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Kelso 3-0 Basketball Saturday
Battle Of Unbeatens Highlights 3-0 Basketball SaturdayKentucky (12-0) at Louisville (11-0) – Kelso Sturgeon
Network College Hoops Dec Parlay Of The Year
There are 25 College Hoops Games on the schedule on Saturday but Jim Hurley only needs his TWO VERY BEST to DESIGNATE HIS COLLEGE HOOPS DECEMBER PARLAY OF THE YEAR. – Jim Hurley
Network College Hoops Dec Parlay Of The Year
There are 25 College Hoops Games on the schedule on Saturday but Jim Hurley only needs his TWO VERY BEST to DESIGNATE HIS COLLEGE HOOPS DECEMBER PARLAY OF THE YEAR. – Jim Hurley
Kelso 1,000 Stars of College Bowl Profits
I don’t care if you bet $100 a unit or 10¢I will multiply your money faster than you can count because I win the Bowls BIGGER than you dreamed – Kelso Sturgeon
Kelso 100-Unit Bowl Upset Game Of Year Plus 2
There are five interesting games on the schedule today and in one of those games the perfect scenario is in place for the underdog to win in dominating fashion. – Kelso Sturgeon
Salinas College Hoops Sat. Shocker
Salinas College Hoops Shocker Scores For 5th Straight WeekBet the Dog that Wins Outright – Tony Salinas
Richie B Saturday College Bowl Bash
Today Richie B. CONTINUES TO BASH THE BOWLS...There are 5 games on the schedule and Richie’s STRONGEST NUMBERS ARE YOURS – Richie Baccellieri
Network College Bowls and NFL Playoffs
– Jim Hurley
Wayne Root Bowl Bombshell
Wayne Allyn Root - Most Documented Winner in History with a BOWL BOMBSHELL! I am about to PROVE to you that NO GAMES anywhere are EASIER TO WIN than the College Bowls!” – Wayne Root
Network Saturday College Bowl High Five
COLLEGE BOWL HIGH FIVE COLLECTS SATURDAY!5 more bowls and you get the best sides & totals for $30 – Jim Hurley
Richie B Big Bucks Bowls and NFL Playoffs
When I play the BOWL GAMES, I DON’T PLAY GAMES! I’ve got the numbers and my customers have the profits to prove it!Because if you’ve got the Right Number you can win as big as you want...and from my perspective as top Linesmaker, I’ll show you where the safest, biggest moneymakers are! – Richie Baccellieri
Jim Hurley - Blue Ribbon Basketball
Jim Hurley’s Blue Ribbon Basketball Club comes from TEAMWORKThey said it couldn’t be done. Yet today, from every corner of basketball, Jim Hurley’s nationwide NETWORK of scouts and stringers are feeding him streams of fresh, accurate information on team personnel, coaching strategies and more… At NETWORK CENTRAL, Jim and his dedicated staff put all this confidential information together to create the Blue Ribbon Club. – Jim Hurley
Kelso 50 Unit Highrollers Saturday Basketball
My Personal Best Basketball Investment Club has been on fire in the colleges and today goes for its fourth consecutive big game play, a 50-unit bet on a team that should like the last three winners dominate from start to finis – Kelso Sturgeon
Saturday Root Trust Bowl Bash
SATURDAY there are 5 Bowl games scheduled and Wayne is taking a stand on ALL 5 so once again you can COLLECT ON THE TRUST. – Wayne Root
Salinas Saturday Bowl Fab Five
Win side or total in all 5 Games and Cash Huge odds and parlays – Tony Salinas
Richie Nails The Duece in Sat Hoops
Last Saturday Richie Baccellieri NAILED THE COLLEGE HOOPS "DEUCE" as his featured parlay of Florida State (-6) over South Florida by 15 and Georgia Tech took the measure of Vanderbilt. Once again today Vegas Line maker Richie B. has found 2 WAY-OFF-HOOPS-LINES – Richie Baccellieri

The Vegas Sports Masters


Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso Sturgeon is not a shadow or a mirage. I am a real person, a man who has been handicapping football for more than 4 decades, and I bring to the table a set of credentials you can't find anywhere else in this business.

And so there is no misunderstanding, Kelso Sturgeon is my real name and I make my home in Las Vegas, the betting capital of the world.

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Wayne Root

Wayne Allyn Root is the only man to create a multi-million dollar empire out of nothing but picking winners! Long-time host of his own shows on Fox and USA Network, he has been celebrated in the business press and by all the TV pundits. He set the record for most outright upset winners in football in three different seasons and has enjoyed another winning and profitable basketball season. Wayne is the only oddsmaker/handicapper with his own Star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

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Jim Hurley

JIM HURLEY is the founder and president of the most unusual organization in sports wagering.

Created as a small handicapping service back in 1985, Jim's NETWORK has evolved into a nationwide TASK FORCE of, handicappers, scouts, number crunchers, draftniks and former pro players who study and analyze every team and every game to develop BETTER information, make SMARTER picks and win MORE money!

In simple words, Jim's system approach to handicapping picks more winners and makes more money for their customers. And they are able to do this not because they are a one-man band, but because of the "TEAM" approach that utilizes a huge information gathering system to fine tune every selection.

But because they truly are a "Network" and cover the colleges and pros wall-to-wall, they know what's going on inside the locker rooms and dugouts. They know who's hot, who's hurt and who's ready to kick butt. NETWORK’s computer department analyzes upcoming matchups like it was the Dow Jones. They dig beneath surface factors to find out how two teams really compare. Who needs it more? Who's tapped out? Who's out for revenge? NETWORK finds those answers.

So when they run NETWORK'S number up against Vegas', we can immediately spot whether a game is off, and how much, and just cherrypick the contests that are giving us the most points

That's why JIM has racked up twentyone consecutive money making season for his customers.

Now what about YOU? Wouldn't you like to know who the big winners are going to be this week? NETWORK can tell you. Want to make money off that knowledge? Jim's NETWORK can help you there, too.

Want the best shot at the most money? There are dozens of ways to get you there, no matter what your wagering patterns or budget. So, why not get started NOW!

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Richie Baccellieri

In case you don't know me, for years people in Vegas knew Richie B as a kind of linesmaker's linesmaker - a kind of numerical purist who, when every other sports book in Vegas was posting Ohio State (-7) over Texas, I was saying... "NO! It ought to be Ohio State (-8)!"

I took a position. I didn't just put up a "betting middle" where I could draw even betting action from both sides. Instead - if I really felt the Buckeyes were stronger than generally thought - I'd put up (-8) or even (-9) and dare the bettors, "Come and get me! Prove me wrong!"

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Tony Salinas

Tony Salinas arrived in Las Vegas over two decades ago fresh from the family ranch in Texas, looking for the next winning thing. After all, he'd always been a winner back home... captain of the football team, State Champion tennis player, point guard for the district-winning basketball team, and Texas Calf Roping Champion in both high school & College.


Tony was an immediate hit, winning the $85,000 Castaways Challenge of 1980, and has never looked back. Tony is the proud winner of over a dozen handicapping contests, including two years ago when he beat out 226 other rivals to take the title in the $135,000 Hilton Superbook Handicapping Championship.

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Jim Feist

Jim Feist for decades has been the leader in the sports wagering information field. Beginning in the 1970s Jim has been ahead of the curve with Proline, the longest running sports football handicapping show on USA Cable Network and the Internet. Also, National Sports Services, utilizing the first telephone line services (Jim Feist’s Personal Line Service), former publisher of the Official Nevada Rotation, creator of Sports Tracker, Internet Web Sites (Jim Feist.com; DonBest.com)

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SportsMasters Consensus

In the world of Handicapping, the average bettor is up against a well financed, information-rich, experienced Casino Sportsbooks and Linesmakers.

Five professional handicappers have stepped forward to beat the line. If getting one strong man to help you win a fight, surely finding six is a dream come true. Isn't it time you learned more about the Vegas Sports Masters?

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Blog Headlines

Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Cincinnati/Pittsburgh

Barring a huge surprise during the day in Denver, we already know that the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers are in the playoffs…and will be playing next week in the Wildcard round because neither was able to earn a bye. We DON’T know who they will be playing…and where those games will be played.

At stake Sunday Night…a home game in the Wildcard round for the winner…and a road game against a tough opponent for the loser. It’s not exactly do-or-die…but the winner will be a slight home favorite next week, while the loser will be a road underdog out of…

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NFL Week 17 and Monday Bowl Previews



The National Football League pulls down the curtain on its 2014 regular season with Sunday's 16 divisional games - but make sure you realize not everyone's playing "for keeps" this weekend.Reports continue to circulate that the New England Patriots - who've already clinched top seed in the AFC - will rest a number of their starters while you do have to worry about the mindset of some teams that were eliminated with last week's results ... do the Philadelphia Eagles and/or the…

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Think You’ve Seen It All?
100-Unit Bowl Upset Game Of Year Wins Saturday

200-Unit College Bowl Game Of Year Cashes New Year's DayHighrollers Basketball Club Burying BookmakersThink You've Seen It All?...Stop Kidding Yourself!Complete NFL Rundown For Sunday

By Kelso Sturgeon

Words I promise to never utter again: "I have seen it all". No use kidding you or me and I say that after more than 40 years of handicapping, especially after the experiences of the past week.Let me mention a few.

When was the last time you were leading by 35 points, 49-14, laying 3.5 with 12 minutes to go in a college football game and lost the bet?…
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Wayne Root: Can Lions Shock the Packers for NFC North Crown?

There are a lot of important games on Sunday’s NFL schedule. But, the game that I believe has the greatest impact on the championship race is the afternoon kickoff between the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers that will determine the winner of the NFC North.

We already know that both teams will be in the playoffs. But, the winner here will be positioned to earn one of the top two seeds and a first round bye. Space doesn’t permit me to go through all the possibilities given that FIVE teams in the NFC currently have 11-4 records! We know that…

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How Sharps are Betting NFL Week 17

I’m glad I waited a few hours to put up the NFL report this week! News just broke that Kansas Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith will miss Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers because of a lacerated spleen. Bad luck for KC, though they still need some help to earn a Wildcard even if they can beat the Chargers.

As always I’ll take the games in Nevada rotation order so you can make notes in your schedule. Here’s how sharps have been betting the final Sunday of NFL action in the 2014 season…

DETROIT AT GREEN BAY: The market has been solid…

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Network Notebook: Holiday Bowl Preview…Nebraska/USC

The Holiday Bowl matching Nebraska and USC Saturday night on ESPN would have been one of the most anticipated matchups of the whole postseason if not for one thing. Nebraska fired its head coach! Bo Pelini was let go at the end of the regular season, and is already recruiting for Youngstown State (talk about a fall from grace!).

Mike Riley of Oregon State has already been hired to replace Pelini next season. But, it’s very hard to anticipate how Nebraska’s players will perform in this scenario. Will “Pelini’s players” go on strike because they’re mad about what happened? Will they…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping Week 17 NFL

Week 17 of an NFL season is, in many ways, the most difficult challenge that sports bettors and handicappers can face in the entire calendar season. Traditional strategies by themselves won’t work because there are so many unique circumstances in play.

*Some games feature a team that absolutely HAS to win vs. a team that has literally nothing at stake at all. How many points is that worth? Sometimes it’s a few touchdowns. Sometimes it’s hardly any. Sometimes that pressure is a NEGATIVE that causes a team to play well below its norms.

*Some games feature two teams who have absolutely nothing…

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How Sharps are Betting Friday and Saturday Bowls

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! We have a very busy bowl schedule Friday (3 games) and Saturday (5 games). Let’s jump right in. Games are presented in Nevada rotation order so you can make notes in your schedule.




Support here for both Louisiana Tech and the Under. The favorite from Conference USA opened at -5, and was bet up to -6. Some stores have tested -6.5. This isn’t a game that’s likely to be highly bet by the public because it starts early in the day in Las…

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Network Notebook: St. Petersburg Bowl Preview

It’s not a pure home game for Central Florida when they take on North Carolina State Friday Night at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg. But, it might as well be given the limited travel, and the fact that UCF should have much larger fan representation in the stands.

Will NC State of the Atlantic Coast Conference use that as a rallying cry as they try to score a small upset over the American Conference co-champs? Teams need to find a point of focus in these early minor bowls. And, BOTH St. Petersburg bowl entrants are in letdown spots off their regular…

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Merry Christmas From Jim Hurley



Here’s a little message from Santa Claus to the likes of the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Tennessee Titans ... Okay, so you got the proverbial lump of coal in your Christmas stocking all year long but maybe next year you’ll get off the “naughty list” and onto the “nice list” with the expected additions of quarterbacks Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston - either team should be happy drafting either one of these Heisman Trophy-winning signal-callers.


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Network Notebook: Early Look…Rutgers/N. Carolina

With no football on the Christmas calendar this year, we’re going to speed ahead to Friday’s Quick Lane Bowl featuring Rutgers and North Carolina. That game serves as the official “green light” to major conference football…as it’s the first bowl of the 2014-15 slate matching two teams from Power 5 conferences!

Only three non-mid majors played before Christmas…Utah of the Pac 12 in the Las Vegas Bowl, and independents Brigham Young in the Miami Beach Bowl and Navy in the Poinsettia Bowl. (Illinois of the Big 10 kicks Friday off very early against Louisiana Tech). Now, the big boys are about…

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Merry Christmas!



A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our devoted Jim Sez fans ... now let’s go ahead and rock your day with plenty of great NBA/NCAA Football/NFL action. Hey, what would Christmas Day be without a full slate of NBA action and so let’s check in on the Five (5) games on the hardwood scheduled for Dec. 25th (note all records below are thru Monday’s games):


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Network Notebook: Hawaii Bowl Preview…Rice/Fresno State

Twas the Night Before Christmas, and on your TV…Rice/Fresno State was the only game to see!

Hey, if it’s on TV, you’re going to be looking for a winner even if the major conferences are waiting until after the holiday before sending their teams into battle. Neither Rice nor Fresno State managed to win their respective mid-major conferences. Fresno State lost in the Mountain West Championship game to Boise State on the fabled blue turf. Rice finished behind Louisiana Tech in the CUSA West.

But, this is still projected to be one of the most entertaining early games. We have a Las…

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Network Notebook: Boca Raton Bowl Preview…Marshall/N-Illinois

The Thundering Herd of Marshall would probably be playing in a top tier bowl as a highly rated “mid-major” had they not last an overtime heartbreaker to Western Kentucky over Thanksgiving Weekend. That was the only blemish on their 12-1 card. Given their computer ratings, a 13-0 sweep would have pushed them into the limelight.

Boise State ended up as the top mid-major, which earned them a Fiesta Bowl berth against Arizona. Marshall has to settle for Mid-American champion Northern Illinois in the Boca Raton Bowl. Big difference! Marshall/Northern Illinois isn’t even the featured prime time game…as it will set the…

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Wayne Root: Do Pointspreads Even Matter in College Bowls?

Longtime gamblers have heard this truism many times when it comes to college football bowl games. Pick the straight up winner, and you’re probably going to have the pointspread winner as well.

That’s already 5-0 so far after the first weekend of bowl action. And, it’s not like the lines have even been close to the final scores! On Saturday…

*Louisiana Lafayette beat the closing number by 15 points

*Utah State beat the closing number by 5 points as a big favorite

*Utah beat the closing number by 32 points

*Air Force beat the closing number by 16 points

*Bowling Green beat the closing number by…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Reviewing Early Bowl Action

The five college football bowl games played this past Saturday were a reminder of how difficult it’s going to be for many handicappers to find true value in the coming days. Yes, you’ll be able to pick your spots here and there with specific games that offer HUGE betting value. But, raw talent and consistency just aren’t there for many bowl teams this season.

The first thing that jumps out of the boxscores is a topic I’ve been discussing a lot in recent weeks for both the colleges and the NFL. Poor quarterback play! This is usually a position loaded with…

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How Sharps are Betting Monday-Wednesday Bowls

We still have five bowl games left before Christmas. Let’s see how sharps have been betting the FIVE college football matchups that will take us up to Christmas Day…



BYU vs. MEMPHIS (2 p.m. ET Monday on ESPN)

An opener of pick-em has been bet up to Memphis -2. The Tigers received a lot of respect from the Wise Guys all season, particularly during an early and midseason stretch where they were money almost every time out. The money did stop at two though. It’s probably not going past that between now and a daytime kick-off. BYU money would definitely…

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NFL Week 16 Wrap-up, Plus Bowl Previews


It’s safe to say that America at large owes the Seattle Seahawks (11-4) an apology:

After all, it was back on Oct. 19th when the defending Super Bowl champions stood at 3-3 SU (straight-up) and with one hellacious post-Super Bowl “hangover” – just about every single TV talking head and scribe was kicking dirt on Seattle and telling anyone that would listen that there would be…

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Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Broncos/Bengals

ESPN really lucked out here. Their final Monday Night telecast of the 2014 season features a possible playoff preview when the AFC West leading Denver Broncos visit the AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals. There are a variety of ways these teams could meet in the playoffs. And, both are clearly on the short list, along with the New England Patriots, as serious Super Bowl contenders.


*Denver really hasn’t been in great form recently, particularly on the road. Even when they win and cover, they don’t look like themselves. When did they become a smash mouth team that runs all the time?…

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Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Seahawks/Cards

NBC didn’t have to flex its muscles with its “flex schedule” this week…as Seattle/Arizona turned out to be the biggest game of the day! Who would have imagined that before the season started. Sure, Arizona had a chance to be a contender. Nobody had them as the #1 seed in the NFC with only two games left on the schedule.

To say this is one of the most important games of the year in the NFC is an understatement. First place is at stake in the NFC West…which means a home game and a first round bye (both Arizona and Seattle…

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Wayne Root: Colts/Cowboys Clash is HUGE Sunday in the NFL

If the playoffs started today, the Dallas Cowboys would be a #3 seed in the NFC and would be hosting a Wildcard game. But, if the Cowboys lose to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday afternoon in a game that most of the country will be watching on CBS, they could end up falling all the way out of the playoffs!

Dallas currently has a one-game lead over the Philadelphia Eagles at the top of the NFC East. That’s thanks to their big win last Sunday Night in the City of Brotherly Love. But, they don’t hold a tie-breaker over the Eagles because…

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NFL Week 16




There’s been a whole lot of chatter this year regarding three specific NFL divisions in particular - the woe-be-gone NFC South, the top-heavy NFC West and the all-at-.500-or-better AFC North.Somehow it feels nationally as if the NFC North has gotten lost in the sauce.

Okay, so we’ll fix that right with a couple of NFL Week 16 game previews in just a sec but - of…

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Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Chargers/49ers

Up until midseason, Saturday Night’s scheduled NFL showdown between the San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers was shaping up as a real doozy. Both were playoff contenders in 2014. San Francisco had played in the last three NFC Championship games while San Diego was an up-and-comer that gave Denver all it could handle last January. This would surely be a huge matchup with playoff implications that might also involve a Super Bowl sleeper.


San Francisco was eliminated from playoff contention with a loss in Seattle last week (their third straight loss). But, they hadn’t looked like a…

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How Sharps are Betting NFL Week 16

Back to talk about the rest of this week’s NFL, after sharps are off to a good start with their support for Jacksonville and the Under Thursday Night. Remember that there are two games Saturday this week…the only Saturday NFL games of the 2014 season. I’ll present those and the rest of the card in official Nevada rotation order…even though there’s been a time change in Saturday’s kicks. I do this every week so you can make notes in your handy schedules. We begin Saturday Night…

SAN DIEGO AT SAN FRANCISCO (Saturday Night): An opener of San Francisco -2.5 was inviting…

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5 Saturday Bowl Previews

Hey, don’t ever sell the end-of-season guys short in the NFL. Okay, so the schedule-makers drew up a so-what Tennessee vs. Jacksonville game last night for your “viewing pleasure” (and Jim Hurley won both the side and total!) but rest assured there are 13 games (out of 15 games) being played here in NFL Week 16 that do indeed have playoff implications the Week 17 menu might just bring us a batch of doozies too ... so time…

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Network Notebook: Early Look…Las Vegas Bowl

It’s not exactly a game you’d put in neon lights on the strip, but this year’s Las Vegas Bowl matching Utah and Colorado State is shaping up as the best of the pre-Christmas matchups. That’s true if you look at respected Power Ratings, the won-lost records, and the talent on the field.

As is often the case in bowls, one team will be playing for an “interim” head coach. Colorado State’s previous head man Jim McElwain was just hired to take over the Florida program. His experience as an assistant at Alabama prepared him for that role. The interim coach in…

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How Sharps are Betting Thursday NFL and Saturday Bowls

This is our first of two reports this week. I’ll look right now at the Thursday Night NFL game matching the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars first, followed by all five of Saturday’s college football bowl games. The bowl season is finally here! I’ll be back with you Friday afternoon to look at the two Saturday Night NFL games, the full Sunday card, plus that great Monday Nighter between Denver and Cincinnati.

We start with the ugliest game of the week…but one that’s been showing sharp interest in recent hours…


TENNESSEE VS. JACKSONVILLE (8:25 p.m. ET on the NFL Network): Jacksonville opened…

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Thursday/Saturday NFL plus Early Jan 1 Bowl Previews


Editor’s Note:The NFL Week 16 card is chock full of monster matchups this Saturday/Sunday/Monday and we’ll touch on tonight’s Tennessee at Jacksonville tilt plus the two Saturday games right here in today’s column - we’ll have lots to say about the Sunday/Monday games in the next Jim Sez -- plus we’ll follow it up with a look at the Five (5) New Year’s Day/Night games. So, let’s go!


Tonight, it’sTENNESSEE (2-12) at JACKSONVILLE (2-12) - 8:25 p.m. ET,…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: What’s Happened to NFL Offenses?!

You may have noticed that the NFL has been cranking out UNDERS at an astonishing pace in recent action. Last Thursday’s game between Arizona and St. Louis didn’t have any touchdowns. Most of the early Sunday games stayed Under. ALL of the late afternoon Sunday games stayed Under. Then, the Monday Night game stayed Under even with a lot of garbage time scoring.

Even more amazing to me, all of that was happening in a week that had a lot of non-offensive touchdowns. There were punt return TDs, interception return TDs, even a blocked field goal return TD. Yet, games went…

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Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Titans/Jaguars

There’s good news and bad news when the Tennessee Titans visit the Jacksonville Jaguars Thursday Night in a game that will be nationally televised by the NFL Network. The bad news is that the #31 and #32 teams in the NFL by most respected Power Ratings will be polluting the airwaves in the final Thursday Night TV game of the season. The good news is that Sunday’s schedule will be so much better than usual because those teams aren’t playing!

You can watch the early Sunday games on the Red Zone channel or Direct TV without the Titans or Jaguars getting…

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Jim Sez for Wednesday, December 16


Folks, today and tomorrow our Jim Sez columns will get you quick-hitter comments regarding the 11 College Football Bowl games being played between December 30th thru January 1st including the College Football Playoff (CFP) tilts between #2 Oregon vs. #3 Florida State in the Rose Bowl and #1 Alabama vs. #4 Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl.And keep in mind we’ll hit the “re-wind button” and get you more in-depth College Bowl write-ups as we head into all the individual games and so that means…

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Network Notebook: Early Look…New Mexico Bowl

You’ll often hear a bunch of old-time handicappers say something like “you should always take double digit underdogs in bowl games.” Well, what happens when there are hardly any double digit lines! Utah State, who will be facing Texas-El Paso Saturday afternoon in the New Mexico Bowl, is currently one of just THREE double digit favorites in the 2014-15 college postseason.


Current Lines

Utah State is -10.5 vs. UTEP in the New Mexico Bowl

Marshall is -10 vs. Northern Illinois in the Boca Raton Bowl

Stanford is -14 over Maryland in the Foster Farms Bowl (in Santa Clara)

That’s it! And, it’s possible that only…

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Network Notebook: Early Look…New Orleans Bowl

We begin our 2014-15 college football bowl previews in the Big Easy as this Saturday’s New Orleans Bowl between Nevada and Louisiana Lafayette gets the parade started. Tomorrow will take a look at the New Mexico Bowl, with the Las Vegas Bowl preview running later in the week.

We won’t be able to cover each and every game because important NFL action will still be very much in the mix. But, you will definitely get a big taste of the bowl experience on these pages from now through the National Championship game in January.

Our standard indicator stats from JIM HURLEY will…

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Johnny Football Was Awful, But He Will Figure Things Out Sooner Than Later

NBA’s Warriors Are Bettors’ Meal Ticket Standing 21-2 SU, 16-6-1 ATS

Patriots (11-3), Colts (10-4), Broncos (11-3) Win NFL Divisional Titles But Chase Far From Over

50-Unit College Blowout Team Has 90% Chance To Win Tuesday Night

Redskins Could Improve Dramatically Over Night If They Would Fire Their Inept 1st Year Coach

Yes, Johnny Football Was Awful, But He Will Figure Things Out Sooner Than Later

By Kelso Sturgeon

If you’re handicapping is going bad and you can’t seem to turn it around, don’t sweat it. The gods of betting have sent you a meal ticket by the name of the Golden State…

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Wayne Root: Finding Bowl Shockers in College Football

With the college football bowl slate upon us, it’s time for THE KING OF UPSETS to talk to you about how to find shockers and stunners in the postseason. I want to state up front that it’s going to be harder to find a lot of truly big upsets this year because so many games are evenly matched! WAYNE ALLYN ROOT has more documented upset calls than any other handicapper in history. But, I didn’t make my name by asking 1-point or 2-point underdogs to win outright. A lot of these early bowls have pointspreads that small!

So, today, I’m going…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping the Early Bowls

The college football bowl slate begins this coming Saturday with FIVE games that will gobble up more than 12 hours of your viewing/study time. Best to start getting ready NOW because the schedule will get very busy once things get going. Games will run nightly next week except for Christmas. And, then it gets busier!

Today I’m going to talk about handicapping the early bowl slate. We’ll have time next week to talk more about higher profile games. And, then right before New Year’s we can talk about the real showcase games that involve the national powers. I’m very excited to…

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NFL Week 15 Wrap Up


Face it …There were occasions this 2014 NFL season in which the New England Patriots, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos didn’t exactly resemble world–beaters but here we are two weeks from the “finish line” of the regular season and all of the above come off division title–clinching wins this past weekend.

Okay, so maybe…

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Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Saints/Bears

Watching Monday Night’s New Orleans Saints/Chicago Bears matchup on ESPN could end up being like watching a train wreck featuring two trains who have already wrecked! Both teams have played so far below expectations in recent weeks that it’s hard to know what to make of it. New Orleans is supposed to have one of the biggest home field advantage in all of sports, but they’re not even playing well at home let alone winning. Chicago had an offensive coordinator crying to his players this week because he threw them under the bus in media interviews. There’s no crying in…

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Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Cowboys/Eagles

The Dallas Cowboys played their worst game of the season on Thanksgiving Day at home against the Philadelphia Eagles. With first place at stake in front of a huge TV audience, the Cowboys were crushed!

But, they had a huge excuse, at least in their own minds. They had just played Sunday Night on the road against the New York Giants, and then had to come back to play Thursday against the Eagles. “UNFAIR!” they shouted, even though the Eagles only had a few hours head start with a day game at home.

Now the Cowboys can make their case. Did the…

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Wayne Root: NFL Full of Surprises, and It Will Continue!

Many NFL pundits were scratching their heads at all the upset last week in pro football. It’s not just that some underdogs were covering spreads. That happens all the time. And, I’m not talking about “flat” spots on the schedule where a favorite was caught napping. I’m talking about home favorites who needed to play well…getting outclassed in situations where they should at least have been competitive.

Quick examples:

*Miami (-3) was bulled by Baltimore 28-13. The Ravens won total yardage by almost 200! Any stat you could pick was dominated by Baltimore even though it was a must-have game for the…

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NFL Week 15 Report

Sure, everyone in and around the National Football League is hyped up regarding all the divisional/wild card races but what about those five teams that are sitting there with identical 2-11 records?

The New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers all have their opportunities to “tank” the last three weeks of regular-season play and keep fingers crossed for that numero uno pick in next spring’s NFL Draft - so that’s the other side of the coin in the league these days and ask us right now and we think the Jets vs. Titans loser in…

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Network Notebook: Hoops TV Preview…N. Carolina/Kentucky

The Kentucky Wildcats received very bad news late this week when it was learned that junior Alex Poythress had suffered a torn ACL and would be out for the season. His experience was a stabilizing force on a young team (Kentucky always has a young team!). But, there’s no time to dwell on the news because North Carolina is in Lexington Saturday to play one of the mostly highly anticipated college basketball games of the young season.

To the degree there’s a silver lining, Kentucky is so deep that they can absorb the impact of the injury with relative ease. Poythress…

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How Sharps are Betting NFL Week 15

Still no touchdowns scored this week in the NFL, as Thursday Night’s game between Arizona and St. Louis turned out to be a battle of field goals. There should definitely be some excitement Sunday with matchups like Green Bay/Buffalo, Miami/New England, Denver/San Diego, and Dallas/Philadelphia. Let’s see how sharps (professional wagerers) have been betting Week 15 of the NFL season. Games are presented in Nevada rotation order so you can make notes in your schedules.

OAKLAND AT KANSAS CITY: An opener of Kansas City -12 was bet down to -10. I’ve mentioned recently that sharps have fallen out of love with…

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Army-Navy weekend Plus NFL Previews

It’s been all about the “next man up” philosophy for the 2014 Arizona Cardinals - and last night’s TD-free 12-6 road win against the 6-point home favorite St. Louis Rams was just the latest case as QB Ryan Lindley had to step in for an injured QB Drew Stanton.

Starting to get the feel that the Cardinals may use more quarterbacks than some NFL teams have wins this year?

In any event, Arizona’s proud defense - one that’s now allowed fewer than 20 points in a game nine times this year - answered the bell on this NFL Week 15 lid-lifter and…

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Network Notebook: Early Look…Army/Navy

They should probably start calling it the Navy/Army game given the Midshipmen’s dominance in the current era of this classic college football rivalry. It’s gotten to the point that you know Navy is going to win straight up. All that’s left to determine is whether or not Army can hang tough and make it interesting.

The Black Knights have done just that in two of the last three seasons…

2013: Navy (-14) beat Army 34-7

2012: Army (+6) covered in a 17-13 loss

2011: Army (+7) covered in a 27-21 loss

You’ll note though that Army could stay close when the market perceived them as…

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How Sharps are Betting Cards/Rams and Army/Navy

Only two early football games this week before the full NFL schedule Sunday and Monday. So, I’ll cover both of those games here in our regularly scheduled Thursday report. I’ll also have some room today to discuss early season college basketball. I’ll be back Friday for the regular expanded NFL rundown. Before you know it…the college football bowls will be here and will have a very active schedule over the last 10 days of December.

For now, we have two games to discuss…

ARIZONA AT ST. LOUIS (8:25 p.m. ET Thursday on NFL Network): An opener of St. Louis -2.5 was hit…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Who Can Make Plays in December?

You longtime readers know that I emphasize PLAYMAKERS and GAMEBREAKERS in my handicapping process. The results of last weekend in the NFL provided a very clear reminder to Las Vegas bettors that it’s important to know who can and who can’t make plays in December.

I want to be clear here. I’m not talking about the calendar per se. I’m talking about the dynamics that come into play in the final weeks of an NFL season. That means:



A lot of quarterbacks flunked the clutch test last week, and will probably continue to do so. The crowded playoff picture features a…

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Network Notebook: NFL TV Preview…Cardinals/Rams

This has to be one of the weirdest sports betting situations ever. At the beginning of Week 15 in the NFL, a #1 seed in the NFC is getting more than a field goal on the road against a non-contender. And, sharps were actually betting the game higher off the opener!

What would cause such a thing?

*First, #1 seed Arizona is seen as a pretender. Well, a shorthanded pretender at that. They’re using a backup quarterback who seems to be in over his head. So, the market isn’t treating the Cardinals the way they would a more classic #1 seed like…

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Notes on Early College Bowls and NFL Week 15


Okay, so in yesterday’s edition of Jim Sez we informed you good folks that College Football Betting Favorites – through some 700–plus on–the–board games this year while entering this Saturday’s Army–Navy game – have won just 48.4 percent of the time and we let you know that’s a little sub–par for chalk sides as the Favs. vs Dogs usually is right around the 50 percent mark for both categories.

But what about the guys in the league where they…

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Network Notebook: TV Hoops Preview…Kansas/Georgetown

The Kansas Jayhawks entered the season as a Final Four contender that was seen as the clear favorite to win the respected Big 12 conference. But, after a stunning 72-40 thrashing at the hands of Kentucky, the Jayhawks are barely in the top AP top 10…and are now seen as worse than Texas in their own league.

Luckily, there’s plenty of time to do something about that. And a national TV game against Georgetown Wednesday night will give pollsters another look at the Jayhawks. It’s not a battle of ranked teams because the Hoyas are currently #28 in the voting. This…

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Bills' Dareus and Gilmore to miss season finale

Orchard Park, NY (SportsNetwork.com) - Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus and cornerback Stephon Gilmore were downgraded from doubtful to out on the team's injury report for Sunday's Week 17 game at New England.

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NFL hands out fines for Giants-Rams skirmish

New York, NY (SportsNetwork.com) - Five players received fines from the NFL for taking part in a sideline brawl during last week's game between the New York Giants and St. Louis Rams at the Edward Jones Dome.

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Cards take QB woes to Santa Clara in potential Harbaugh swan song

(SportsNetwork.com) - In winning nine of their first 10 games, the Arizona Cardinals seemed well on their way to their first division title since 2009.

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Ravens make final playoff push, host Browns

(SportsNetwork.com) - Baltimore quarterback Joe Flacco didn't hide his frustration after the Ravens' disappointing loss last weekend.

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South Carolina tops Miami-Florida in Independence Bowl

Shreveport, LA (SportsNetwork.com) - Dylan Thompson scored the decisive touchdown on a quarterback keeper after a Duke Johnson fumble, as South Carolina edged Miami-Florida 24-21 in Saturday's Independence Bowl.

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Stricken father of EWU All-American dies

Cheney, WA (SportsNetwork.com) - The parent of an Eastern Washington University player who suffered a medical emergency in the stands during a recent playoff game died Saturday.

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Arizona State escapes with Sun Bowl win over Duke

El Paso, TX (SportsNetwork.com) - Demario Richard posted four touchdowns and Kweishi Brown came up with a key late interception, and No. 15 Arizona State held on to take out Duke, 36-31, in the Sun Bowl.

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Bulldogs and Yellow Jackets square off in Orange Bowl

Miami Gardens, FL (SportsNetwork.com) - A top-10 matchup takes place in the 2014 Orange Bowl, as No. 8 Mississippi State battles No. 10 Georgia Tech at Sun Life Stadium on New Year's Eve.

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Wells helps No. 15 Maryland beat Oakland

College Park, MD (SportsNetwork.com) - Dez Wells played for the first time in over a month and scored all 10 of his points in the second half, helping No. 15 Maryland hold off Oakland for a 72-56 win on Saturday.

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Top-25 College Basketball Game Capsules

Louisville, KY (SportsNetwork.com) - Tyler Ulis poured in 14 points as top- ranked Kentucky dispatched No. 4 Louisville for the third straight time, a 58-50 result on Saturday. Karl-Anthony Towns chipped in 10 with nine rebounds for the Wildcats (13-0), who used a late second-half surge to remain unbeaten. Terry Rozier compiled 15 points and eight boards for the Cardinals (11-1), who were limited to less than 26 percent shooting. Chris Jones and Wayne Blackshear picked up 13 and 10 points, respectively, in defeat.

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Paige, No. 20 UNC cruise to win over UAB

Chapel Hill, NC (SportsNetwork.com) - Marcus Paige scored 16 points to lead all scorers and help No. 20 North Carolina beat UAB, 89-58, on Saturday.

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Raiders come calling on 21st-ranked Buckeyes

Columbus, OH (SportsNetwork.com) - The 21st-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes put the wraps on the non-conference portion of their regular-season schedule, as they play host to the Wright State Raiders on Saturday evening.

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Lowry, Raptors take down Clippers

Los Angeles, CA (SportsNetwork.com) - Kyle Lowry had 25 points, seven assists and three steals as the Toronto Raptors defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 110-98 on Saturday afternoon.

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National Basketball Association Game Capsules

Los Angeles, CA (SportsNetwork.com) - Kyle Lowry had 25 points, seven assists and three steals as the Toronto Raptors defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 110-98 on Saturday afternoon. Jonas Valanciunas posted 22 points and 11 rebounds while Amir Johnson snatched 12 boards for the Raptors, who have won seven of their last eight games. J.J. Redick netted 23 points, Blake Griffin added 22 points, six rebounds and five assists and DeAndre Jordan pulled down 20 boards for Los Angeles, which has dropped four of its last six games.

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Warriors return home to face Timberwolves

(SportsNetwork.com) - The Golden State Warriors came up empty in their tour through Los Angeles and are back home for the next six games, starting with Saturday's matchup with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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Clippers set for challenge versus Raptors

(SportsNetwork.com) - The Los Angeles Clippers will try for a second consecutive win to open a nine-game homestand on Saturday afternoon, but they'll face a stiff challenge from the Eastern Conference-leading Toronto Raptors.

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Report: Kuroda to pitch in Japan in 2015

(SportsNetwork.com) - Free agent pitcher Hiroki Kuroda will return to his native Japan and play for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp for the 2015 season, according to a report by Yahoo! Japan.

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Nationals ink Uggla, Bell to minor league deals

Washington, DC (SportsNetwork.com) - The Washington Nationals agreed to minor league contracts with former All-Stars Dan Uggla and Heath Bell, the team announced Friday.

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Nationals ink Uggla to minor league deal

Washington, DC (SportsNetwork.com) - The Washington Nationals and second baseman Dan Uggla agreed to a minor league deal with an invitation to major league spring training on Friday.

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Braves come to terms with RHP Grilli

Atlanta, GA (SportsNetwork.com) - The Atlanta Braves have come to terms with right-handed pitcher Jason Grilli on a two-year contract with a club option for 2017.

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