up their first American League East title in 17 years on Tuesday when they continue their three-game series with the Toronto Blue Jays at Camden Yards.

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