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Kelso 200 Unit College Hoops Blowout of the Year
Kelso is back in action Saturday with his 200-unit College Basketball Blowout Game of the Year and is predicting a 20-25-point win with this modest favorite. Get all the cash with this one and build that bankroll in a big way for Sunday’s Super Bowl – Kelso Sturgeon
Jim Hurley College Basketball Game of the Month
Jim Hurley’s College Game of the Month Sets UpSUPERBOWL WARM UP SATURDAY!GREAT winners slip under Vegas’s radar! – Jim Hurley
Kelso 100 Unit NBA Game of the Month
It has been several weeks since I have seen a Friday night NBA card loaded with so many opportunities to win a bet. Of the nine games scheduled, one can find the edges to win seven of them and among the 18 teams in action one stands out as a dominating knockout winner. – Kelso Sturgeon
Network Super Bowl Plus 6 Days of Hot Hoops
Overall I am 19-4 in the Super Bowl - 82.6%!!! - I’m 10-1 in side/totals last six - 90.9%!!!--- YOU MUST PLAY MY SUPER BOWL! --- Plus 6 Days of Hot Hoops – Jim Hurley
Wayne Root Slam Dunk Club
THERE’S PLENTY OF MONEY TO BE MADE IN EARLY-SEASON HOOPSFor professional handicappers like myself, the NBA and college basketball tips off at the perfect time. The football season is kicking into high gear and I’m rounding into peak form. – Wayne Root
The Richie B Basketball Clinic
THE RICHIE B 8-WEEK BASKETBALL CLINICLearn how Vegas sharps make more money on HOOPS than football...and how YOU can cash in on their secrets and make record profits in the next 8 weeks!BONUSES: Super Bowl XLIX & College Conference Tournaments – Richie Baccellieri
Kelso NC at Louisville Highlights 4-0 Saturday
I am releasing this game as my top play at the 15-unit level and you can win it, plus get three additional 10-unit best bets for just $15 – Kelso Sturgeon
Tony Salinas Hoop-er Bowl Saturday Round Robin
You can count on his ROUND ROBIN SATURDAY HOOPS PLAYS CASHING AT SUPER ODDS. Play what Tony Plays. Win What Tony Wins on this Multiple Play Day. – Tony Salinas
Root Super Bowl and Super Basketball
From the Promise Keeper Wayne Allyn Root! "I Promise you the Money of your Life in just 9 days!" - SUPER BOWL + SUPER BASKETBALL! – Wayne Root
The Root Trust Basketball
Saturday I cash in my biggest bets on Vegas’ worst lines!5 ROOT TRUST Bankroll Builders for Sunday’s Big Game! – Wayne Root
Kelso Super Bowl Week Spectacular
Kelso Chairmans Club Basketball
Network All Day Saturday TV Basketball
We’re Prophets who get the Profits.Let a 4-0 basketball day boost your Super Bowl bankroll.$25 for all-day TV College Hoops action – Jim Hurley

The Vegas Sports Masters


Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso Sturgeon is not a shadow or a mirage. I am a real person, a man who has been handicapping football for more than 4 decades, and I bring to the table a set of credentials you can't find anywhere else in this business.

And so there is no misunderstanding, Kelso Sturgeon is my real name and I make my home in Las Vegas, the betting capital of the world.

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Wayne Root

Wayne Allyn Root is the only man to create a multi-million dollar empire out of nothing but picking winners! Long-time host of his own shows on Fox and USA Network, he has been celebrated in the business press and by all the TV pundits. He set the record for most outright upset winners in football in three different seasons and has enjoyed another winning and profitable basketball season. Wayne is the only oddsmaker/handicapper with his own Star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

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Jim Hurley

JIM HURLEY is the founder and president of the most unusual organization in sports wagering.

Created as a small handicapping service back in 1985, Jim's NETWORK has evolved into a nationwide TASK FORCE of, handicappers, scouts, number crunchers, draftniks and former pro players who study and analyze every team and every game to develop BETTER information, make SMARTER picks and win MORE money!

In simple words, Jim's system approach to handicapping picks more winners and makes more money for their customers. And they are able to do this not because they are a one-man band, but because of the "TEAM" approach that utilizes a huge information gathering system to fine tune every selection.

But because they truly are a "Network" and cover the colleges and pros wall-to-wall, they know what's going on inside the locker rooms and dugouts. They know who's hot, who's hurt and who's ready to kick butt. NETWORK’s computer department analyzes upcoming matchups like it was the Dow Jones. They dig beneath surface factors to find out how two teams really compare. Who needs it more? Who's tapped out? Who's out for revenge? NETWORK finds those answers.

So when they run NETWORK'S number up against Vegas', we can immediately spot whether a game is off, and how much, and just cherrypick the contests that are giving us the most points

That's why JIM has racked up twentyone consecutive money making season for his customers.

Now what about YOU? Wouldn't you like to know who the big winners are going to be this week? NETWORK can tell you. Want to make money off that knowledge? Jim's NETWORK can help you there, too.

Want the best shot at the most money? There are dozens of ways to get you there, no matter what your wagering patterns or budget. So, why not get started NOW!

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Richie Baccellieri

In case you don't know me, for years people in Vegas knew Richie B as a kind of linesmaker's linesmaker - a kind of numerical purist who, when every other sports book in Vegas was posting Ohio State (-7) over Texas, I was saying... "NO! It ought to be Ohio State (-8)!"

I took a position. I didn't just put up a "betting middle" where I could draw even betting action from both sides. Instead - if I really felt the Buckeyes were stronger than generally thought - I'd put up (-8) or even (-9) and dare the bettors, "Come and get me! Prove me wrong!"

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Tony Salinas

Tony Salinas arrived in Las Vegas over two decades ago fresh from the family ranch in Texas, looking for the next winning thing. After all, he'd always been a winner back home... captain of the football team, State Champion tennis player, point guard for the district-winning basketball team, and Texas Calf Roping Champion in both high school & College.


Tony was an immediate hit, winning the $85,000 Castaways Challenge of 1980, and has never looked back. Tony is the proud winner of over a dozen handicapping contests, including two years ago when he beat out 226 other rivals to take the title in the $135,000 Hilton Superbook Handicapping Championship.

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Jim Feist

Jim Feist for decades has been the leader in the sports wagering information field. Beginning in the 1970s Jim has been ahead of the curve with Proline, the longest running sports football handicapping show on USA Cable Network and the Internet. Also, National Sports Services, utilizing the first telephone line services (Jim Feist’s Personal Line Service), former publisher of the Official Nevada Rotation, creator of Sports Tracker, Internet Web Sites (Jim Feist.com; DonBest.com)

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SportsMasters Consensus

In the world of Handicapping, the average bettor is up against a well financed, information-rich, experienced Casino Sportsbooks and Linesmakers.

Five professional handicappers have stepped forward to beat the line. If getting one strong man to help you win a fight, surely finding six is a dream come true. Isn't it time you learned more about the Vegas Sports Masters?

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Blog Headlines

Network Notebook: Seattle Money Hits the Board

The big news in the legal betting markets over Super Bowl weekend is that Seattle money finally started hitting the board Saturday morning. Though the influx of tourists did bring in square bettors preferring the Patriots…a mix of square and sharp money on Seattle caused many Vegas sportsbooks to drop their lines to pick-em before lunchtime Saturday.

*Sharps who had been waiting to see what “the best they could get” was destined to be…decided that +2 or better wasn’t going to be in the cards. The sharks were all waiting for the same bite!

*Though New England is more of a public…

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Network Notebook: Super Bowl Stat Preview

We wrap up our weeklong look at important statistics in Sunday’s Super Bowl featuring the AFC Champion New England Patriots and the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks with a review of the key indicators that have worked out so well for us this season. They encapsulate our prior coverage in very clear fashion…and outline the fundamentals handicappers must consider when evaluating the matchup.

Here we go…you’ve been reading these categories all season…don’t forget them now!


Won-Lost Records (Strength of Schedule)

Seattle: 12-4 (#12 schedule in USA Today)

N. England: 12-4 (#9 schedule in USA Today)

Virtually identical regular season performances. New England played the slightly tougher…

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VSM Exclusive Preview: #4 Duke at #2 Virginia Saturday Night on ESPN

It’s one of the biggest oddities in college basketball right now. The Duke Blue Devils are #4 in the nation but #6 in the ACC standings heading into Saturday night’s huge nationally televised visit to #2 Virginia. Of course, those rankings came out before Duke lost this past Wednesday night at Notre Dame. Still…that was their THIRD loss in league play…and they may be looking at a fourth ACC loss in this huge TV tilt.

So…which is it? Is Duke still a legitimate threat to earn a #1 seed in the Big Dance? Or, are they in danger of not earning…

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VSM Exclusive Preview: #13 N. Carolina at #10 Louisville Saturday on ESPN

Three weeks ago, Louisville had a seemingly comfortable second half lead at North Carolina…then utterly fell apart. North Carolina exited the floor with a 72-71 victory. During the postgame handshakes, Louisville coach Rick Pitino’s face expressed the utter shock that comes from watching a sure win turn into a bitter defeat.

The Cardinals had a chance to atone for that the following Saturday at home against Duke. They laid an enormous egg! Louisville lost 63-52 as favorites in a game that didn’t even feel that close. And, this is the same Duke team that lost to Notre Dame, Miami, and NC…

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Richie Baccellieri: How Sharps are Betting the Super Bowl

Even though the Super Bowl lines have been up in Las Vegas for several days, there’s a lingering suspicion that a lot of smart money will hit the board this weekend. Sharps who prefer New England bet very early in the process, sensing that public sentiment was going to be on the Patriots. Sharps preferring Seattle have taken some early positions, but are still hoping to see something better if there’s a game day surge from squares on Tom Brady.

Remember…tourists will just start arriving in Las Vegas Friday night for the big sports weekend. If early betting is any indication…

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Super Bowk XLIX Preview

Just think about it ...Super Bowl XLIX is pitting the last team to repeat as champions (the New England Patriots, 2003-04) against the defending SB champions (the Seattle Seahawks) and the good folks in Las Vegas are basically telling you to go ahead and tell them who's gonna win.

The game is Pick 'Em in many venues; the Patriots are favored by a single point in some other joints we've checked with and so there's no mumbo-jumbo talk from your buddies or the so-called media…

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Network Notebook: Super Bowl Evaluation…Patriots’ Defense

If it’s true that “defense wins championships,” then there’s no reason to even play Sunday’s Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks have the best defense in the NFL. They won the Super Bowl last year. They’ll win again this year if all it takes is mastery on defense.

But, the world is usually more complicated than that…particularly when you have a Hall-of-Fame quarterback on the other side of the ball trying to cement his legacy as the best ever. How perfect would it be for Tom Brady supporters if he does what Peyton Manning couldn’t do? And, if Brady is able to…

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Wayne Root: Will There be a Super Bowl SHOCKER?!

The line is so close to pick-em this Sunday in the Super Bowl matchup featuring the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots, that there’s no chance for a “shocker” in terms of the straight up winner. But, as we saw exactly one year ago…there can definitely be shocking margins posted in games that were supposed to be toss-ups.

Seattle was an underdog of +1.5 points at kickoff. Yet…

*Seattle led 8-0 after the first quarter

*Seattle led 22-0 at halftime (and it wasn’t that close!)

*Seattle led 36-8 entering the fourth quarter

*Seattle won 43-8

Yes…the underdog won every single quarter…on the way to a…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Key Super Bowl Questions for Handicappers

Earlier this week I assigned you some homework regarding past Super Bowls. Now, it’s time for you regular students in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping to think more specifically about this Sunday’s game between the AFC champion New England Patriots and the NFC champion Seattle Seahawks.

I can’t tell you who I’m picking here in the coursework. That wouldn’t be fair to my paying customers. I can outline the questions I’ve been answering myself as I’ve worked through the process of finalizing my Sunday slate.


*Will we have a “grinder,” or a “shootout?”

I think this particular issue will go…

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Network Notebook: Super Bowl Evaluation…Patriots’ Offense

There’s been way too much talk this week about deflated balls, and not enough about the true strengths and weaknesses of the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks heading into this Sunday’s Super Bowl. But, today’s our day to talk about the New England OFFENSE in our weeklong series of statistical preparation. So, let’s hit the topic head on.

The New England Patriots don’t avoid turnovers because they deflate footballs amidst a pass-happy attack that sees their quarterback and receivers having great grip. They avoid turnovers amidst a conservative attack that’s always emphasized turnover avoidance…and…then…they might also sway the percentages a…

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Tony Salinas: Seahawks Alive Because McCarthy is Bonehead of the Year!

I’ve seen a lot of boneheaded moves this season in both college and pro football. But, it’s amazing to me that this Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots was made possible by BONEHEAD OF THE YEAR Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy would be leading his Green Bay Packers into Sunday’s big game if he hadn’t made several poor decisions that allowed the Seahawks to rally and win the NFC Championship game. Green Bay blew a 16-0 halftime lead…and what was reported to be a 99% win scenario in the second half…because McCarthy was so timid with his…

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Network Notebook: Super Bowl Evaluation…Seahawks’ Defense

We continue our in-depth series on the Super Bowl today with a look at the DEFENSE of the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. Yesterday we studied their offense. We’ll devote Thursday and Friday to the same format for the AFC Champion New England Patriots. To pick the winner you need to understand the teams!

Yesterday, we saw that Seattle’s offense was productive and balanced. They can beat you in a variety of ways…with the most potent running attack in the league and a smart passing approach that picks its spots for big plays.

Last year’s Seattle defense was historically great. The league had…

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VSM Exclusive Preview: #4 Duke at #8 Notre Dame Wednesday on ESPN2

College basketball fans really HAVE to pay attention whenever the superpowers of the ACC are squaring off. That’s certainly the case Wednesday night when #4 Duke visits #8 Notre Dame in a game that will be nationally televised by ESPN2. We have a pair of top eight teams in the national rankings…which means we have a pair of Final Four contenders (the other powers to follow this year if you’re only a casual fan, Virginia, Louisville, and North Carolina).

The way both Duke and Notre Dame play…they have a tendency to hit their shots and look awesome…or miss their shots and…

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Richie Baccellieri: Betting Super Bowl Props

One of the main reasons Las Vegas sportsbooks make so much money during Super Bowl Week is because squares (the general public) loves betting on propositions, or “prop” bets. Squares usually take the worst of it on these plays…which means sportsbooks are locked into a profit before kickoff unless they’re heavily one-sided on the game and lose that side.


*Choices that offer odds, aren’t offering “true” odds. Let’s say you want to pick the player who scores the first touchdown…or who wins the MVP award. There are many possible choices to bet on…yet only one player can score that first TD…and…

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Network Notebook: Super Bowl Evaluation…Seahawks’ Offense

We begin a four-day series of previews with an in-depth statistical look at the NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks’ offense. We’ll be back with you tomorrow to study their defense. Then, we’ll take two days to cover the same ground for the AFC Champion New England Patriots. This week’s media barrage will be telling you all sorts of irrelevant things about this Sunday’s Super Bowl. We’re going to tell you what you need to pick a winner!

A lot to talk about today…so let’s jump right into the numbers…



375.8 yards-per-game (#9 in the NFL)

5.9 yards-per-play (#6 in the NFL)

Pace: Slow

Seattle’s defense…

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VSM Exclusive: Catching Up with the Big East

If you’re just now getting up to speed with college basketball, you really need to pay attention to what’s been happening in the Big East this season. Some previous powers have fallen off the map (like Creighton and Marquette). Some teams who were getting early season hype from the networks have turned out to be disappointments (like Seton Hall). And, the media’s love/hate relationship with Georgetown has been kicked up another notch because the Hoyas currently lead the league with a 6-2 conference record.



Georgetown 6-2

Villanova 5-2

Providence 5-2

Butler 5-3

DePaul 5-3

Xavier 4-4

Seton Hall 3-4

St. John’s 2-4

Marquette 2-5

Creighton 0-8

Isn’t DePaul supposed…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Super Bowl Preparation

The big game is now just days away. You hardworking students in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping have some homework you need to be attending to. Here are some ideas to get you started. I’ll be back again later in the week to talk more specifically about this coming matchup between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks.



Super Bowls are a unique animal. You can’t expect to handicap them using regular season principals, or even normal playoff principles. You have to take those principles and turn them up to 11. Review the boxscores and…

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Wayne Root: Atlanta Hawks’ ATS Streak Ends at FIFTEEN!

Before failing to cover Sunday evening against the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Atlanta Hawks had covered FIFTEEN straight NBA games! This was supposed to be impossible. The oddsmakers were too good. The markets too sharp. Lines always catch up very quickly…so don’t ever bet on streaks because you’ll just waste your time. Ha! The Atlanta Hawks went 15-0 ATS from December 27 to January 23.

I didn’t say anything about the Hawks streak as it was happening on these pages because I didn’t want to make it a major point of emphasis during the run. Let people ride it out while the…

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Jim Sez for Monday, January 26 …


Hey, Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, you know what they say …The first 1,000 wins are the hardest!

And so the beat goes on for Krzyzewski — a/k/a Coach K — who doesn’t seem to be anywhere near a coaching “finish line” and let’s just say Sunday’s gallant 77-68 come-from-behind win/cover against 7-point host underdog St. John’s has to rank among the most satisfying wins in a…

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Network Notebook: College Hoops Preview…Texas at Iowa State

The mainstream media, the computers, and handicappers everywhere are struggling to pin down the true level of ability in the Big 12. It can seem like a very deep conference of talented teams if you only look at the positives. It can seem like a group of overrated pretenders if you only look at the negatives. Head-to-head results are largely muddying the waters, with teams taking turns winning and losing.

Well, we know for sure that somebody is going to lose two in a row when the Texas Longhorns visit the Iowa State Cyclones Monday night on ESPN. Both teams lost…

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VSM Exclusive Preview: Syracuse at North Carolina Monday on ESPN

Heading into its Big Monday TV showdown with the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Syracuse Orange represent one of the biggest disappointments of the 2014-15 college basketball season. They’ve played nowhere near expectations…and have been particularly ugly on offense when they run into decent opposition. It’s not just bad basketball, it’s ugly basketball.

There’s still plenty of time to get the ship settled though. And, a slew of close victories over bad teams have helped prevent the won-lost record from collapse. If Syracuse gets things figured out, they’ll finish high enough in the ACC to get serious Dance consideration. They’d better…

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Network Notebook: NBA TV Preview…OKC at Cleveland

Before the season started, many considered a battle between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Cleveland Cavaliers as a likely matchup for the NBA Championships. The Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks are trying to make everyone forget that. But, nobody’s going to forget the days on the schedule where Kevin Durant and LeBron James go head-to-head. The most it can happen is twice-a-season if they’re both healthy.

Both are healthy!

And, both the Thunder and Cavaliers are recently showing playoff form now that their lineups are where they want. Durant and Russell Westbrook have been back in the flow for several…

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VSM Exclusive Preview: Duke at St. John’s Sunday on FOX

Duke’s annual midseason pilgrimage to the Mecca of basketball occurs Sunday when the Blue Devils face St. John’s in Madison Square Garden in a game you can watch on FOX. Duke loves playing in New York because it helps recruiting…increases the national visibility of the program…and prepares the players for the tournaments with a big time basketball atmosphere.

It’s not a conference game…but it’s a matchup that carries priority for Duke’s big picture thinking. And, this year…for St. John’s…it’s a possible statement victory that’s badly needed by a team that’s fallen onto the bubble after a hot start. A few weeks…

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Network Notebook: College Hoops Preview…Wisconsin at Michigan

There are two very clear and obvious storylines entering Saturday Night’s nationally televised showdown between the #6 Wisconsin Badgers and the unranked Michigan Wolverines. First, Wisconsin is coming off a fantastic performance vs. Iowa in a game many of you probably watched on Tuesday. Basketball at its best! Second, Michigan may have collapsed! This historic power has completely fallen off the map in the 2014-15 season.

It’s not that Michigan fell out of the top 25. Michigan didn’t just fall out of the top 50 either. Michigan may have fallen out of the top 100! Respected college basketball guru Ken Pomeroy…

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Richie Baccellieri: Week One of Sharp Super Bowl Betting

There’s been so much interest in Super Bowl betting in this first week of activity that I decided to put together a special report explaining how sharps have been betting thus far. There’s still a lot ahead…and this early action may only be a head fake for what’s to come. But, for now, we’ve seen very clear Wise Guy tendencies at the available prices.

*On the team side, sharps like New England getting points. The first numbers up offshore were Seattle -3 or Seattle -2.5. Oddsmakers really expected the pre-championship perceptions of the teams to hold…and those perceptions were Seahawks by…

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Network Notebook: College Hoops Early Look…Kansas at Texas

A few weeks into the college basketball season, everyone started looking on their schedules to see when Kansas and Texas were going to square off in Big 12 action. It was clear (at the time anyway) that we had two national powers who were going to battle it out for the conference title…and then enter March with legitimate shots at reaching the Final Four.

Then…reality stepped in. Kansas was plagued by inexperience in a few spots. Texas found out that you can’t win every game if nobody on your team can shoot! And, THE REST OF THE BIG 12 started earning…

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Jim Sez for Friday, Jan. 23 …


Can we — for the moment — take your mind away from Deflate-Gate?Good, ‘cause there’s only so much air in a story about so much air and you didn’t really think you were gonna a straight story from either New England Patriots’ head coach Bill Belichick or star QB Tom Brady … now did you?

The bottom line is the show must go on…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: More Basketball Tips

The last time we were together, I talked about the State of the Union in college basketball. My presentation was more entertaining and insightful than the president’s! I’m back with you today in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping for further hoops discussion.

My theme today is THE MOTVATION FACTOR. This is one of the hallmarks of my approach as you regulars know. I believe it will be the single biggest influence in determining who covers pointspreads over the next few weeks. Last time I mentioned that the defensive nature of the current game is helping to neutralize the…

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Wayne Root: Finding Value in College Basketball Underdogs

You know that WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is the KING OF UNDERDOGS, with more documented outright upset calls than any other man in the industry. We’re coming up on the time of the college basketball season where the nightly cards are packed with great underdog potential.

I’m not going to talk about specific teams who may offer value tonight or this weekend. I need to keep that information protected for my clients. But, I will outline a few general reasons why YOU need to be thinking about underdogs over the next few weeks.

*First, we’re reaching a lull in the season where the…

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Bookmakers Accidentally Set Themselves Up To Get Crushed In Super Bowl



By Kelso Sturgeon

I don't knock bookmakers and shall not now even though they made a classic mistake on the opening line for the Super Bowl and in the process set themselves up to get buried on the biggest single-game betting event of the season. Seattle opened as the -3.0 favorite over New England and today the latter…

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Network Notebook: College Hoops Preview…Arizona at Stanford

For awhile, it looked like the only two important games all season in the Pac 12 were going to be the home-and-home featuring Arizona and Utah. Both of those teams are highly regarded in the polls and the computers. Nobody else seemed ready to make a splash.

Then…Stanford won on the road at Texas…opened Pac 12 play with a 4-1 record (which would be undefeated if not for an overtime loss at UCLA that had some home cooking…and beat Connecticut handily in a big intersectional game this past Saturday.

Suddenly, we may have a “big three” in the Pac 12…and the hard…

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Jim Sez for Thursday, Jan. 22 …


Isn’t it nice that nobody’s talking about the weather when it comes to this year’s Super Bowl?Can’t help but remember how the NFL was shaking in their high tops last year before Mother Nature granted ‘em a balmy 49-degree evening in East Rutherford, New Jersey for Super Bowl 48 (yes, the New York/New Jersey area was whacked with a major snowstorm the very next day!) but now…

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Super Bowl XLIX Notebook



Let's set the record straight: There was a whole lot more to last Sunday's NFC and AFC Championship Games than merely a botched onside kick and reports of "deflated footballs".

So, in the interest of wrapping up what happened in Seattle's still hard-to-explain 28-22 overtime win against Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game and New England's rousing 45-7 triumph over hapless Indianapolis in the AFC Championship Game, we'll…

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Network Notebook: College Hoops…Missouri Valley Monsters

On a night where there aren’t any truly dream matchups in college basketball, it’s probably a good time to check in with two of the most dangerous mid-majors who are on the floor in Missouri Valley Conference action.

#14 Wichita State visits Missouri State

#20 Northern Iowa hosts Indiana State

Hey…that’s two teams in the top 20! Most mid-majors can’t even dream of something like that. Wichita State isn’t quite as highly regarded as last season, when they stormed through league play only to earn the draw from Hell in the Big Dance. They probably were a bit overrated nationally last year (teams…

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Richie Baccellieri: The College Basketball Marketplace

College Basketball has always been my favorite sport to follow as a fan, oddsmaker, and handicapper. Pro football is obviously KING out here in Las Vegas because the sums of money bet in that sport dwarf everything else. But, for pure entertainment and bankroll building, college basketball might be the better sport.

I have to say, though, that the marketplace right now is very difficult for really aggressive basketball bettors. Sportsbooks are intimidated by this sport for a variety of reasons, and do their best to defend themselves against the most serious threats.

Among the reasons…

*The public just doesn’t bet much college…

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Network Notebook: College Hoops…Iowa at Wisconsin

If you only casually follow college basketball through big time telecasts and studio shows, you’ve probably heard often this year that Wisconsin has a chance to reach the Final Four this year…if only their inconsistent offense was as good as their fantastic defense.

People have been saying that about Wisconsin for years. It’s the default analytical spin whenever the team is playing well under this head coach.

The problem is…it’s BACKWARDS!

Wisconsin plays very slowly on offense…preferring to run a lot of clock before taking a good shot. They figure this will wear down defenses over a possession…and over a full game of…

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Wayne Root: Market Missing Out on Oregon State Tortoises

Their nickname might be the Beavers, but the Oregon State basketball team is playing more like tortoises early in Pac 12 play. What’s hilarious about their slow down approach is that oddsmakers have been getting nowhere near their totals the last two weeks!

Many of you don’t follow the Pac 12. And, those who do may only casually pay attention to the non-contenders. Oregon State is supposed to be a non-contender, though they stunned Arizona recently! Take a look at the last four results.

Oregon State (+3) won at Washington State 62-47

Oregon State (+7) lost at Washington 43-56

Oregon State (+10) shocked Arizona…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: College Basketball State of the Union

As you get ready to focus your handicapping efforts on college basketball from now through March Madness, it’s very important that you have an accurate sense of how the sport is being played right now. There are clear trends in motion that harm certain types of handicapping, while helping others. What worked for you in the past may not be the right approach this month or this season.

Here are some keys to remember…



For a variety of reasons, the pace of games is slowing down…continuing a disappointing trend we’ve seen in recent seasons. Offenses will pass the…

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Network Notebook: College Hoops…Oklahoma at Kansas

The buzzer just sounded moments ago in Saturday night’s loss for the Kansas Jayhawks on the road at Iowa State. But, they’ll be taking the floor again very soon for another Big 12 test…in what will be another SIX WEEKS of Big 12 tests (!)…as the Oklahoma Sooners come to visit for a Big Monday meeting.

Can any of these ranked Big 12 powers survive their grueling gauntlets!

Oklahoma had a big game themselves Saturday afternoon, winning a “Bedlam” battle with Oklahoma State in Norman. Looking ahead for both OU and Kansas, there just aren’t many soft spots in the double round…

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VSM Exclusive: Duke Hosting Pitt on Heels of Louisville Laugher

Two days ago, we talked about how the Duke Blue Devils were reeling heading into their nationally televised showdown with Louisville. That was one of the most anticipated games of the whole season. And, Duke clearly made one of the biggest statements of the whole season in a 63-53 victory as a 3-point underdog.

This version of Duke can go deep in the Dance! The shored up issues that had plagued them in losses to North Carolina State and Miami earlier in the week. And, they played a smart disciplined game that exploited Louisville’s weaknesses outside.

If you watched the game on…

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Jim Sez for Monday, January 19 …


It’s funny how football history can repeat itself:Consider that just last year in our first post-NFL Championship Games column we wrote …

“Even the early-bird bettors/books have found it difficult to say who should be favored to win.”Of course, last year we were talking about the showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks and here we are saying the same exact thing while heading into Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale (Az.) on Sunday,…

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VSM Exclusive: Potential NBA Playoff Previews Fill MLK Card

If you haven’t been paying much attention to the NBA in recent weeks because you’ve been waiting for the NFL playoffs to wind down, the MKL-Day holiday schedule allows you a great chance to play catch up. In fact, we have a few potential playoff previews on the day and night slate.


*Detroit at Atlanta (2:35 p.m. ET on ESPN)

Detroit isn’t currently a playoff team because they had a horrible start to the season. But, since cutting Josh Smith, the team has been on fire. Talk about chemistry! The poison has been eradicated, and the Pistons are 8-2 over their last…

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Links to NFL Championship Preview Coverage, and Sharps Report

We’ve posted several important articles this week here in the VSM BLOG about Sunday’s NFC and AFC Championship games. To make your game day preparation easier, we’ve put together links for you right here.


Richie Baccellieri’s Sharps Report

Kelso Sturgeon’s Handicapping Tips

Wayne Root’s Look at Possible Upsets

Jim Hurley looks at key stats in Green Bay and Seattle

Jim Hurley looks at key stats in Indianapolis at New England

VSM Exclusive on New England’s 3-10 ATS run in the playoffs

Late notes on weather influences from Jim Hurley


Enjoy Championship Sunday! And be sure to check out our “Purchase Now” page to find out about all of…

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Network Notebook: NFL Championship Sunday Notes

Mother Nature may be throwing a curveball at all four teams playing in Sunday’s conference championship games in the NFL. The Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks will be dealing with rain and gusty winds according to the most recent forecast in the NFC title tile. In the AFC, the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots may also be playing in the rain. At least it won’t be as cold this week…with forecast Foxboro temperatures in the mid 40’s rather than the mid teens.

How could this affect your handicapping?



This is more likely to hurt Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay…

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VSM Exclusive: Can Pats Dodge Another Playoff Disappointment?

We’re still in what’s being recognized as a “dynasty” for the New England Patriots in the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady era. The team is an annual contender for the NFL championship. They earned a #1 seed in the AFC brackets this season…and are currently about a touchdown favorite over Indianapolis to return to the Super Bowl.

Yet…the team hasn’t actually won a Super Bowl since February of 2005. That’s 10 years ago!

It’s been disappointment after disappointment for the Patriots. The magnitude of that disappointment…or “underachieving” of expectations…is best shown by this listing of their playoff results straight up and against the Las…

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Network Notebook: NFL Early Look…Indy at New England

Last Sunday’s AFC Divisional game between the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos felt like a “changing of the guard” when Andrew Luck advanced to his first ever conference championship game at the expense of the aging and injured Peyton Manning. Can Luck surpass both current AFC quarterback legends with a win this Sunday over Tom Brady and New England?

It’s only a matter of time before Manning and Brady are out of football as it is. Luck will likely be the dominant force at the AFC at that time given his current career projections. But, few were expecting it to happen…

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VSM Exclusive: #8 Utah Visits #10 Arizona in Saturday Hoops

Though we’re still early in conference play, it’s possible that there are only two good teams in the Pac 12 this year. Those two square off for the first of two meetings Saturday evening when the #8 Utah Utes visit the #10 Arizona Wildcats at 7 p.m. ET in a game that will be televised by the Pac 12 Network

We don’t want to be too harsh on the Pac 12…but the computer gurus aren’t on high on the league at all this season. Both Jeff Sagarin of USA Today and Ken Pomeroy have Utah and Arizona highly regarded…yet nobody else…

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VSM Exclusive: Duke Reeling as Blue Devils Head to Louisville

Just one week ago, the Duke Blue Devils were clearly on the short list of potential threats to #1 Kentucky in the National Championship race. Duke was 14-0, and had a list of impressive victories on the resume. You can’t get more “for real” than beating Wisconsin in Madison by double digits. Some pundits were wondering if Duke deserved to be in the same conversation as Kentucky in terms of potentially running the table in the 2014-15 season.

That chatter ended very quickly on Sunday when Duke was embarrassed 87-75 at North Carolina State as 9-point favorites. They faded badly down…

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How Sharps are Betting NFL Championship Weekend

Both the NFC and AFC Championship showdowns this Sunday opened with the #1 seeded home favorites laying a touchdown to visiting underdogs. Through the week, sharps have moved both games off the key number. You regulars know that’s a very important development telling you a lot about how professional wagerers see these games playing out.

It takes either a lot of money, or a lot of respect for the people betting that money, to move off a 3 or a 7 in the NFL.  Let’s go through both games to see how sharps have been betting the conference championship battles you’ll…

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Network Notebook: NFL Early Look…Green Bay at Seattle

Before last week, it was possible to imagine the Green Bay Packers building off a strong finish to a 12-4 season and dethroning the Seattle Seahawks as NFC Champions. But, the 26-21 survival of Dallas last Sunday afternoon raised a lot of questions about Green Bay’s championship pedigree.

*Aaron Rodgers is hobbled with a torn calf muscle, which limits his ability to make the most of the yards he is gaining. The Packers put up more than 400 yards on 6.4 yards-per-play last week yet still had to sweat the ending. They’re unlikely to match those numbers this week vs. a…

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Extra Points: State of denial

Phoenix, AZ (SportsNetwork.com) - It didn't take Nostradamus to predict what was going to happen Friday when Roger Goodell finally met the media for his annual state of the league address two days prior to Super Bowl XLIX.

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Goodell: 'opportunity for us to get better'

Phoenix, AZ (SportsNetwork.com) - Roger Goodell found himself often playing defense as he met with reporters two days prior to Super Bowl XLIX, with the ongoing deflate-gate controversy and questions about the Commissioner's own job performance dominating the discussion at his annual state of the league address.

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Beckham Jr. sets 1-handed catch record

Scottsdale, AZ (SportsNetwork.com) - New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has set a world record for one-handed catches in a minute.

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49ers name Gamble senior personnel executive

Santa Clara, CA (SportsNetwork.com) - Tom Gamble has returned to the San Francisco 49ers as a senior personnel executive.

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SE Louisiana will seek a three-peat

Hammond, LA (SportsNetwork.com) - Southeastern Louisiana won't have to wait next season in its pursuit of a third straight Southland Conference football title.

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VMI set for Wachenheim's first season

Lexington, VA (SportsNetwork.com) - Virginia Military Institute's football program will visit Ball State in new coach Scott Wachenheim's first game and play six times at home during an 11-game 2015 schedule.

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UC Davis to play at Nevada, Hawaii

Davis, CA (SportsNetwork.com) - UC Davis football will play two FBS programs and five home games as part of an 11-game 2015 schedule announced Thursday.

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Eastern Washington to face difficult schedule

Cheney, WA (SportsNetwork.com) - Many people at Eastern Washington are waiting to see if star quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. will be returning for his senior season.

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Top-25 College Basketball Game Capsules

Lexington, KY (SportsNetwork.com) - Willie Cauley-Stein and Karl-Anthony Towns each scored 12 points in the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats' 70-55 victory over the Alabama Crimson Tide. The Wildcats (21-0, 8-0 SEC), who are off their best start since beginning 23-0 in 1965-66, became the lone unbeaten team left in the country after No. 2 Virginia lost to fourth-ranked Duke on Saturday. Devin Booker and Aaron Harrison added 11 and 10 points, respectively, for Kentucky, which shot 58.5 percent from the field.

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No. 3 Gonzaga routs Memphis

Spokane, WA (SportsNetwork.com) - Przemek Karnowski scored 17 points with six rebounds as No. 3 Gonzaga extended a pair of winning streaks with an 82-64 win over Memphis on Saturday.

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Oklahoma tops Oklahoma State in Stillwater

Stillwater, OK (SportsNetwork.com) - Jordan Woodard led four Oklahoma players in double digits with 17 points as the No. 24 Sooners rebounded from a big early deficit and downed rival Oklahoma State, 64-56, at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

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Baylor takes out Texas in Big 12 clash

Waco, TX (SportsNetwork.com) - Kenny Chery totaled 23 points thanks to a 5- of-7 performance from long range, and Royce O'Neale added 20 with eight rebounds as No. 20 Baylor topped 19th-ranked Texas, 83-60, at the Ferrell Center.

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Grizzlies stifle Thunder

Memphis, TN (SportsNetwork.com) - Kevin Durant was not effective in his return after a two-game absence, and the Memphis Grizzlies' tough defense shut down the Oklahoma City Thunder, 85-74, on Saturday.

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Raptors blow lead, beat Wizards in OT

Washington, DC (SportsNetwork.com) - Kyle Lowry scored seven of his 23 points in overtime and the Toronto Raptors escaped with a 120-116 win over the Washington Wizards on Saturday night.

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Hornets roll to win over Nuggets

Denver, CO (SportsNetwork.com) - Cody Zeller scored a career-high 21 points and the Charlotte Hornets rolled to a 104-86 win over the Denver Nuggets on Saturday night.

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Curry, Warriors top Suns

Oakland, CA (SportsNetwork.com) - Steph Curry tallied 25 points and seven assists as the Golden State Warriors snapped a two-game slide with a convincing 106-87 win over the Phoenix Suns.

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Orioles, Pearce agree on 1-year deal

Baltimore, MD (SportsNetwork.com) - The Baltimore Orioles agreed to terms on a one-year deal with unexpected slugger Steve Pearce, the team announced Friday.

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Rockies acquire Hale from Braves in four-player trade

Atlanta, GA (SportsNetwork.com) - The Colorado Rockies have acquired right- handed pitchers David Hale and Gus Schlosser in exchange for catchers Jose Briceno and Chris O'Dowd.

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Brewers sign Cotts

Milwaukee, WI (SportsNetwork.com) - The Milwaukee Brewers signed reliever Neal Cotts to a one-year contract on Friday.

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Red Sox, Nava agree to 1-year deal

Boston, MA (SportsNetwork.com) - The Boston Red Sox avoided arbitration with outfielder/first baseman Daniel Nava, agreeing to a one-year deal on Thursday.

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