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Richie B. Monday NBA Off Line Playoff Play
There’s a line in one of tonight’s two games that makes this a near lock.Only $20 + top my baseball where I’m winning 70% in ’15. – Richie Baccellieri
Wayne Root NBA Playoffs
The Final Push For Profits In Here! The NBA PLAYOFFS are a built-in TWO MONTH PROFIT PLAN that I KNOW I CAN COUNT ON EVERY YEAR from April to mid-June. – Wayne Root
Kelso Goes For 4th Straight Chairmans MLB Winner
My Chairman’s Baseball Investment Club won again yesterday, this time with under Baltimore (+130) which won at Boston, 8-3, for its third consecutive 25-unit winner and is coming back tonight with another one. $25 – Kelso Sturgeon
Kelso Starts Playoffs 3-1 and goes for 2-0 Monday
I went 2-0 in the NBA Playoffs Sunday, winning a 50-unit play with the Cleveland Cavaliers and a 10-unit play with the Los Angeles Clippers, and I am coming right back tonight with another 2-0 sweep. $25 – Kelso Sturgeon
Network NBA Game 2 TNT Monday Doubleheader
Network Has The Beast Of The East And The Best In The West! NBA Game 2 TNT Monday Doubleheader! Bucks-Bulls and Pelicans-Warriors. $20 – Jim Hurley
Richie B. Monday MLB Diamond Mine
Join Richie B’s MLB DIAMOND MINE! Now 21-9 Overall in 2015 and 8-2 this Week! $15 – Richie Baccellieri
Salinas NBA Monster Move and MLB Cinch Play
It’s No Contest When You Have Tony Salinas On Your Side. Multi-Contest Winner Scores Monday Night – Tony Salinas
Kelso Sturgeon 2015 NBA Playoff Package
I have had a tremendous NBA basketball season and can promise it is going to continue right through the seven weeks of the playoffs. There is no reason bettors cannot pocket $1,500 to $15,000 during the post-season, depending on their level of betting. – Kelso Sturgeon
Richie B. NBA Playoffs
RICHIE B’S NBA PLAYOFFS is a Profit Maker, Plus *5 Star-*10 Star APRIL BASEBALL FREE – Richie Baccellieri
Network NBA Game 2 TNT Monday Doubleheader
Network Has The Beast Of The East And The Best In The West! NBA Game 2 TNT Monday Doubleheader! Bucks-Bulls and Pelicans-Warriors. $20 – Jim Hurley
Jim Hurley 2015 NBA Playoffs
Most People call the NBA Playoffs the Second Season. I call them the money season – Jim Hurley

The Vegas Sports Masters


Kelso Sturgeon

Kelso Sturgeon is not a shadow or a mirage. I am a real person, a man who has been handicapping football for more than 4 decades, and I bring to the table a set of credentials you can't find anywhere else in this business.

And so there is no misunderstanding, Kelso Sturgeon is my real name and I make my home in Las Vegas, the betting capital of the world.

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Wayne Root

Wayne Allyn Root is the only man to create a multi-million dollar empire out of nothing but picking winners! Long-time host of his own shows on Fox and USA Network, he has been celebrated in the business press and by all the TV pundits. He set the record for most outright upset winners in football in three different seasons and has enjoyed another winning and profitable basketball season. Wayne is the only oddsmaker/handicapper with his own Star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.

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Jim Hurley

JIM HURLEY is the founder and president of the most unusual organization in sports wagering.

Created as a small handicapping service back in 1985, Jim's NETWORK has evolved into a nationwide TASK FORCE of, handicappers, scouts, number crunchers, draftniks and former pro players who study and analyze every team and every game to develop BETTER information, make SMARTER picks and win MORE money!

In simple words, Jim's system approach to handicapping picks more winners and makes more money for their customers. And they are able to do this not because they are a one-man band, but because of the "TEAM" approach that utilizes a huge information gathering system to fine tune every selection.

But because they truly are a "Network" and cover the colleges and pros wall-to-wall, they know what's going on inside the locker rooms and dugouts. They know who's hot, who's hurt and who's ready to kick butt. NETWORK’s computer department analyzes upcoming matchups like it was the Dow Jones. They dig beneath surface factors to find out how two teams really compare. Who needs it more? Who's tapped out? Who's out for revenge? NETWORK finds those answers.

So when they run NETWORK'S number up against Vegas', we can immediately spot whether a game is off, and how much, and just cherrypick the contests that are giving us the most points

That's why JIM has racked up twentyone consecutive money making season for his customers.

Now what about YOU? Wouldn't you like to know who the big winners are going to be this week? NETWORK can tell you. Want to make money off that knowledge? Jim's NETWORK can help you there, too.

Want the best shot at the most money? There are dozens of ways to get you there, no matter what your wagering patterns or budget. So, why not get started NOW!

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Richie Baccellieri

In case you don't know me, for years people in Vegas knew Richie B as a kind of linesmaker's linesmaker - a kind of numerical purist who, when every other sports book in Vegas was posting Ohio State (-7) over Texas, I was saying... "NO! It ought to be Ohio State (-8)!"

I took a position. I didn't just put up a "betting middle" where I could draw even betting action from both sides. Instead - if I really felt the Buckeyes were stronger than generally thought - I'd put up (-8) or even (-9) and dare the bettors, "Come and get me! Prove me wrong!"

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Tony Salinas

Tony Salinas arrived in Las Vegas over two decades ago fresh from the family ranch in Texas, looking for the next winning thing. After all, he'd always been a winner back home... captain of the football team, State Champion tennis player, point guard for the district-winning basketball team, and Texas Calf Roping Champion in both high school & College.


Tony was an immediate hit, winning the $85,000 Castaways Challenge of 1980, and has never looked back. Tony is the proud winner of over a dozen handicapping contests, including two years ago when he beat out 226 other rivals to take the title in the $135,000 Hilton Superbook Handicapping Championship.

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Jim Feist

Jim Feist for decades has been the leader in the sports wagering information field. Beginning in the 1970s Jim has been ahead of the curve with Proline, the longest running sports football handicapping show on USA Cable Network and the Internet. Also, National Sports Services, utilizing the first telephone line services (Jim Feist’s Personal Line Service), former publisher of the Official Nevada Rotation, creator of Sports Tracker, Internet Web Sites (Jim Feist.com; DonBest.com)

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SportsMasters Consensus

In the world of Handicapping, the average bettor is up against a well financed, information-rich, experienced Casino Sportsbooks and Linesmakers.

Five professional handicappers have stepped forward to beat the line. If getting one strong man to help you win a fight, surely finding six is a dream come true. Isn't it time you learned more about the Vegas Sports Masters?

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Blog Headlines

Network Notebook: NBA Preview…Boston at Cleveland

If you watched the first third of this past Sunday’s first round playoff game between the Boston Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers…you saw the very best the young underdog had to offer. Hustling. Enthusiasm. Heart. Grit. Smart coaching from a young prodigy. It got them a temporary lead that quickly vanished once Cleveland shifted into high gear.

Boston may or may not be a team of the future depending on what personnel additions they make in coming years. There’s a lot to like about the coach and a few of the key players. But…right now…they don’t have much hope of extending…

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Wayne Root: Can KC Royals Extend Their Cinderella Story?

Last year the Kansas City Royals were one of the biggest surprise entries in the World Series EVER. Nobody gave them a shot before the season started. Nobody gave them a shot when the playoffs started. Nobody believed their eyes as the team kept right on winning the American League. Then, in the offseason, they were a popular “Under” pick against regular season victory totals in Las Vegas even though oddsmakers had only projected a .500 season.

But, two weeks into the 2015 campaign, the Royals are still winning! They’re off to a sizzling 9-3 start which includes a road sweep…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: NBA First Round May be One-Sided

If the opening weekend of the 2015 NBA Playoffs is any indication, handicappers and sports bettors may be in for some very one-sided first round series that lack drama and intensity. It’s dangerous to draw conclusions from just one game. But, when that one game is consistent with issues that had been present prior to the postseason…then you can draw safer conclusions.

Some quick examples:

*BROOKLYN isn’t a playoff caliber team by traditional standards. If you’re #8 in the East, you’re pretty bad! Even while covering a spread, they didn’t look at all like a team that was ready to scare Atlanta.…

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Jim Sez: NBA Playoff Update - MLB Notes




Forget all that mass media rubbish that the NBA Playoffs "don't really begin till Round II" - the pro round-ballers surely swung open the gates on what's gonna be a great post-season with eight games this past Saturday/Sunday and - for starters - we'll say this:

If the established NBA co-favorites Golden State and Cleveland -…

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Network Notebook: NBA Preview…Milwaukee at Chicago

As the Chicago Bulls were taking care of the Milwaukee Bucks Saturday night in Game One of their opening round NBA Playoff series, two quick questions jumped to mind:

*Does Milwaukee’s lack of offense eliminate them from any hope in this series?

*Can Derrick Rose look THIS sharp all the way through the playoffs?!

If Rose can find anything near his past form (which has been largely absent during the regular season even when he was healthy), then the projected second round pairing against the Cleveland Cavaliers could get very interesting. Rose had 23 points and 7 assists against a stellar Milwaukee defense.…

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Network Notebook: NBA Series Preview…S. Antonio at LA Clippers

Through the second half of the season, both the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers were consistently performing at a level that would normally be considered “championship caliber” basketball. Now…Golden State and Cleveland were also playing that well or better…the elites are truly terrific this season. But, it’s seems like a CRIME that the Spurs and Clippers have to face each other in the FIRST ROUND of the NBA Playoffs! Neither would be out of place in the League Finals, yet one will be displaced from the brackets early in the tourney.

The market considers San Antonio as the slightly…

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Network Notebook: NBA Series Preview…Dallas at Houston

Every year, the field of sports analytics holds a conference at MIT. It’s hosted by the General Manager of the Houston Rockets…and always features the owner of the Dallas Mavericks as one of the showcase guests. The two franchises have been at the cutting edge of analytics for years…but don’t always see eye-to-eye on everything.

That’s set up a fascinating first round battle in the 2015 NBA Playoffs as the two teams square off in the softer half of the Western conference brackets. Houston is a #2 seed, despite not getting serious media or market run as a potential champion. Dallas…

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Richie Baccellieri: How Sharps are Betting the NBA Playoff Openers

The 2015 NBA Playoffs begin Saturday with a quadruple-header. There are EIGHT games set for the full weekend featuring the openers of all eight first round series. Let’s take a look at how sharps (professional wagerers) have been betting thus far in the process (lines have been up for about a day as we publish this report).

Games are presented in schedule/rotation order.


Washington at Toronto (12:35 p.m. ET Saturday on ESPN)

You regulars know that favorite money usually comes in early in important events. Sharps who like the favorite bet quickly in advance of public action (squares almost always bet favorites). Underdog…

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Jim Sez: Saturday NBA Previews

Are you all buckled up and strapped in? Good, 'cause this year's NBA Playoffs are bound to take us for a wild ride these next two-plus months - we know there'll be no Miami Heat in the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010 but will the defending champion (and five-time champ) San Antonio Spurs gonna be there still playing ball right 'round Fathers' Day? Do stay tuned.

Now, here's the up-to-the-minute NBA Odds to…

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Network Notebook: NBA Series Preview…New Orleans at Golden State

The marquee matchup Saturday afternoon in the NBA Playoffs features top seed from the West Golden State at home against the hard-finishing New Orleans Pelicans. The Pellies had to beat serious championship contender San Antonio Wednesday night just to get into the brackets. Golden State’s been coasting as the #1 seed for weeks.

Can the Warriors flip their switch back on now that it’s time to play for a championship? Can New Orleans maintain their intensity after climbing the most important mountain in the franchise’s short history just a few days earlier? Most pundits expect this to be a one-sided series…

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Wayne Root: Finding Upsets in the NBA’s First Round

The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday, so you know that THE KING OF UPSETS WAYNE ALLYN ROOT is already hard at work trying to find potential upset calls in any of the eight first round series and on a game-by-game basis. Today I’m going to talk to you about general principles for finding shockers in the first round of the NBA’s postseason.

First, it’s important to remember is that it’s much harder for a team to score an upset in a full series than it is in an individual game. The best-of-seven format strongly favors superior teams to express that superiority over…

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Jim Sez: NBA Playoff Team Previews - NFL Draft: Guards and Centers

Folks, our Jim Sez NBA Playoffs series-by-series previews will fill up the next two columns right here - just remember the "Second Season" gets underway on Saturday afternoon with four games on both Saturday and Sunday ... but right now we wanted to take a few moments to give an overview of the teams in this year's post-season with a line or two about each one:


The first-round playoff series matchups are ... Brooklyn vs. Atlanta;…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping the NBA Playoffs

As promised, I’m back to talk about handicapping the NBA Playoffs. The next several weeks will be very lucrative for serious handicappers who have been studying the players, teams, and head coaches all season (and for multiple seasons). But, even if you’re just now getting into the NBA after enjoying March Madness, there are ways to position yourself for success.

We start with my classic fundamentals:



The NBA Playoffs are heavily influenced by this element. In a best-of-seven series, the best talent usually wins out. That’s always been true. It may be blinding some former players who are TV analysts…

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Jim Sez: NBA Final Night Plus The NBA Awards - NFL Draft Cornerbacks

Leave it to the NBA to have so much drama built into this final night of regular-season play - there's still playoff berths to be secured and higher seeds to be snagged and, lest we not keep up with the here-and-now times, key players to be rested too!

The bottom line to all of tonight's craziness is that there are 14 games on this Wednesday night docket - only…

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Network Notebook: NBA Preview…San Antonio at New Orleans

Sometimes the last day of a regular season is as boring as it gets. That’s actually true over much of the 14-game slate on the NBA’s final night. But, there’s one HUGE game that involves the San Antonio Spurs and the New Orleans Pelicans in what could end up being one of the most intense and exciting showdowns all season!

*San Antonio earns the coveted #2 seed in the tightly packed Western Conference race with a victory. Amazing that this team has played so well down the stretch to rise from what might have been a much worse spot. This game…

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Wayne Root: Using Injury Reports to Find MLB Dogs

The last time we were together, I talked about using weather reports to find great underdog bets in Major League Baseball. Today I want to talk about how to use the Injury Reports for the same purpose. Some of my best underdog plays in this sport come when the market hasn’t properly adjusted for the impact of an injury.



Game day prices are heavily influenced by the starting pitchers. And, market pricing is strongly influenced by overall perceptions of those pitchers. It’s generally assumed that each “name” pitcher is throwing at full strength. Ace pitchers are going to pitch like aces.…

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Jim Sez: NBA Report and The High Flying KC Royals

You can count 'em down now, ladies and gentlemen. As we begin this new work week, there are only 29 regular-season games in all remaining on this NBA schedule (and you thought we'd never get here!) and - just as Commish Adam Silver would like it - a whole bunch of 'em come with playoff meaning whether it is playoff seeding at hand or even who fills in the…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Don’t Overreact in MLB!

Week One of the 2015 Major League Baseball season is in the books. Handicappers have to be careful not to overreact to what they’ve seen. Each and every day’s results looms large right now because the sport is fresh in our minds. Come July, nobody’s going to remember the first week! Come September, nobody will even remember July, let alone what happened in the first few seconds of a long season.

There have been a handful of early surprises. Most don’t mean anything because the laws of math even out over time in baseball. And, some of these records are polluted…

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Network Notebook: MLB Series Preview…Washington at Boston

Before the 2015 Major League Baseball season began, the Washington Nationals were co-favorites with the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the National League. The Boston Red Sox were the betting favorites to win the American League East, which puts them in serious consideration to win the pennant in a parity-riddled AL. That means the current Nats/Sox series will at least be featuring serious contenders down the road…and could conceivably be an early taste of October action.

Nothing’s happened yet to change that line of thinking for Sox Nation. Boston’s posted a winning record against an easy early draw (at Philadelphia, at…

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Wayne Root: Using Weather Influences to Find MLB Dogs

Earlier this week, I outlined several different ways to find value underdogs here in the early days of the 2015 season. You should be looking to fade overrated media teams and big-name pitchers who aren’t yet in their regular season form. You should be looking to back lesser known pitchers who are well-suited to thrive in current conditions. Today, I want to add WEATHER into the mix.

Game conditions are of huge importance in the month of April…where it can be like winter at some sites but early summer in others. Here are some quick guidelines for dealing with the extremes.



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Network Notebook: MLB Series Preview…Detroit at Cleveland

The major betting markets had some real trouble evaluating the American League Central division this year. How do you discount a Kansas City Royals team that went to the World Series?! How much of a hit to the Detroit Tigers take by losing Max Scherzer, amidst concerns that Justin Verlander’s best days are way behind him? Does Cleveland have what it takes to win the division, or are they just the “least worst” of the confusing options?

Entering the season, there were the projected win totals in Las Vegas…

Cleveland 84.5

Detroit 84.5

Chicago White Sox 81.5

Kansas City 80.5

Minnesota 71.5

Everyone agreed that Minnesota didn’t…

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Jim Sez for Friday, April 10 …


Here’s some really good news, folks …At this time next week we’ll be gearing up for the NBA Playoffs but let’s not “fast-forward” our way past this here-and-now 2014-15 regular season just yet … a look at tonight’s key games:

INDIANA (35-43) at DETROIT (30-48) – 7:35 p.m. ETThe Indy Pacers enter play this evening a full game back of Boston and Brooklyn in the chase for either the 7th or 8th seed in the Eastern Conference playoff chase and Indiana will continue to…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: More Baseball Notes

If you’re like most sports fans, you’re complaining about the first week of Major League Baseball!  Fans used to be so excited about the first week of action. Now, if you walk around local sports books here in Las Vegas, all you hear about is how low scoring and BORING most of the games are. I guess that beats listening to bad beat stories about bullpens. Barely.

It’s true that there have been some real ugly low scoring games. And, even in games where one team scores, the opponent seems likely to get shut out. Not much drama. Not many big…

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Jim Sez: NBA Playoff Movers and Shakers

Hope that you've marked your calendars: This year Wednesday, April 15th isn't just "Tax Day" but it also so happens to be the final night of this 2014-15 NBA regular season and there's a whole lot to be settled between now and then ... so let's check out some newsmakers:

EASTERN CONFERENCE Okay, so not everyone has been playing at a…

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Network Notebook: NBA Preview…Chicago at Miami

It’s very easy to break down the most important part of the Eastern Conference Playoff picture right now. The Atlanta Hawks are going to be a #1 seed, and are obviously a dangerous threat to go the distance as “Spurs East” with their potent offense. The Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be a #2 seed, and the presumptive market favorite because they’ve played at a championship level since getting their roster in order midseason. The “math” says it’s going to be a two-team race.

But, the “math” doesn’t know how to account for the return of Derrick Rose! The Chicago Bulls,…

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Network Notebook: MLB Preview…San Diego at LA Dodgers

In the build-up to the 2015 Major League Baseball season, there were two teams everyone was talking about. The Chicago Cubs, who were inspiring insane amounts of “win the World Series” bets for a team with a projected win total barely above the .500 mark. And, the San Diego Padres, with a projected win total closer to 84 or 85 and the likely runner-up to the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West. The MARKET says the Padres are more likely to be a team people are talking about in September (or even October!).

The Padres and Dodgers opened the season…

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Jim Sez for Wednesday, April 8 …


Wonder what Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan was thinking right about halftime when his Badgers already had put Duke’s Jahlil Okafor and Justise Winslow in foul trouble with two PF’s (personal fouls) against both star players:Did he think the officiating was bad then?

The fact of the matter is Monday night’s NCAA Tournament National Championship Game – a hard-fought 68-63 win by Duke against 1-point favorite Wisconsin – was not always officiated in a brilliant manner but we just about heard all the sour grapes we could take…

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Network Notebook: MLB Preview…LA Angels at Seattle

It’s a bit early to start talking about the pennant races in the 2015 Major League Baseball season. But, if the season goes according to early expectations, then the Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners are going to be in quite a race for first place in the American League West.

You could tell that right away from the Regular Season Win projections in the betting marketplace. Here’s where the numbers were centered entering the new season.

LA Angels 88 wins

Seattle 86.5 wins

Oakland 81.5 wins

Houston 75.5 wins

Texas 75.5 wins

Oakland has a knack for being better than the market expects almost every year.…

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Wayne Root: Finding Early Season MLB Dogs

The 2015 Major League Baseball season has started, which means THE KING OF UNDERDOGS is going all out to find the best dogs on the board in betting’s most profitable sport.

Early in a season, the simplest approach is to fade the most media-hyped teams. It’s not as dramatic as it used to be. But, there’s still value, generally speaking, in going against:

The New York Yankees

The Boston Red Sox

Both Los Angeles teams (Dodgers and Angels)

Any OTHER team that spent a lot of money recently

The media and the public tend to devote too much attention to teams with the biggest payrolls. You…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping Major League Baseball

The beginning of the 2015 Major League Baseball season is here. So, it’s time to talk about the best strategies for making money in what many longtime bettors believe is the most profitable betting sport.

We’ll have a lot of time in the coming weeks and months to dig pretty deep on the diamonds. Today, the focus will be on general principals. I expect to be talking about baseball in our next few get-togethers before adjusting focus toward the NBA Playoffs in the middle of the month.

You regulars know that my first fundamental always involves PLAYMAKERS and GAMEBREAKERS. It’s a little…

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Richie Baccellieri: How Sharps are Betting the NCAA Championship

I pushed back the time of this Monday article a bit hoping that we’d see more indicators of sharp action. The numbers have been pretty stable, which suggests that sharps aren’t going to be very active, and/or they’re biding their time to see if public action creates any line value that doesn’t exist at the moment.

Here’s a look at the last game of a very entertaining tournament and the college basketball season.


Duke vs. Wisconsin (9:20 p.m. ET, 6:20 p.m. in Las Vegas)

The game opened at pick-em, and was bet up to Wisconsin -1. Normally an early move like that would…

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Jim Sez: The NCAA Basketball Championship



Here's to the "real winners" when it comes to this year's NCAA Tournament … that's those wise folks that didn't have Kentucky in their NCAA Championship Game bracket!

C'mon, did you really know anybody out there that that expected two #1 seeds to be playing in tonight's title tilt with neither one of 'em named Kentucky – now that would have been a real long-shot back on Selection Sunday three-plus weeks ago but that's exactly where we stand on…

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Network Notebook: NCAA Championship Preview…Duke vs. Wisconsin

So much for all the Kentucky hype! The two teams playing best in the Big Dance have made it all the way to the finals…as top seeds Duke and Wisconsin prepare for a rematch Monday Night of their regular season meeting. Kentucky ISN’T here…and really didn’t look like they belonged against either Notre Dame or Wisconsin. Once again, an indictment of the SEC. Beating up on bad teams doesn’t prepare you to win a championship!

Duke and Wisconsin have been beating good teams. Duke did have a bit of a friendly Dance card, but left no doubt about their current form…

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Network Notebook: NBA Preview…Golden State at San Antonio

Things are still jumbled enough in the middle of the projected Western Conference brackets right now that it’s difficult to know if and when the top seeded Golden State Warriors would run into the surging San Antonio Spurs in the postseason. They might meet as early as the second round if San Antonio can rise into the 4/5 spot in the brackets. It might not be until the finals if the Spurs can win from the hole they dug themselves earlier this season. Maybe Sunday’s meeting will be the ONLY time these teams square off until next season!

The West is…

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Network Notebook: NCAA Preview…Duke vs. Michigan State

Thinks couldn’t have worked out better for Duke this postseason. Falling in the semifinals of the ACC tournament gave them an extra day of rest without costing them a #1 seed in the Big Dance. They were put in a region with a relatively unimpressive #2 seed in Gonzaga. They were put on the opposite half of the brackets from #1 Kentucky…which gave them a friendly pathway to the finals. And, now, they happen to face the only non #1 seed to reach the Final Four in Indianapolis when they take on #7 seed Michigan State in the early game…

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Richie Baccellieri: How Sharps are Betting the NCAA Final Four

We’ve already seen heavy betting action in Saturday’s Final Four matchups featuring Duke vs. Michigan State and Kentucky vs. Wisconsin. That’s only going to increase through the day Saturday as locals and tourists make their way to sportsbooks to bet their preferred sides and totals in these late afternoon/early evening starts.

There’s definitely a “Super Bowl” buzz in the air because we have such high profile “public” teams involved in showcase games. I’m not suggesting that the overall handle will match the Super Bowl. NFL is still king. But, this could easily be the most heavily bet Final Four ever. It’s…

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Jim Sez: NCAA Final Four Previews

Here's the burning question when it comes to the biggest storyline in this year's NCAA Tournament Final Four and - of course - it's asked directly to the Kentucky Wildcats:

When the dust finally settles (and maybe sometime 'round 11:30ish ET on Monday night) will the 'Cats be 40-and-oh ... or will they be 38 or 39 and uh-oh?

Okay, so suddenly there's an air of vulnerability to this here-and-now Kentucky team that last Saturday night needed to score time after time down the stretch just to hold off Notre Dame in an Elite 8 showdown for the…

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Network Notebook: Early Look…Kentucky vs. Wisconsin

Kentucky’s dreams for an undefeated season and a National Championship almost came to an end last weekend when a fired up group of Notre Dame Fighting Irish battled tooth and nail until the final seconds. You can’t say Kentucky was lucky to win. But, they weren’t head and shoulders above ND during those 40 minutes. What’s going to happen Saturday in the Final Four when Kentucky has to face a Wisconsin group that’s even better than Notre Dame?

The Kentucky Wildcats can’t just coast and assume things will take care of themselves. They almost learned that the hard way vs. the…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping the NCAA Final Four

As promised, I’m back to offer you do-it-yourselfers some homework for handicapping this weekend’s Final Four action. What you learn today should help you find value in Saturday’s semifinals, and then Monday when the winner’s meet for the National Championship. This will be my last college basketball class of the season. Our coursework in my College of Advanced Sports Betting and Handicapping will transition to Major League Baseball and the NBA Playoffs beginning next week.

We’ve talked a lot about handicapping college basketball over the past few months. I’m not going to rehash all that. You should already know about the…

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Wayne Root: Upset Potential in Saturday’s Final Four

I have to tell you that this could be one of the biggest Final Four weekends in the history of Las Vegas. I’ve been living out here a long time now since entering, shaping, and building this industry a few decades ago. I can’t recall there EVER being this much buzz about a Final Four.

*Kentucky is trying to make a run at history, in a story that sports fans have been following since Day One…and one that oddsmakers were following BEFORE Day One because of all the preseason talk about a possible undefeated campaign. Kentucky is thought of as a…

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Network Notebook: NIT Championship…Miami vs. Stanford

Tuesday night’s semifinals weren’t exactly thrillers, as Miami and Stanford survived Temple and Old Dominion respectively in slow, sloppy, poor shooting disappointments. So much for the shorter shot clock making college basketball more exciting! Missing shots faster isn’t great TV.

They may not have been works of art. But, the games were at least compelling…as Miami rallied from a second half deficit to advance to the finals…while Stanford blew all of an early 20-4 lead before rebounding to win by seven. Let’s run the numbers from Tuesday…then check JIM HURLEY’S key indicator stats for this title tilt.


Miami 60, Temple 57

Shooting Pct:…

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Network Notebook: NBA Report Card

The first day of April is a great time to check in on the NBA. We have about half a month of the regular season left before the Playoffs begin. It’s already very clear that only a handful of teams have a real chance to go the distance this Spring and Summer.



It’s going to be Cleveland and Atlanta fighting it out for the conference title barring major injuries to either team, or a summer surge from the Chicago Bulls. Chicago is playing better lately. But that’s easy to do down the stretch when so many opponents are either…

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Richie Baccellieri: How Sharps are Betting Tuesday’s NIT Final Four

Because of the big response to my March Madness market reports, I scheduled this special update for the Final Four of the NIT. I’ll have two more basketball reports this college season….late this week for the NCAA’s Final Four…and then a special game day market assessment on Monday for the National Championship showdown.

The NIT is much different than the NCAA tourney in terms of public interest. There’s very little square action hitting the board because

*We don’t have high profile media teams

*We don’t have tourists coming in from all over the country to bet the games

*We don’t have big weekend crowds…

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VSM Exclusive: Stanford/Old Dominion NIT Preview

Handicappers confronted with the NIT Final Four Tuesday Night on ESPN are being confronted with one glaring question. “Who the heck is Old Dominion?!” If bettors who have heard of ODU have trouble placing the conference, remembering anything of note about the team, or even recalling if they’ve seen highlight packages involving the Monarchs.

To get you up to speed for Tuesday’s NIT semifinal nightcap featuring Old Dominion and Stanford, here are a few quick notes…

*ODU finished tied for second this year in Conference USA…trailing regular season champion Louisiana Tech and knotted up with UTEP. (This was the conference who’s tournament…

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Network Notebook: NIT Preview…Miami vs. Temple

There’s a lot of buzz about the NCAA Tournament’s Final Four that will be played this weekend in Indianapolis. Three of the four #1 seeds are there…and “outsider” Michigan State is far from a pretender given the program’s history and Sparty’s form over the past few weeks.

The NIT? Well, it’s also a Final Four. That’s about it! There are no real marquee teams in the brackets this year. And, anyone who felt snubbed about being on the wrong side of the Dance bubble didn’t have much of a leg to stand on. That being said…the four teams who are left…

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Kelso’s Advanced Sports Betting: Handicapping the NIT Final Four

In many years, the NIT provides a special bonus for college basketball fans who can’t get enough of their favorite sport as March turns to April. Sometimes, it even “steals the show” because fired up teams who don’t want their seasons to end play great pressure-free basketball while the Big Dance grinds to a halt because nervous, over-coached kids freeze up.

This year…I’m not finding too many people who are even interested in the NIT’s Final Four. When you see Tuesday’s matchups, that’s understandable.

Miami vs Temple

Stanford vs. Old Dominion

That’s a Miami team that continued to lay eggs on the bubble down…

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Wayne Root: Dangerous Days for Dogs in the NBA

If you’ve been paying attention to the NBA in recent days, you know that there’s been some very ugly basketball being played at the professional level. There’s also been some high end stuff from championship contenders. But, for the most part…

*Many bad teams are trying to lose for draft position

*Many mediocre teams are just playing out the string

*Many CONTENDERS have some troubles they haven’t fixed

*Many CONTENDERS without troubles are COASTING anyway

You’re lucky if there are one or two games per night that feature two teams playing head-to-head who care about the result and are going all out to win. In…

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Network Notebook: NCAA Stat Recaps

And then there were four! An entertaining weekend of Sweet 16 and Elite 8 action has winnowed the 2015 NCAA tournament brackets down to four regional survivors. Let’s see how each of those four teams headed to Indianapolis survived this past weekend. We’ll run through the key stats in the order the games were played...


Wisconsin 85, Arizona 78

Shooting Pct: Arizona 56%, Wisconsin 56%

Three-Pointers: Arizona 2/6, Wisconsin 12/18

Free Throws: Arizona 28/30, Wisconsin 23/31

Rebounds: Arizona 22, Wisconsin 21

Turnovers: Arizona 10, Wisconsin 9

Las Vegas Line: Arizona by 1.5, total of 137

This was all about three-pointers for Wisconsin…where they were an astonishing +30 on…

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Richie Baccellieri: How Sharps are Betting Sunday’s Elite 8 Games

A lot of excitement Saturday Night in Las Vegas as fans in sportsbooks all over the city watched undefeated Kentucky barely held on to beat Notre Dame. The pointspread result was never in doubt because the Wildcats never got close to the 11-point projection. But, there was A LOT of money sweating the straight up result.

*Many bettors have Kentucky to win the National Championship…at various odds depending on when they bet during the season. Those tickets just missed getting torn up before Final Four weekend.

*Many bettors have Kentucky going undefeated, a proposition that’s also been available at various prices during…

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Network Notebook: Elite 8…Duke vs. Gonzaga

Concerns about the shooting backdrop in Houston’s cavernous dome stadium were front and center again Friday night when Duke and Gonzaga won surprisingly low scoring UGLY victories over Utah and UCLA respectively. Both games stayed under by a bunch because nobody could hit a trey…and there were long stretches were nobody could hit any two-pointers either. The favorites won…largely because they had better inside games and were able to score more chippies. Are we destined for a battle of chippies?!

There’s hope that:

*Familiarity will breed better shooting, meaning that the players will adjust to the backdrop. It’s worth noting though that…

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Butler leads Bulls over Bucks for 2-0 series lead

Chicago, IL (SportsNetwork.com) - Jimmy Butler is quickly proving he may be the go-to guy for Chicago in crunch time.

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Stretching the Field: NBA's no-playoff All-Stars

(SportsNetwork.com) - Watching the NBA playoffs from the cozy cushions of my couch this weekend got me thinking.

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Raptors' Williams wins NBA Sixth Man Award

New York, NY (SportsNetwork.com) - Toronto Raptors guard Lou Williams was named the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year for the 2014-15 season.

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Warriors shoot for 2-0 lead over Pelicans

(SportsNetwork.com) - The Golden State Warriors will try to take a 2-0 series lead over the New Orleans Pelicans Monday night when Game 2 jumps at Oracle Arena.

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National League Game Capsules

Pittsburgh, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - Kris Bryant went 3-for-4 with three RBI and a run scored in the Chicago Cubs' 5-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Monday. Bryant's two-run double in the seventh broke a 1-1 tie for the Cubs, who improved to 7-5 on the young season. Jorge Soler went 4-for-5 with two runs scored. Jake Arrieta (2-1) got the start for Chicago and gave up one run on four hits over seven innings. The right-hander struck out seven and walked none. Starling Marte hit a solo homer in the ninth for the Pirates, who swept the Brewers in three games over the weekend. Andrew McCutchen went 2-for-4 with an RBI. Pittsburgh starter A.J. Burnett allowed one run on eight hits over six innings. Arquimedes Caminero (0-1) took the loss after giving up three runs -- two earned -- on two hits in the seventh.

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DeSclafani sharp as Reds top Brewers

Milwaukee, WI (SportsNetwork.com) - Anthony DeSclafani fired eight shutout innings and the Cincinnati Reds defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 6-1 in the opener of a four-game set.

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Tigers rally to beat Sabathia, Yankees

Detroit, MI (SportsNetwork.com) - The Detroit Tigers beat CC Sabathia in his best outing of the season to remain the top team in baseball.

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BoSox beat O's in rain-shortened series finale

Boston, MA (SportsNetwork.com) - Dustin Pedroia went 2-for-3 with an RBI and run scored as the Boston Red Sox won a rain-shortened Patriots' Day affair, 7-1, against the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park on Monday.

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Ex-Bears LB Buffone dies at 70

Chicago, IL (SportsNetwork.com) - Longtime Chicago Bears linebacker Doug Buffone has died at the age of 70, the team confirmed.

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Adrian Wilson retires as a Cardinal

Tempe, AZ (SportsNetwork.com) - The Arizona Cardinals announced Monday that safety Adrian Wilson has signed a contract and is officially retiring from the NFL.

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Eagles announce 1-year deal for Tim Tebow

Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed Tim Tebow.

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Extra Points: Tebow signing exposes Kelly

Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - From a pure football sense, Tim Tebow's arrival in Philadelphia means virtually nothing.

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North Carolina A&T QB no longer on team

Greensboro, NC (SportsNetwork.com) - Potential MEAC favorite North Carolina A&T will be without starting quarterback Kwashaun Quick for the 2015 season due to a violation of team rules.

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ODU gives Wilder one-year extension

Norfolk, VA (SportsNetwork.com) - Old Dominion has announced a one-year contract extension for head football coach Bobby Wilder.

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Southeast Missouri to face Kansas in 2017

Cape Girardeau, MO (SportsNetwork.com) - Southeast Missouri football will open its 2017 season with a visit to the University of Kansas.

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Montana State wraps up spring campaign

Bozeman, MT (SportsNetwork.com) - Quarterback Dakota Prukop faced relentless pressure from the defense in Montana State's spring football game on Saturday, but he had plenty of answers for the pass rushers.

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Kansas hires Brandon Schneider from Stephen F. Austin

Lawrence, KS (SportsNetwork.com) - Kansas announced Monday that Stephen F. Austin coach Brandon Schneider has been hired as KU's new women's basketball coach.

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Seattle grabs Loyd with No. 1 pick

Uncasville, CT (SportsNetwork.com) - Jewell Loyd, who left Notre Dame with a year of eligibility remaining, became the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 WNBA Draft on Thursday.

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Nebraska's Petteway declares for NBA Draft

Lincoln, NE (SportsNetwork.com) - Nebraska guard Terran Petteway has decided to enter the NBA Draft.

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NBA Draft risers from the tournament

Philadelphia, PA (SportsNetwork.com) - It was a bit of a shock when the Kentucky men's basketball program - which was 38-0 entering the Final Four - was eliminated from the NCAA Tournament by Wisconsin.

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